The Law of Seeing

law of seeingThe Law of Seeing is knowing Love is the Light all life is in. Humanity is a reflection of the light in our Soul that is Love.

Love is the light in Consciousness. There is nothing outside of our light. Everything we see in matter is a level of Consciousness. The level of Consciousness is the level of the energy Love in the Soul giving Spirit the level of light to live this life through.

Life is energy living in Consciousness. The human being is not the body but is the Conscious Energy inside of the body. There is no place one person begins and another ends. What is being seen is only an image within the Soul. Matter is a nothingness with Consciousness giving the level of matter being lived.

The world is energy existing for humanity to become conscious of Love and create in matter what is of Heaven. What we see is at our level of Love. Everything other than Love is an illusion being lived through to live Love. Love is all that is real.

Love is the light in Consciousness we are seeing life through. How we see other people and give to others is in a level of our Love. Compassion, mercy, and forgiveness are the emphasis of Love and reflect the level within one's Soul. The level of giving isn’t to become the judge of others it is to free our own Souls from living in judgment.

Humanity wants to live seeking what is the light in others and the level of Heaven in the world. Choosing Love invokes Heaven in our light and can lift us beyond The mortal world's level of circumstances to higher levels of light.

Everyone we see is an image in our Soul and we have the choice to see them as our savior or persecutor. In a world that is energy, we are only living what we think. Every thought is all that is alive. What is in matter is only existing to live Love through.  Every person we are experiencing this life with is a level in our Soul giving us the level to live Love through.  Where we see hatred we should see Love. Where there is suffering we see compassion and mercy. Where there is need we see infinite abundance and charity. The level of living in Consciousness is why we want to live Love. Only through our eyes does the world exist.

Having eyes that live as Christ is the level every human being wants to obtain. There is nothing living except for the level of Love we are of. In life people will experience different levels that seem real and can create what in Consciousness has levels of light change this is to give every human being the light in levels of their Love. Matter is a nothingness that is only having its levels through the light in Consciousness. Every human being has the ability to live Christ and experience Heaven. The level will only be realized when levels of living have been reached at the level of light in one's Consciousness. Love is the only energy in existence that is giving the light in one's Consciousness the level to live Heaven. 

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