What Is Being Alive

What Is being aliveLife's purpose is to become Love and eventually the very light that helps sustain all life. What is being alive is Love. Life is lived in consciousness which means everything we think is all that is alive. Our thoughts are creating what we live through as life. 

What is being alive: The Soul is what is alive and the Soul is the energy Love. What is being alive is living in consciousness. What is being alive is knowing that every thought is all that is living for us to experience as life. What is being alive is living at a level of consciousness with everyone we see being in our light. What is being alive is having levels of light in our Soul giving us the image in matter to live through. What is being alive is a human being having an experience in matter at ones level of consciousness. What is being alive is the conscious energy inside of the body and not the body.  What is being alive is the Soul giving the light for Spirit to live through in matter. What is being alive is living as energy in photosynthesis for matter to live at our level of consciousness. What is being alive is living in a world with Conscious Energy as the fabric of the world giving all livingness in matter. What is being alive is living in a mortal world that is in Heaven. What is being alive is living Love.

There is nothing outside of consciousness living. Living in consciousness gave humanity the ability to live in freewill while creating the level of the world at the level one could think.

Living in consciousness created the way for life to always have a direction in it's purpose that was towards Heaven provided there was conscious evolution becoming conscious of Love. The level keeping life existing is based on the level of the energy Love humanity is able to live. Love is the energy creating the light in consciousness and Love is the level in photosynthesis giving life the ability to exist in matter.

The light in consciousness is what Spirit is living through and is the level of  Love in our Soul. The Soul is what is living. Spirit is transitory for the level of life we are in, it is giving the medium the way to live in matter in our light.

Having the gift to live in matter enables us to witness the self story we create in thought at our level.  All that is existing is energy and the level of matter is only the level of light in one's consciousness in photosynthesis. The body/medium is transitory as conscious energy is always changing form. The experience in matter is for consciousness to evolve living through levels of matter increasing Love and changing the level of the experience in matter. The level of  Love we live is the alchemy that changes the experience in matter.

The universe  is consciousness. The entire experience of life is in energy. What is lived for a human being is energy rather than the level of matter. The human being is conscious energy in a body made up of over 70% water. The atmosphere level is in water. Energy is a level of water living in a level greater than the level of hydrogen and through levels of nitrogen giving every level of life its existence. Every level of life human consciousness is experiencing is only through energy in photosynthesis. The level of living as energy in matter is the gift God gave humanity to live. The level enables humanity to live eternally at the level of one's consciousness in conscious evolution provided Love is always being lived.

Consciousness created the path for humanity's existence through conscious evolution giving humanity the way to always exist building Heaven here one earth.

Conscious Energy is the living species God created with humanity to give living in photosynthesis for humanity to experience living in matter. Conscious Energy is the the fabric of the world in the conscious space of God giving matter it's mass, force, velocity, levity and temperature. Conscious energy is giving the level of photosynthesis to the level of one's thoughts and passing the light in photosynthesis for matter to be experienced.

Living in photosynthesis has humanity living in two world's at the same time but only being conscious of one for living in a life continuum. We live at one level of consciousness creating our level of Love to live through in the next one.   We are constantly accumulating Love in the Soul for the light in consciousness to give Spirit the way to live through matter.

The base collective consciousness is the level of the world every individual enters life at. The world is the level of Love being lived. The premise is to evolve becoming conscious of Love to create Heaven while here on earth in matter. Every collective experience the human race faces are the God faculties trying to have life evolve through to consciously living higher levels of Love. Every person is living an individualized curriculum to experience this part of life through their level of Love and as each person begins to awaken to higher levels of consciousness they begin to become conscious that only one of us is here.

All suffering is the absence of Love. Love is the light expanding consciousness. The light in consciousness creates the level of meaning we place in matter and that gives us the level of livingness in matter. We attach greater meaning in matter the more we are living at the level of the mortal world rather than Heaven.  Reality is created by the incessant thinking from one thought to the next. Life is living in consciousness and the level of thinking is only a processor that is processing the level of the mortal world to live through. Thought is constantly moving forward giving us what to live.  We are not our thoughts. Thinking is the level of the self story we incessantly think into being as life.  It is what we live through in matter in this life trying to awaken by becoming conscious of Love. The more we live in the energy Love the more conscious we become. The premise is to live Love at the level that fades the incessant thinking to the conscious space of God.  Thought is transitory and is changing all the time. Consciousness is the deeper knowing of all and does not change like thoughts do.

God gave humanity the key to life by blessing every human being with Love at birth. Love is the gateway to higher levels of consciousness and is the way to Heaven.  We can live this experience through the beautiful light of Heaven any time we choose Love in our thinking. It is through the Love in our thoughts that Heaven is able to be the light in our level of life.

As humanity lives Love the level of Heaven on earth will be experienced by those who are living for the light. 



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