The Law of Photosynthesis

law of photosynthesisThe Law of Photosynthesis is living in the light. Life is in consciousness and Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world giving humanity the level in photosynthesis to experience matter at one level of consciousness.  Photosynthesis is giving every human being images within the light of their Soul to live life through. Love is the light in consciousness giving Spirit the level of light in matter.

Light is everything in the level of everything. Light is the field of cause and effect is emerging out of it.

Photosynthesis is only existing through the energy Love. Humanity is living in two worlds at one time but is only conscious of one. This is for photosynthesis to create life in consciousness and our life continuum. The Love we live in this life is creating the new level of consciousness we will live in the next part of life.

The level of the energy Love humanity lives is giving the light in photosynthesis the level of the world we live through.  The more Love we live the more Heaven in matter we experience.

Photosynthesis is giving every human being the ability to live in their individual light through the light of the world. The pool of consciousness is giving us the level of circumstances we can experience.  Everything in matter is an image in the level of our consciousness.  The mortal world is temporary and only one level of consciousness. As we evolve in consciousness the level of the world appearing outside of us becomes a world only living through us. Consciousness is living in different levels of light with greater races and higher levels of life. Consciousness is living for humanity to evolve into greater levels of light. Photosynthesis is giving us the way to live in happier levels of matter.

The light is all there is. We never leave the light.  We live eternally in Gods light experiencing different levels of consciousness in matter.



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