The World is A Dream


The World is A DreamWe have all heard the world being called an illusion or dream. Understanding this is imperative because it helps us realize how God created life. Which gives us the knowledge to live through the principles of energy with greater Heaven in our lives.

The world is living in photosynthesis which means everything we see is only existing out of energy in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. This means everything we see including the moon, our bodies, and the earth at the smallest particle is only a wave. We are seeing it as a form in matter through our level of consciousness but what is living is energy in photosynthesis.

When God created mankind He created everything out of His light. His light is the energy all life is in and people have never known about creation until now. How we live is through a light in holographic levels having hydrogen beyond what humanity has been able to conceive. The hydrogen is important to note because quantities are living in every particle in existence. Hydrogen and water are the only properties having levels in everything there is in existence. This is because God needed light to have a way to exist through multiple levels of temperatures in multiple gateways and with both properties there is Heaven in every atom.

The temperatures needed for life to live in different levels of consciousness is exceedingly greater than how humanity understands temperature. The waves are living in higher frequencies to create images in the Soul through photosynthesis. Every atom is living only for the light in consciousness to create how life is living. Humanity never understood how matter was existing but scientist have known for centuries every particle is a wave.

We've only lived relating to matter as what is living because we are born into a world with matter all around us. We learn from our parents and societies consciousness to accept matter as part of life the same way they have. No one questions anything concerning furniture, buildings and the earth existing.

We should have understood when we knew that everything was a wave that energy was living in light giving us the properties for photosynthesis to experience form. Having people all around us made it even more difficult to question matters existence. Because we see everyone as separate from us instead of knowing there is no place where one person begins or another ends. We also see matter as outside of us instead of understanding it is only living through us. There is nothing in existence that is not in our light.

Scientist have also known that human beings are living in frequencies, vibrations, and resonance. Which is a great example of how consciousness can live in theories with hypothesis that stay in the same box.  We create reality and our thought system to live in knowing that is only relative to this one level of consciousness.  Humanity has stayed at the same level of matter since the inception of human consciousness. We are only now having light to move from matter to energy.

The only way humanity could have gone beyond the box sooner is by living the Love needed for greater light in matter.  But we also had made Love a level of matter instead of energy. Even though everyone knows God is Love. We didn't know Love was the energy in consciousness that expands our light in everything we are conscious of. We didn't put this together because we have not been living the Love needed to have greater light. Living for matter made us disconnect from God. When that happened we lost the keys to life.

Humanity today is living for wealth and fame rather than enlightenment. We don't live trying to discover our divinity or deepening our relationship with Jesus or God. If we would have understood why Jesus was teaching us to Love or how Adam and Eve were teaching us there was darkness in life. We would have changed our moral compass for only living aligned with God.

Coming into a world already existing at one level of consciousness that wasn't living aligned with God only created humanity to not have the light for understanding our creation.

Matter was taken for granted and that created humanity never understanding our living in consciousness. Consciousness is the only level living in humanity's existence. The world we experience lives in photosynthesis. There is only one of us here with God but our consciousness is creating reality to be very different. In consciousness only by living Love can we go beyond our present level. It is the level of God in our light that makes that possible.

How we are experiencing life is through the collective consciousness. The worlds circumstances are created by humanity's collective level of Love being lived. This is the light in photosynthesis creating the circumstances we can experience. It is giving us the human story at this one level of consciousness.

Every person is experiencing the world only in their light. The intricate levels and the realness of life creates the level in consciousness to have a perfect level to live in. If this wasn't so no one would be able to live through their dreams. Every human being who is alive believes in the human story and human history. This gives human consciousness a foundation to live through.

Every generation brings more light to photosynthesis. The level of circumstances we can experience as our world is through the level of Love being lived from the collective consciousness. Love is the light in photosynthesis creating the light of the world we experience. If we're in a level of human consciousness creating suffering and war then we will experience circumstances through that level of darkness. If humanity is cultivating peace and living Love then we will experience a world in that level of light.

How God created life was for humanity's collective consciousness to create the light all life lives through. God created life in free will. Which means we can create anything to live through that we can think. The world we are creating is in our level of consciousness not God's. God is the consciousness giving us the way in photosynthesis to experience life in matter at our level of consciousness. He is the light all life is living through. What we create as living is representing our present level of consciousness and the level of Love we are of.

The purpose of life is to become conscious of Love so we can live deeper in God. The more  Love we become the more Heaven we create on earth. Matter is being created through our consciousness, the living species in the conscious space of God called Conscious Energy and photosynthesis.

We can understand the illusion when we can understand everything we are conscious of is only existing at one level of consciousness. It is energy created in matter through a light in our Soul we live through. Everything is dependent on Love. The level of Love we live creates the experience we have. The mortal world create's circumstances from the collective's consciousness but how we live through them is from our level of consciousness.  The more Love we live the greater light we have in consciousness to see beyond the present level of matter.

When we are living Christ deep with God the illusion has greater emphasis because we are experiencing Heaven in our light. This begins to take us out of the mortal world level and into Heaven. Heaven in our light gives us greater wisdom and knowledge for higher levels of life. This is why Love leads to enlightenment. It is God's energy in our light. When Jesus was teaching us to Love He was giving us the keys to life.

As we live Love we learn God is reality. Every level of Love we live is creating Heaven in our light.  God created us in a miraculous way for us to have the ability to live through what we think. Having the ability to change our thoughts and therefore change the experience of the world is a gift living Love and having light. Having knowledge about creation is helping us to know that Love is the way of the world.




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