The Law of Conscious Energy

law of conscious energyThe Law of Conscious Energy is living knowing the mortal world is in Heaven. God is the energy all life is in. Conscious Energy is the living species in the conscious space of God giving humanity their livingness in matter.

Matter is a nothingness at the level of one's consciousness. What is being lived in matter is only existing through the light in one's consciousness. Energy is all that is existing. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the mortal world. Conscious energy is the mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature in all matter. Humanity is only having the ability to experience living in matter through Conscious Energy. God is in every atom giving the light for matter to be experienced.

What we are experiencing as life is an image within the light of our Soul existing through levels of energy. Love is the level of what we experience in matter.  Love is the light in consciousness that gives us the experience in matter.

At the smallest level of a particle, light is what exists. The universe is consciousness with Conscious Energy having the level of all that is in existence through Gods level of consciousness.  Gravity does not exist, the universe isn't deciding the purpose of any one atom, or the livingness of any one particle if it was the world would be ripped apart and not able to have matter at one's level of consciousness. Only consciousness is giving every atom its level of livingness.

Conscious Energy is the living species in the conscious space of God giving humanity life in matter.  Humanity is living in Heaven's light. Conscious Energy is a living species able to communicate with human beings in higher levels of consciousness. They are the level of Heaven every human being lives to know.

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