The World Changing

world changingGod created life in his likeness for every human being to be able to see their own level of consciousness in matter. A human being is energy and the level is conscious energy, we are not the bodies but we are the conscious energy inside of the body. Consciousness is all that is alive. Every problem, terrorist attack and level of suffering is a reflection of humanities level of consciousness. The world changing is conscious evolution beginning to realize the level of life in consciousness.

God is energy hundreds of billions of years alive. Everything we see in form is a level of energy in photosynthesis. The human race live's in photosynthesis to have the ability to experience life in matter at the level of light in our consciousness. The premise in this life is to consciously evolve through the mortal world to having a level of consciousness in Love that can create in matter Heaven on earth.

Conscious Energy is the living species in the conscious space of God giving humanity livingness in matter. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the mortal word and is the mass, force, velocity, levity and temperature in all matter. Living in consciousness gave humanity the ability to live in freewill creating the world at the level one could think. The level of the world changing can only be realize through Love.

Everything we create in matter is born out of thought. God created humanity out of his conscious energy and humanity creates the world in matter out of their conscious energy.

From the beginning God has always been helping life to evolve. The world changing is a level that began at the time of creation. The world changing is the natural level of humanity consciously evolving. The Kings who had power on the planet were living for Gods guidance and life's purpose. There were prophets giving Gods word to those in power and they listened to the prophets knowing their power was being given by God who just as easily could take it away. This is how life began to always have a path to exist.

Gods relationship with humanity was incredible when you realize people knew through profound experiences God was alive and with them. Gods level in life was tremendous and being witnessed by everyone. Humanity honored the light of divinity and Heaven, knowing their lives were being guided by what was divine and beyond humanity. Today, Heaven has been swept away for life at the level of material instead of living for our divinity. The world changing has been in the direction away from Heaven because of the disconnect from God. When we disconnected from God we lost the level to remember the world living in Heaven. What was divine at the beginning of life has only become a story for humanity. We're more enthralled with the outer world than the divine light within.

We forget we are a species living on a planet floating in space with everything on earth existing for us to live. There has never been a time humanity did not have what was needed to be alive, including a sun ninety three million miles away giving humanity the level to breath. What is off planet is playing a greater role in humanities existence than what is on planet. The elements that are the building blocks for life are all found off planet with the earth connected in consciousness. Heaven has always been the light the mortal world is existing in.

As life focused on the outer world giving greater meaning to material we made God the same level. Churches try to be megachurches instead of living at the level of Christ. The House of God should only be living for helping those desolate, poor and suffering. There is no level in acquiring in excess while needless suffering exist in life. The word of God has power when we live Christ on earth. Humanity living in luxury accumulating in excess while billions of people live impoverished and children starve to death is not a level understanding what life needs to exist. Having in convenience and material while human beings suffer is the level of consciousness that only creates the need for military because peace can only be born out of caring for others as we do ourselves.  We can't learn to live in what gives us peace and sustainability if we do not live at the level focusing on the welfare of other human beings.

World government is a level that has not stayed true for the light in humanity evolving. There is a level only caring for power in money instead of caring for humanity and evolution at the level of Gods purpose. God see's humanity having greater levels of consciousness than what is being represented by the level of world governments. Change is needed and where God giveth power God taketh power. The world changing is giving humanity the ability to know God is with us. Governments will need to put humanitarian principles above all others to give the human race the ability to consciously evolve and exist living in peace.

One of the greatest gifts God is giving humanity is to know the universe and the answers to questions about life's existence and creation. Knowing God is alive and with us is the level humanity has to come back to in living. The miracle of living in Heaven with Angelic light is the level humanity will begin to remember the more conscious we become. Life will live in a deeper level with greater maturity for understanding humanity and why there are different levels of consciousness. The challenges and adversities are the very God faculties that help us consciously evolve. They are the experiences that carve our Soul into greater light. Human relations give us the level to think through Love creating solutions that give greater peace and better life. The world changing to Heaven is heavenly for all life. This is only possible when we live through Spirit invoking Heaven. We do this by staying in conversation with God and consciously living Christ in all we do day to day.

We have to live greater levels in Christ to live in a better level of life. We live giving mercy, forgiveness and Love when it's convenient to do so. We look upon another who is homeless or starving as a problem instead of the level of Christ in our mist teaching us to Love. Living with God isn't walking the level of the mortal world. It's having Faith and Trust walking the path of Christ.  We walk with God and His guidance to live what is bringing greater Heaven to earth. Living through Love is what gives us the light in consciousness to live Heaven while here on earth.

Love is greater than how humanity has been understanding it. Love is an energy that give's us life on earth because it's the energy in photosynthesis giving us life in matter. Love is the energy in the Soul and what is alive in us. Love is giving the light in consciousness for Spirit to live through. We consciously evolve the more Love we live because it is the only energy that can expand consciousness. Love is all that is real. Life is only living in energy through the light in our Soul everything we are experiencing in matter is only through our level of light.

Life has greater levels to be lived as we consciously evolve and each one has different levels of life beyond humanity. We are existing with billions and billions of galaxies with trillions of planets. There are over a million planets through out the universe with life at different levels of consciousness. Humanity is the youngest level in a greater pool of consciousness.

All life beyond humanity is only existing to have the level that gives humanity greater levels for conscious evolution. Life is always ascending to higher levels. Other races have been existing for hundreds of thousand of years to hundreds of billions of years. The intelligence in other races is in higher levels of consciousness. They are the elders not living violence and instead living at peace in levels far beyond humanities. Love is a natural state of being for them. Their sole purpose is to live the level of consciousness that is the highest level able to be realized.  Humanity will one day become more conscious of Love and evolve beyond the level of violence for the level of enlightenment.

Every level of life is only existing for conscious evolution. The world changing is a natural level in consciousness. What we are experiencing is one level of consciousness that has created one level of a world for us to experience in matter becoming conscious of Love. As we consciously evolve to Love we are able to create greater levels of life in matter. God is giving us everything to live for the light and have the experience of Heaven while here on earth.






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