What is God and Who is Humanity?

Who is GodDestiny is the malignant energy that became conscious and through her came God. God became the energy to all in existence. God is the only power to have the level of osmosis to give life in his light living. Nothing can ever exist that is not in the light of God. Destiny rests in God. God is the conscious space for everything in existence. He is the light in every atom giving humanity life.

When God became the light in life he wasn't knowing he would become the level of all in existence. He had always been trying to give energy life in matter. It wasn't until he was in a level of giving life it's living that he realized the level of his power was able to give levels of life in all levels of light. Giving levels of life in all levels of light created a universe with life in many different levels of consciousness. God created trillions of different elements in light to live in synchronicity for a greater level of life to exist. Nothing can ever exist outside of God for all life is in Gods energy.  The entire universe including what is billions of light years away is in the conscious space of God.

God is hundreds of billions of years alive and in a level of intelligence far beyond any level humanity is able to conceive.

When God created mankind it was in the level of his likeness as conscious energy. God gave humanity the beginning level of consciousness and the world to live in. A human being is not the body but is the conscious energy inside of the body. We live in a life continuum through many levels of consciousness in different mediums and Spirits for the experience of consciousness in matter. The gift God gave when he created life was for mankind to live in freewill creating the level of the world one could live through at the level one could think. With the premise that humanity would consciously evolve becoming conscious of Love and therefore creating in matter what would be Heaven here on earth.

The mortal world is living through photosynthesis in the conscious space of God having the light in every atom for humanity to live at different levels of consciousness in matter. The mortal world is in Heaven. Heaven is giving humanity the levels to live in matter. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world and is the living species giving the livingness in all matter at the level of one's consciousness.

The level of humanities consciousness is only experiencing the level of the mortal world as its totality in existence. Unaware of the enormous level life is actually in. Levels of energy have been existing for hundreds of billions of years in levels creating what has given humanity the ability to live for. In every level of consciousness there is greater life to be experienced. Life is always giving life a greater level for it to live through. Levels of energy have been existing in levels of consciousness since God had the osmosis to bring energy into matter. The level of energy in photosynthesis giving matter it's livingness in consciousness is the level that has created how humanity is experiencing life. Levels of energy have always been existing and have the ability to communicate in levels of Heaven. The premise of life is energy having the ability to live through matter in consciousness. The level of living in consciousness gave humanity the way to consciously evolve creating in matter the level they could think at. Every level of consciousness is creating the level of the world.

All levels of humanity are in photosynthesis. The level of photosynthesis that creates the level of the world is the energy Love.

The universe is always having in advance what humanity will experience and live through as consciousness evolves. The universe is a self programmed level of energy existing through the light in humanity. The universe is consciousness. The level of humanities present level is already having levels in the universe create the next levels it will live through. Just as a embryo is programmed to become a senior levels of life are already programmed to become able to give to humanity different levels of consciousness. There has never been a time that humanity did not have what it needs to live. God has provided everything for consciousness to evolve. As humanities level of consciousness evolves so does the universe. Humanity has the ability to create in matter what is an infinite and unlimited level of possibility. The level of what is created as the mortal world is only based on the present level of consciousness that can be realized. God is giving humanity everything needed to evolve in consciousness for eternity. Love is the energy that expands consciousness.

When levels of life are not living towards Heaven it's the level of the world that begins to have energy collapse. Energy is all that is existing. When life is living aligned with God it is living in the light that gives everything it needs because life become's conscious of the energy Love when living in Heavens Principles.

The more conscious of life the greater opportunity for conscious evolution. The world is always creating the way for life to live evolving and expanding into greater light.

In all levels of life there is a level waiting for one to open the divine light within to realize its existence. Levels of life are with us now and have been since the beginning waiting for us to realize their existence and as we live Love we become conscious of their light. The world is filled with other levels of life in levels of Heaven that have other races living to give humanity a greater level of consciousness to live through.

Life is only existing for humanity to experience consciousness in matter, having the ability to  evolve creating in matter what is of higher levels of Heaven.




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