The Soul’s Journey


the Soul's JourneyThe Soul's journey into God is for acquiring greater levels of Love. We have been taught the body has to do with life but the body is only living in consciousness. The Soul is what is alive in a human being. The Soul is giving the body the way to have a Spirit for living in matter.

The body lives through photosynthesis as does everything in matter. Humanity never understood what being alive was or the level of a human being. Now we are understanding that a human being is conscious energy. We are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. We also understand that everything in existence is energy and what we are seeing in matter is only existing from our level of consciousness.

We've been making reality three dimensional when the world is energy. We live in nine dimensions with atoms in holographic light. Subsequently, every decimal in holographic light is multiplying light. When we couldn't understand the body or the structure beyond our level of consciousness we had no way to understand the molecule. Even though we understand the smallest particle is a wave we couldn't understand energy in temperatures living in photosynthesis.

We can't live beyond our level of consciousness if we don't have a hypothesis in greater light. Hence, this is why conscious evolution is important for humanity. We want to always live with greater hypothesis beyond our light to evolve through.

Matter was created for humanity to have the way to observe our consciousness. When God created matter it created the pathway for life to always exist because energy would always have a way to change form carving itself into higher light. This created our path ascending towards Heaven by living Love and evolving deeper in God.

We've been taught the body is living and that the body is self. When the body is a shell and self doesn't exist. The body is temporary and will fade away when we leave for new life. This body doesn't have a level in life beyond this level of consciousness. Self is a transitory level of the mortal world and doesn't exist.

Self is only the costume living as the storyteller for this one level of consciousness. It's giving us the way to experience matter.

The body has a Spirit and Spirit lives in a persona which is who we are calling self. It is the little person in matter trying to evolve into Love. Trying to live outside of matter in light. We are consciousness leaving self for light. Our Truth is Love. Just as God is Love. The Soul is Love. We live becoming conscious of Love because Love is Gods energy giving us the light in consciousness to experience matter in. With greater light in consciousness, we understand life and the Souls journey in God.

Everything we know as life today is transitory including our bodies, family, friends, matter, the universe and who we call self. Nothing exist when we leave our bodies. Only the Soul is continuous in every life. Everything else is temporary and created for the human story. After each life,  Spirit rests in Heaven with loved ones as the Soul continue's on creating new life.

Everyone we share life with is a level of energy in our Soul that manifested in matter. This means our family, children, co-workers, friends, universe, people we meet, hear about or see on the street live in the light of our Soul. Hence Jesus saying, I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12) Every person we experience is reflecting a level of energy in our Soul trying to have us live Love. They will live in our life continuum manifesting for eternity in different levels of matter. Everyone we live with in this life will continue in new life. 

Our life purpose is to carve our Soul into greater light becoming Love. The Soul is the energy Love. Hence, God is Love. The Soul is living to accumulate the energy of God.

In order for the Soul to live in matter it lives through Spirit. Spirit is our persona in this life giving the Soul the way to experience matter. Every level of Love lived is accumulated in the Soul and creates the next part of life.

Consciousness is the light all thought emerges out of giving Spirit the way to create our human story.

As we journey into living greater levels of Love we journey into God. Living deeper in God gives us greater light in consciousness for understanding life. Humanity hasn't really begun to live in how God created life. We have been living at earthly levels trying to understand our existence and creation. We're now beginning to live in a light for conscious evolution and for going deeper in God.

The level of the world is a dream/illusion. It lives in photosynthesis and is only one level of consciousness. When we leave our bodies the world fades away.

When we come back we live through a new level of consciousness and will experience human consciousness from a different level that hopefully has ascended. The world we experience will have circumstances created out of humanity's present level of light. In every life, we live to understand God greater.

Living in matter gives us the way to feed the Soul Love. The Soul is what we want to focus on instead of focusing on the transitory level in life. Which is a hundred and eighty degrees different than what we have been living. We have been living at the surface believing what our senses told us was life when what is existing is consciousness in Heaven.

The content of our world doesn't matter the Love being lived does. We could be a CEO, trash collector, waiter, politician or actress and the Love we live, is the only level giving to our Soul and our life continuum. Everything else is transitory and was only a story to live carving our Soul. Our titles, positions, thoughts and who we call self is the transitory costume giving us the story to become conscious of Love in.

God created matter for humanity to have the way to observe consciousness, evolve and live deeeper in His energy giving human beings Heaven while here on earth.

As we consciously evolve beyond our world into Heaven we live in greater levels of life. We can understand living in Gods conscious space as a huge circle and inside of that circle is a smaller circle. The smaller circle is human consciousness and the big circle is God's consciousness. Energy is all there is and matter is the gift God created. When God created human consciousness He created the "word' and the "word" created the world.

The fabric of our world is Conscious Energy and they are giving every human being the level in photosynthesis for living in matter.  They are the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in matter. Every thought we have is living through Conscious Energy in photosynthesis.

God is hundreds of billions of years alive and it's taken the human race a very long time to have light to understand God from this level. Which we're not even close to understanding God. God is a level of consciousness far beyond what we have been conceiving. He created us and all living things including our universe and Heaven. His intelligence and what life is existing as, is beyond any level we have thought about. Human beings in photosynthesis living as energy in another level of energy has not the level humanity was considering as life. The level tells us how far away we have been in understanding life and God. Our level has never lived for conscious evolution beyond our present level.

When we think about God being the light all life is in we have to go deeper into what that means. Life having light to exist is giving human beings the level for having matter in photosynthesis. Which tells us we are energy just as every particle in matter is.

Conscious Energy is the self-organizing energy in God that is another race giving to photosynthesis.  Human beings only live in human consciousness but everything giving us life is living in another level of consciousness. God isn't a human being. He created human consciousness and is not part of the human race for He is the one who created the human race. God is the consciousness creating all other levels of consciousness needed to give humanity life.

We tend to think of life only as human beings but life is living in a pool of consciousness. Just like the ocean is filled with life that isn't human and the earth is living with life that isn't human, likewise the atmosphere and all life in the universe isn't human either. We aren't familiar with greater life and so we think of everything outside of our knowing as something very odd. When everything we will ever be conscious of has already been living beside us. Our not knowing it is only our level of consciousness not yet seeing greater life.

The same way we have been living with God and didn't know He was in every atom. Or the same way we have been living in matter with it all around us and yet we didn't even know what matter was.  Is the same level of consciousness that didn't even know what a human being was and we're living as one. There is a huge level in life that has been missed because we haven't been living in the light to understand our existence. We have been focusing on matter instead of enlightenment and living deeper in God.

The trillions and trillions of pieces that create life are all different and in different levels of consciousness. No two levels are the same and no level is living outside of its own light. This includes every cell, snowflake, and blade of grass in consciousness. Literally, there are levels of life that have been giving to life on earth we have never seen nor will we until our level of consciousness has the eyes to see them. That is part of conscious evolution as we evolve we open greater levels of our world to experience.

God created life with everything in it. Just as he created seeds to blossom into huge oak trees or an embryo to become a senior. We have greater life all around us and slowly we evolve to live enjoying the greater levels of life we live with.

Its the same as Christopher Columbus traveling and discovering new levels of life. The human race has only lived at the level of matter and hasn't begun to understand energy and our world.  The universe with hundreds of billions of galaxies has life that we're not going to begin having experiences with until we live in a much greater level of light. As we evolve the world opens up. Humanity is the only race in existence still living violently.

Every level of consciousness is living in a light for a purpose unique to them. No two races live in the same light or have the same life purpose except for conscious evolution. Most levels of life off-planet only live for conscious evolution understanding that matter is only created out of consciousness. The higher levels of consciousness are only living light for life to exist.

Which the species Snow squid is a level of consciousness in our atmosphere that has been existing before we were living in matter. At the end of this writing, there will be a link to download and watch video's of greater life including Snow Squid.

How we have been living is in a tiny reality only shaped by matter instead of through  Spirit.  We have been living at earthly levels not understanding energy, our universe, and God. Some life can live without form and just be vibrant colors in energy able to communicate in vibrations. Others live in their own light and will never look like a human being. Just as the whale is in it's own light and doesn't look like a human being and the giraffe is in its own light and doesn't look like a human being.

We have so much life all around us living in their own light and because we are familiar with them, we don't think about them as being a different race. Yet, they are. Animals are profound and we haven't understood their level of consciousness. How we treat them is reflecting our level of consciousness. Al life has to have infinite respect, kindness, and compassion. Animals are another race and how we treat them with compassion is reflecting our level of understanding the miracle of life. We want to have infinite respect for all life because that reflects human consciousness and our maturity in life.

God created animals for humanity to have dominion over but it was never to exist in the light it is today on earth. Human beings are never going to understand life if we can't treat the life around us with infinite respect and compassion. There is no greater teacher than our own levels in life.

We have amazing shapes and levels of energy people wouldn't even understand was life. Because we've only associated life with matter instead of understanding our world is energy. God is in every atom and we haven't even begun to understand how advanced HIs light is living.  The quantum level of our world is greater than what we are experiencing as life. We're not seeing all of.  We're not seeing bacteria all over our bodies or cells changing but we do see our hands, legs, and arms perfectly. God created consciousness for us to see what helps us live greater Love. He didn't create consciousness for us to live uncomfortable seeing creation.

Every level of life in our atmosphere like Snow squid will only live at the level we can conceive. This is what makes life amazing. We never see the totality of anything or anyone because we can only experience the world from our level of consciousness. Our children live in another level of life experiencing the world from their level of consciousness. We can only experience them from our level of consciousness. Everything will always only live in our perception no matter what. This is why we want greater light in consciousness it gives us greater light in matter to see with.

We must live with God and how He created life because when we don't understand consciousness we live in fear at the devils level. Letting the devil take away our miraculous and awesome experiences because when something is beyond our knowing it invokes fear instead of excitement. Moreover, this is only because we live at earthly levels in the little person instead of in our higher Truth with God.

All that is real is Love. Human beings create everything else to live through. We want to learn to see life as the innocent child running through a candy store for the first time. Not being afraid of anything that we don't understand but instead living it with God for the ultimate experience in light. Everything we can conceive is a choice and we shape our consciousness to live through Heaven or darkness.

There is a profound lesson in realizing humanity has been on this planet floating in space with geniuses, scientists, and governments spending exorbitant amounts of money and resources yet not having a way to understand our existence. God will never be in anything more profound than Love. This is why enlightenment is through Love. When we didn't listen to God we lost our ability to have a greater hypothesis in light beyond our level of consciousness.

We had no idea what was shaping reality was what we never saw in life.  What we didn't see had the level of cause and what we were seeing was the effect. Consciousness is all that is alive creating matter.  We disregarded the Bible and the Ten Commandments not realizing they were our lifeline in shaping human consciousness in greater light.  God knew what consciousness could unleash if humanity didn't understand energy. We've been living linear not consciously evolving in Heaven. Without light human beings have no level to have hypothesis outside of our own level of consciousness. We want to live increasing how we live Love to give our Souls the light to live deeper in God. His energy gives us light.

Every thought creates the Souls journey into God.

God created us out of His likeness which is the energy Love. Every human being is born with Love to live expanding Love.  We live aging effortlessly in a process moving forward from an embryo to a senior having experiences from different levels in our consciousness that create a choice for Love.  Life is giving everything we need to give our Souls Love.

Live life knowing the world is transitory and everyone is a level of energy in our Soul trying to have us live Love.  Love everyone relentlessly claiming God in all levels of your life. Forgive people quickly to live in higher light. Lastly, let us open ourselves up to an enormous world in Heaven with amazing life just waiting for us to realize its existence. God will always live ready to guide and help us through every challenge and achievement  Let us stay in conversation to keep our light in His.

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