The Law of Celestial Life

law of celestial lifeThe Law of Celestial Life is unity in life. All life in existence is in the conscious space of God. Whether it is on earth or hundreds of light years away it is in Gods light. Everything in existence is in Gods light.

Life is a pool of Consciousness with millions of races at different levels of Consciousness creating in matter what is giving to all life in existence. Energy is what is living. The human being is not the body but is the Conscious Energy inside of the body living an experience in Consciousness through matter.

The different levels of Consciousness create the different levels of light that give to every element in existence. The level of the race is created for the level of Consciousness. Every race is living to realize their highest level of potential in any one level of Consciousness. Life off planet has only been living for hundreds of billions of years. God created humanity, humanity's Heaven and universe for humanity's level of Consciousness. There has always been life in different levels of Consciousness giving to the very elements that give humanity the ability to exist on earth.

Energy is the atmosphere. Conscious Energy is a living species that is the fabric of the world giving humanity the ability to live in matter. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and through God having the level of osmosis came humanity. Humanity is a species on a planet floating in space living as Conscious Energy in matter. Humanity changes form just as all energy changes form. We are living in a life continuum that takes us beyond our present bodies into new life. In every life a human being has a different medium and Spirit to experience the new level of Consciousness in matter.

Life off planet is only existing for humanity's conscious evolution. God gave humanity everything needed to always have a path to consciously evolve towards Heaven. The mortal world is existing in Heaven for Conscious Energy and photosynthesis to give humanity the ability to experience matter at ones level of Consciousness.

The universe is levels of life in Consciousness in different levels of life forms. Life off planet is in objects and shapes as well as beings. Objects have no face features and are able to communicate telepathically through light. The level of shapes and living organisms that are able to communicate are in levels of intelligence far beyond humanity's. Many can clone to the atmosphere in levels that can't be detected. They are are able to be in light not visible to the human eye or in humanity's present level of Consciousness. The level of life on earth and in the immediate universe not in humanity's present level of Consciousness is as numbered as the different living organisms presently known to humanity. Every level of what is being seen as the world is energy in different levels of light giving to what is humanity's present level of the world. Humanity is only in one level of Consciousness the level of the world is in many and as a human being becomes conscious of Love it is the level of the world that opens up to experience greater levels of life, races and other living organisms.

The unity in life extends to galaxies hundreds of billions of light years away. As humanity evolves away from violence towards unity in humanity the universe opens up to greater levels of life for humanity to experience. All other races have evolved beyond violence and are of peace and Love. Humanity is the youngest race at this time still existing with levels of what is levels of animal in their light consciously living violence and suffering. As Love is lived it is the light in Consciousness that expands and it is the level of what then creates in matter what brings greater Heaven to earth. Human beings are having levels of Consciousness from all in existence to advance humanity's present level towards the highest level of Consciousness that can be realized. Life off planet is only existing for humanity's Consciousness to expand and live beyond the present level in possibility and light for creating life in matter at expanded levels of Consciousness in Heaven.



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