Understanding Evil


Evil is created from the darkness in all of us. Our energy is part of the collective energy in humanity manifesting darkness in form for us to live Love through. When terrible things happen in life we think the person responsible is the only level who did it. While they're responsible for their actions it existed because of what was in all of us. We are the ones bringing it into being. Human consciousness is creating what is living in matter. There is no individual committing anything in life. It is the energy from the collective consciousness creating what can exist in the individual.

On a daily basis how we live creates what is living in the individual. The sensational act in darkness isn't how to perceive darkness. The darkness comes out of humanity's daily living not helping those that suffer. That is the darkness that creates all other darkness in human consciousness.

Our energy lives in photosynthesis creating along with other human beings the energy that life exist through. The collective consciousness is creating the circumstances all life can experience. Love is the energy deciding how life lives. Today, a child can be born into a world that has darkness from war, poverty, cruelty, murder, homelessness, starvation, torture, and many other levels of darkness. Human consciousness is creating what human beings live through and darkness is created by the absence of Love. We all contribute to darkness from how we live Love and not live Love on a daily basis. What is not Love is the level humanity wants to focus on replacing every level of darkness with Love. Individually, we must focus on living Love at the level of Christ and not humanity's level because humanity lives Love through the darkness. We want to live Love at the level of Christ to give God our level to live through.

Our atmosphere is also in consciousness and living through human darkness. Humanity never understood how God created life or the universe. If scientists continue creating in darkness it's at the expense of humanity's sustainability. Scientist never understood a molecule or even how matter was existing and to try and find what powers the earth through ignorance will never serve the human race. We are the only ones creating weather to become worst or better through our level of consciousness. Energy is living in human consciousness and therefore if we're creating darkness we're creating it to live in everything we are conscious of. Energy will live greater through Love at levels of Christ. Solar energy is the way for humanity. The vapor of photosynthesis is giving energy at levels beyond what human beings are understanding.  We want to live deeper in God creating what sustains human life on earth for eternity.

Also, before we begin send more satellites into space we should become more conscious of life on planet and rectify the billions of people living without their basic human needs being met. Before we create more satellites and cars to back themselves up. Focusing on space while humanity suffers is a level of consciousness unable to bring to life what keeps humanity existing because we're not giving the technology and resources to save billions of people suffering when we have the opportunity to do so. This is the epitome of how darkness has been created in human consciousness. We live out of ignorance from not living deeper in God.

Every human being comes into the world with a level of Love and is required to live accumulating greater Love as we age for living Heaven. But if we don't live accumulating Love we hold darkness through pain, negativity and Spirit wounds that create experiences from those areas for us to live through trying to have us become conscious of Love. These darker places will manifest in matter through our experiences and in our world. They only exist for us to live Love through them living deeper in God. Which will give us living in joy, peace, and light.

Many levels of darkness living in how society is living without anyone noticing it's the devils level in life. A good example is society creating billionaires while children starve to death. We're not being conscious of life or understanding why God created humanity to live becoming conscious of Love.

Creating society to live for wealth at a level of gross excess while human beings suffer is the epitome of cruelty and neglect in human life. This energy is manifesting in other levels of life that's also living very cruel and can manifest in more terrible ways only trying to have us become conscious of what we have become and the Love we are not living. We live in a world where children are being harmed and we're not living to end the plight of human cruelty because we are the epitome of living it. Human beings are teetering on a psychotic consciousness unable to reverse itself living in what will benefit sustainability.

Another example is anger. People believe we have a right to be angry and that it's part of being human. When energy is only living at levels of consciousness. Anger is a level hurting us and it spreads into the world to manifest in other forms. The energy lives in photosynthesis and will manifest trying to give us reason to live Love instead. It doesn't serve any level of life. Energy is always manifesting from humanity's collective level in greater levels for us to live Love through it.

How we live is the level of how life lives. This is why Gandhi said, "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." We are the world. There is only one of us here with God. We are living only through our perspective. We want to live always knowing that what we see on the outside has to do with energy in our Soul that is trying to have us live Love. No matter what we see, we live inward for how to live Love through it. Our energy is what we want to focus on through everything.

The human race has lived a very long time not understanding consciousness or how matter has been existing. Matter only exist in consciousness and living Love is the requisite in life because if we don't live Love we create darkness in matter. Every thought is creating what is lived in our experiences.  How we live on a daily basis caring for the welfare of others by having grace, compassion, tolerance, charity, humility, peacefulness and patience is the crux of living Heaven. When we don't live to help others it's the same energy not caring for life as the one who takes life.

There is no different conversation for what creates killing in life. If the outcome is people being killed then that's the energy strengthened in humanity. In order to no longer need military humanity must care for people not having what they need to live instead of living for luxury brands. Human consciousness can never live creating peace in a species that doesn't have the level of consciousness to save children from starving while they throw out millions of tons of food every year. Human consciousness is asleep because it doesn't hear people screaming fire when the flames are all around us.

If we kill people in order to stop people from killing we are the ones keeping killing in society. That is being at the level of effect. To be at cause is to begin early in how life is needing greater levels of Love to help it live in peace. This is why Gandhi said, "An eye for an eye will have the whole world blind." If we live creating answers at the level of the problem we only strengthen the energy of the problem to manifest in other ways. We have to live creating early before the problem occurs in order to alleviate the pain creating what harms life. Only what is wounded wounds. This includes our answers and solutions.  Before people hurt human beings it has lived in consciousness deepening the devil to live through matter. Creating levels in life that are living for loving is the way to bring into life what helps the human race alleviate what begins in consciousness that harms life.  This is also why Jesus spoke of Loving our enemies. There is no other way to rid hate other than with Love. If we hate on hate we keep hate alive.

Humanity wants to live for enlightenment instead of living for the transitory level of our world. The transitory level is building our Soul on sand.  When we live for what is transitory like wealth and false idols we incarcerate our Soul into the devils level for eternity until we live through what we have created to light. We want to build our Souls house on rock living for what will live continuously in our life continuum which is Love. Love lives in every life while no level of wealth or material goes with us when we leave our bodies only Love goes with us. It is the level to focus on because it keeps us living in God. Which brings us happiness, peace, and Love.

Jesus tried to teach us to live the Love life needed.  The Bible told us not to make a second God of money or live for false idols because God knew it would shape humanity's level of consciousness at the devils level instead of His. And God's level is the only level that gives us conscious evolution. It keeps us living towards Heaven instead of living towards hell. Humanity has to understand we were created in God's energy which is Love and Love is the energy we must accumulate and Live in order to live Heaven on earth. Love is the light in consciousness that gives us wisdom and knowledge because it's God's energy in ours. It's a requisite for every human being.

Adam and Eve are a great example of not understanding living in God's light.  When Eve took the apple from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge and shared it with Adam they had no idea they would be unleashing in human consciousness shame, guilt, fear, sin, and resentment. Instantly their light changed from light to darkness. Humanity since then has been living in darkness not following the Ten Commandments, living for false idols and second Gods. We didn't live deep enough in God to understand why He told us not to live for false idols.  God knew human consciousness would shape its thought process from the level it was living. Which would have no way out of itself except living through itself. Which meant every level of darkness we strengthened unleashed millions of tiny snakes in human consciousness which would become the path for all human beings to live through.

It was imperative to live as deep as we could in God for learning how to live in matter.  The world we are experiencing is created out of trillions and trillions of levels of energy creating matter at our level of consciousness. This is why it's called the dream or illusion. We're only experiencing matter from our level of consciousness. We live this life only from our perspective. That's why there is only one of us here with God. As we change our level of consciousness the energy in photosynthesis changes to give us the world in a different light. The world is literally only energy. We should look around the room and instead of seeing furniture see the couch in tiny floating particles of energy and that the couch shape and color is only out of our consciousness. We are bringing it into being otherwise it's a nothingness only existing in tiny floating particles of energy.

I live in Heaven while here on earth experiencing Heaven giving us our livingness in matter. Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. They can talk and communicate just like anyone can.  And they help me understand how Heaven is giving human beings the level of matter we live through. When we think of other races we want to understand the intricate level of higher intelligence giving us the way to live in matter. Consciousness is all that is alive and God's consciousness is hundreds of billions of years alive. His light is in every atom is giving us the way to live in photosynthesis. God is carrying the entire level of life into matter and beyond. His existence is in levels smaller than any level known to humanity. God's light is like a massive web that everything in existence lives through. Our world is extremely quantum with atoms in holographic light living in decimals. We see matter at a level to live through but matters existence is waves of energy at a point of nothingness. We are imprinting upon energy our consciousness for the level of matter to exist.

I remember when I first started experiencing orbs and searched the internet to see what they might be. Some people said it was just dust. What humanity didn't understand was that every level of dust is energy and every particle in existence is in consciousness. What we see isn't the totality of what is there. Every atom is alive because it's living in the conscious space of God. How we interpret our world was based on ignorance believing it was only three dimensional when instead it was nine dimensions in holographic light. Only existing in energy.

When God created life He created self-organizing energy in photosynthesis for human consciousness to experience matter at any one level of consciousness. This is why every human being experiences life only from their perspective even though the world has billions of people. The world only exists in photosynthesis at our level of consciousness. There is no matter except in our consciousness. There is only one of us here with God. The same level of design keeping trillions of energy living in harmony while supporting separate levels in life is the same design giving us the way to experience a world only from our perspective.

If we were to see the level of Heaven in life it would be trillions and trillions and trillions of particles of energy. Heaven is the level giving us the way to live in matter and Heaven when we leave our bodies, is the glorious Kingdom of God. God gave us the way to live comfortably on earth only seeing our level of consciousness in matter. We don't see or feel billions of bacteria crawling all over us or see it on anything else.

Conscious Energy was teaching me about photosynthesis and they did it by making my yogurt with raisins and bananas very hard.  It feel like it was cement hardening. There was so much resistance in the yogurt my spoon felt heavy and the yogurt was difficult to move. They were even able to make the yogurt in my mouth substantially heavier than it should have been. The level of how we believe matter is existing is like hoodini waving a wand placing it in front of us and somehow magically keeping it existing always at our level of consciousness. When matter is tiny particles in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance existing through light giving us the density at our level of consciousness.

Knowing Conscious Energy is alive and able to communicate tells us the level of how matter is existing and how they are existing is far beyond anything we have been conceiving. I wasn't eating the Conscious Energy but they were creating my experience of eating yogurt. They're living in a level of life so far beyond any level we are conceiving as part of life. It's deafening to comprehend the enormity of how life has been created.

Another time as I was preparing Holy Oil and Heaven was teaching me about energy in photosynthesis. As I was pouring the extra virgin olive oil they stopped the oil from coming out of the spout. Which the oil stayed liquid so it was impossible that the flow had been stopped. They then let it flow and then stopped it again and did this numerous times one after the other, for me to understand how Conscious Energy was in every level of matter. Every time Heaven teaches it's showing how the world is very quantum living through conscious light we haven't begun to understand.

When people think about other races we think about another species having a different body. When life is in very different levels of consciousness.  Life is hundreds of billions of years alive and many races are part of the thread in life. Whereas human beings live eighty or a hundred years then we change form leaving our bodies for new life.  Other races are not here temporary like we are coming back and forth and earth, they are deeper levels of threads in life. We're all existing in the conscious space of God and energies in different forms participate in the hierarchy of keeping consciousness able to live in matter. They create the light that gives us our life continuum in the conscious space of God.

Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world and a species created to give us our livingness in matter. They're in every atom with God. Matter is the image we experience but it doesn't exist outside of our level of consciousness. What we think is and it's our dream. It's only in thought. When we change the level of how we think we change the world we experience.

We age effortlessly from an embryo to a senior living forward just like the sun rising and setting. Every day brings a new morning and every thought takes us into that morning. Every thought we have moves us forward leading us through life. We live moving forward like the sun rising and setting until we leave our bodies. And when we leave our bodies life still moves forward because we're moving into our life continuum with the Soul creating new life in matter for us to live through at new levels of consciousness. This is why the universe is infinitely expanding. It's consciousness.

Human beings think incessantly from one thought to the next in self-chatter and this also keeps us moving forward through matter. Self-chatter is what life is living from this level of consciousness. But incessant thinking creates different levels of darkness in human consciousness because we don't control our thinking or pause it. We jump from one thought to the next living through energy that isn't consciously aware of the power of consciousness or God. Learning to pause and control where thought emerges out of is imperative for living greater levels of Love and Heaven.

If there was ever a secret for life it would be to live Love over anything else because it invokes God. When we don't live through Love we live through the darkness which is everything other than Love. Which leads the Soul through a journey carving itself into greater light. While we can't control all of the circumstances created in human consciousness we can control how we live through them. Love will always be our salvation because it keeps God in our light. Living happily comes from living Love. Everything else keeps us chasing happiness. Darkness is like millions of tiny snakes in our mind multiplying with every thought when Love is the level of what is giving us happiness.

Learning to live inward for what we feel with what we see is the way because it helps us understand everything we see is a level of energy in our Soul only living for us to live Love through. The challenges, trials, and tribulations in life give us substance and perseverance in living with greater faith and ecstasy. Living through what has been created in human consciousness is how we deepen our Soul in God. Every thought leads us through Heaven or hell.  Living in a practice that keeps us in prayer energy gives us the ability to hold living Love through anything. Darkness comes into our lives only through thought. We have the ability to interpret darkness in greater light but it only happens when we live in a practice living Love greater and greater every day.

Everything is energy in photosynthesis. We are the only ones making something as real as it is. Our thoughts define our experiences. There is no order in life creating what is real other than what the human being makes real. This is also part of why life is called the illusion or dream. We are the only ones bringing everything into being.

Living Heaven is a God-given ability in every one of us. Making the choice to live Heaven is up to each of us. It will never be what we expect or live in society's perspective but it will always live in happiness in God through Love. Keeping happiness in life is only able if we are the happiness it lives through. Humanity has the ability to live Heaven while here on earth and as we understand consciousness and creation we have the knowledge to change the light in photosynthesis from darkness to Love.  Love rids the darkness and replaces all suffering with Love. Let us live every day making Love the only level we live for. Let it be what comes first and last with all interactions and give every experience the level of Love it needs to live with God.



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