The Law of Consciousness

law of consciousnessThe Law of Consciousness is living for conscious evolution. Consciousness is all that is alive. Every level of what is being lived is only in thought. The universe is consciousness. Humanity is not the body but is the conscious energy inside of the body. God created life in his likeness which is energy. Every level of what is in existence is only a level of matter in the level of one's consciousness. Living is only existing as an image in photosynthesis through the level of Love in one's Soul. Love is the energy that is the light in consciousness. There is no other level in life being experienced except for the level of one's consciousness. Love is the energy that is giving light for Spirit to experience living in matter.

God created life in consciousness to give human beings the ability to live creating their experience and the world at their own level of thinking. This created free will for every human being to experience life in.

The more conscious humanity becomes of Love the more conscious humanity becomes of life. Living for conscious evolution is the only level in life that gives humanity the path to exist eternally and experience Heaven while here on earth.

Consciousness is the level that thinking emerges out of.  Thinking is only a processor at the level of the mortal world. We are not our thoughts. Everything at the mortal world level is only transitory and giving human beings an experience in matter to live Love through accumulating greater levels of light for other levels of living beyond this present body in new levels of consciousness. Every life a human being is living a new level of consciousness in a new level of matter. Consciousness is coming into us from Heaven. The level of the mortal world is in the conscious space of God.  Consciousness is the deeper knowing of all that is not transitory like thought is. Consciousness is giving everything we see in matter its level of livingness. Thinking processes life. Consciousness is life.

Humanity is living to realize its highest level of potential in any one level of consciousness. Having the ability to create in matter what eventually creates Heaven on earth. Love is the key to conscious evolution and is the level in life that gives what humanity what it needs to exist and experience God as reality.

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