Words From God’s Angels †


Below are phrases from Gods Angels. Each one is having meaning in levels for life to live in higher levels of light. Gods Angels are with humanity in all ways for life to live in greater happiness and peace. Every human being has many Angels with them at all times. There is nothing in this life that is not being seen or heard from Heaven. The mortal world is living in Heaven through photosynthesis in the conscious space of God.

What we think is all that is alive. We have the choice in every experience to choose what can invoke Heaven. Love is the energy the world is in and Love is the light all levels of life can change through. The way we invoke Heaven is through Spirit and energy when we pray, Love and give others every level of Christ consciousness we can. Gods Angels are always with us in life. There is no place Heaven is not. When reading these phrases try and let them become your therapy in saying the ones that resonate the most a million times a day.

All matters livingness is through conscious energy