The Law of the Universe

law of the universeThe Law of the Universe is Consciousness. God is the light all life is in and God is Love. The universe is Consciousness. All life is living in the conscious space of God. God created life for humanity to live in Consciousness through matter. Having the ability to evolve through the energy Love into higher levels of light. By doing so we would be able to create Heaven while here on earth.

The world is living in energy through Consciousness having matter in the light of ones Consciousness through photosynthesis. The light in Consciousness is the energy Love. Love is the energy of the Soul. The Soul is what is alive. The Soul is giving the light in Consciousness for Spirit to experience matter through. There is no level in matter outside of our light. We experience matter through our level of Consciousness.

Consciousness is living in every level of matter. The existence of life is in quantum levels of energy. Consciousness is the only level in life that is living. Humanity was created out of light into levels of energy that could exist in photosynthesis. This gave us the way to live living energy in Consciousness. Love is the energy in Consciousness giving Human beings the way to live in all levels of life.

Consciousness is Love. The light in Consciousness is only existing through the level of Love in the Soul. The light we see in matter is created through the level of Love we are of.

The universe is only existing at humanities present level of Consciousness.


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