The Miracle of Life


Miracle of LifeThe miracle of life has been living all around us and in us without us knowing it's power. An embryo growing into an adult is a miracle showing the intelligence of life. Consciousness is having the ability to live in cells is a level beyond human consciousness. The cell having a personality and living in an intelligence that takes it from an embryo to an adult is the essence of God. We live with our bones growing and don't even notice it.  Complex organs create connections to other organs while blood vessels create their pathways. And a brain forms with trillions and trillions of neurons. What is alive is in a level beyond how are living this life.

Every day we age effortlessly towards living as a senior moving forward in our life continuum. The miracle of this life is telling us there is a greater level of our world not being seen but living along with us in every breathe we take.

We need to live deeper asking questions that provoke our thinking to help us live the miracle of this life. We've been living through societies level of consciousness. That keeps us in a thought system relating more to matter rather than energy. Energy is what we are not seeing and that holds the miracle of life. Miracles have been waiting for us to invoke them through greater levels of consciousness. We want to go inward into the energy of Love to open the power of God in our lives.

Understanding what being alive is gives us the way to live in the Laws of Life. God created life in consciousness so we could live through any level we could think from. This gives us the power to change our experiences by changing the way we think.  Life is only living in consciousness which means everything we see in matter at the smallest particle is a wave. Energy is the level of everything. Our body is energy, the floor, furniture, people, cars, and the moon is energy only existing at our level of consciousness.

Mankind was created in photosynthesis in order to live in matter. The human being is conscious energy and to have form we have to live in photosynthesis. We would have no way to touch our faces or any material item if not for photosynthesis. Knowing that life is living in consciousness tell us how we perceive is the only level discerning what we experience. Our perception is based on our level of consciousness. How we live is only having its light from the level of Love being lived. The light in life is giving us our perspective of everything we live in our lives.

As we look around the room we can observe our consciousness and how we perceive things in matter. Observing our consciousness is a good way to understand our level in light. Our opinion of others, the meaning we place in matter, how we see world events and how we feel is living through the energy Love. We are either living through lots of Love or little bits of Love. Love is an energy we haven't understood because we disconnected from God by living more for matter than for Spirit.

We all know God is Love but now we can understand what that means because we are learning about energy.  God's energy is the energy Love. It is the most powerful energy in existence because all life is living through it. Love is the energy in photosynthesis giving us the light of the world we experience. It is the light that expands consciousness. Everything we are living through is an illusion only giving us the way to become conscious of Love.

When we understand how Love is living in our lives we know why it's detrimental to live Love in all aspects of life. We want to live through Love in everything we think and do. Every thought we have should carry Love. When we make Love the foundation in living we give our lives the light to live in Heaven

Life is only lived by how we think. Our thoughts only live from energy. All thoughts emerge out of consciousness. We want our level of consciousness to live in the energy Love so our thinking can live in the higher light.

When we know everything in life has another level beyond what we are seeing. We want to stay open to other perspectives and versions of the experience. We've been taught to surmise situations, people, and events believing each one is real as it is occurring. We didn't learn we can change our perspective and see something different by living different energy. There are other levels to live beyond what we initially experience.

Heaven is the level of our world. We live in humanity's level of consciousness trying to become conscious of Love. So we can go beyond this level to Heavens level of consciousness. We live Heaven by living Love deeper in God and living Love greater than how we have been. It is a conscious shift bringing Love into every thought that takes us deeper into light. When we live Love as our thought system we live in a higher light of Christ. We want to see our brother as right, with infinite compassion, mercy, charity, kindness, and forgiveness. Love is the level that opens the door to Heaven.

When we witness events or observe other people we are only witnessing them from our level of consciousness. We never see the totality of anything, not even our own child, mom or brother. They are living in another level of life from their level of consciousness. We can only perceive them from ours. We can't see anyone's totality. This entire experience is only us living in our level of consciousness. Understanding this is a major level for us to understand how our lives are living at the levels they are.

We want to live bringing greater Love, joy, and peace to our lives. When we understand our thinking is creating the experience. We have the power to change the way we think and by doing so we can change the light in our experience.

Knowing we never see the totality of anything tells us if we are observing and living through any level of darkness we have to bring the light into our thoughts.  Humanity's level of consciousness is going to have dark. This will create in photosynthesis circumstances that are living in darkness but they are only living for us to live Love through.

If we can acknowledge darkness we must leave it in levels of light. We do not hide the light because there is dark. It is the light that rids the dark. There will always be levels of energy challenging us to live at either their level of energy or for us to live it through ours. We want to live through our level of Love. Everything we see including people that harm life has energy and that energy will connect with energy within us. When we feel anger we want to understand there is a level within our light that needs us to live Love through it. In the moment we feel anger we have to pause and immediately begin sending Love to everyone involved. We want to have nothing inside of us that gives energy something to connect too other than Love.

Everything we are witnessing as life is only existing for us to become conscious of Love through. And by doing so we live deeper in God understanding life and how to live through it with greater Heaven. We can either be at the same level of energy of what we witness or we can rise in light and live through it with Heaven. Living Love through situations that evoke upset are giving us an opportunity to change our level of consciousness. Our entire premise in living is to live Love because it is the energy that gives us levels of God in our light. His energy gives us evolution into higher realms of life in Heaven.

Everything at the mortal world level will be mixed with darkness and light until we live in greater Love. We want to live light through our mortal world experience. Heaven is in everything but we have to invoke our thoughts to connect to Heaven. If we pray and then five minutes later we are thinking incessantly in upset we are deflecting our miracle. Our incessant thinking from one thought to the next isn't giving us any room for Heaven. It's instead, creating what will only keep us in an upset.

We have to pause our thinking in stories, the past, and future. So we can experience what lays beyond them. By living in the present moment we open ourselves to living Love creating the space needed for a shift in perspective. After we pray we want to carry faith and have trust that God heard us. He is living to help us. After the prayer live with God and live open to Heaven by keeping thoughts in energy of Love. By living Love we stay connected to God in a much deeper way. Our light in Heaven is how we want to live through our trials and tribulations.

There is no level in life greater than having God guide and teach us through life. We live in photosynthesis and everything can change in a blink of an eye but we have to stay in the energy of Love. God will not violate our free will. Which means if we choose to think in anger, conviction, contempt, hate or any other level of darkness. We are choosing that level to live through instead of receiving the miracle. When we think with Love we are in the light of Heaven.

Understanding the Laws in Life gives us the knowledge to changes our lives. If we are to live with greater joy and peace it can only be from changing the way we think today. We change our lives by changing the energy we live in. When we change our energy we change the light in consciousness that thought emerges out of. We have to change the light in consciousness by living greater Love.

A simple way to begin changing the light in consciousness is by sending Love to everyone we can think of every moment of the day. Do it relentlessly and periodically pause to live in gratefulness. Giving praise to God for your life living in happiness and peace. When we begin to send Love to people we open our light to heavenly levels in consciousness. We want to pray for their happiness and see the greater good in everyone. Knowing everyone is only living at our level of consciousness tells us our opinion of others has more to do with us than it has to do with them. Go inward and observe relentlessly how you see other people and live your daily life. Checking to see if you are loving them or harming them with your thoughts.

There is no rationalizing or justification as to why we can persecute another. We only want to focus on energy and living Love.  How we feel is only living from inside of us. Know every human being is an innocent child in Heaven.  We only observe them from our level of consciousness. They have a greater truth in pure Love. We're not seeing the truth because we cannot see their totality through our energy that is not of Love.

We only see them in our light and the light of the collective consciousness. Living Love is what gives us eyes of Love. As we begin our journey from matter to energy we are living deeper with a light in God that evolves.  If we can live Love greater and give people infinite charity, compassion and kindness it is our light we live through that becomes heavenly.

By sending Love to people, praying and living in a practice of gratefulness, forgiveness, and humility we create our thoughts to live deeper in Christ.  By living Love we have the keys to life and have everything we need to change our lives instantly. Focusing on the energy we live through is imperative if we want to feel Heaven. Our energy is the only level that changes consciousness and our thoughts emerge out of consciousness. By keeping our energy in Love we give our light what it needs to live in greater joy, peace, and Love.  Love is the way of the world. Having God in your light is living the miracle of life in all its glory. There will never be another level of life greater than having God teach you about your existence and why He created you.



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