The Law of Love

law of loveThe Law of Love is living Christ. God is Love. Love is the energy all life is in. Love is the only reason any human being is able to exist and experience a world in energy. If humanity didn't have the present level of Love there would be no compassion, tolerance, patience or levels of Heaven for life to exist through. Love is the energy giving levels of light in photosynthesis for human beings to experience consciousness in matter.

Humanity's purpose is to live becoming conscious of Love because the energy Love is the light in consciousness. Love is the light in consciousness that changes the light in matter. This can give us different versions to experience in matter. It expands consciousness at the level to create the new image within our Soul to live through.

The Soul is the energy Love giving Spirit the way to experience matter. Humanity becoming conscious of Love is the way humanity learns how to live to have greater Heaven in life. Every person or situation we experience is in the light of our Soul. What we do to another we live through. How we think of another we live through. Humanity is only existing for us to observe our consciousness and to live Love through. The world is living through us.

The level of living consciousness is to give us the way to see our level in matter. The world we experience is the level of Love we are of. Everyone is our savior or persecutor. The more conscious of Love we become the greater ability we have in living what has us experience Heaven. Jesus gave us the way and the way of the world is Love.  When we live aligned with God living Love it is our light that give's us, Heaven, to live through while here on earth.




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