The Atmosphere is Alive

The atmosphere is aliveEvery day we live in a world with another level of life we have no way of seeing. We don't see the majority of what is living because it's living at micro-quantum levels in frequencies. If we saw what was in micro levels in life we would not be able to handle living. Such as the world covered in bacteria or the level of our bodies changing daily. Almost everything we see has levels of microorganisms helping its level exist. The air around us is living with energy that is at a higher level of intelligence than humans.

Humanity never understood the atmosphere was alive until these writings.

Everything we think isn't being seen and what is being seen is only a fraction of what we think.  God created us to live in a light that would only give matter at the level we could conceive. Matter is living in human consciousness but the human eye doesn't see everything until it has the light to do so. Presently human beings process four hundred billion bits of information per second but we are only aware of two thousand of those.  There isn't a way to see beyond our light in consciousness. The light in consciousness which is Love creates the light in matter.  When there is greater Love in photosynthesis there is greater light in matter. God is Love and it's God's energy we are living through.

The atmosphere is living plasma called Conscious Energy. Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world. What we see in matter is energy living at speeds faster than humanly possible to conceive. They are also levels of intelligence able to communicate at Heavens level.

There is no space/air we see that isn't living energy because we are in photosynthesis. In our homes, and offices, the space around furniture looks like open air but it's living energy. We are living in the conscious space of God and everything we see has energy in the hundreds of trillions creating the world we think into being. God is the light in photosynthesis giving us the way to live in matter at our level of consciousness. What we are conscious of including the universe is living in His consciousness. We live through God in order to have matter.

God created us out of His energy to live in matter at any one level of consciousness. We have stayed in a reality not understanding our existence, God or Heaven. Our idea of life has been passed down from generation to generation. We were taught by our parents and society how to think of life. This created the world to live from past levels of consciousness, and as a result, we have only consciously evolved linearly.

Everyone alive today has taken matter for granted never realizing it was existing in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Therefore we never thought twice about what was giving material its livingness or what was assigning purpose to any one atom. If we did we would of understood consciousness. Consciousness is far beyond how we have been living it.  Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. Consciousness is all that is alive.

  • The body is consciousness
  • The universe is consciousness
  • The earth is consciousness
  • All matter is consciousness
  • The human race is consciousness.
  • God is the consciousness that created all life
  • Conscious Energy is the level in God that is Heavenly giving humanity livingness in matter

In life, we are energy living in another living species of energy giving us the light to exist in matter. This is the way to understand God. God is the energy encompassing everything in existence because He created it through His light. Human beings are energy living inside of God. We are creating our world in matter through His light. Heaven is giving us the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in matter.

Consciousness is energy in decimals. In every atom, there are holographic levels of light in decimals living in photosynthesis. This is the level of the energy Love we are living through. Love is the only energy in consciousness differentiating the level of light we see in matter. God is the Love we live through. The more Love we live the more light in God we have. We are existing to become conscious of Love and through this, we live greater levels of God.

In every human being, there is a light that is already living God. When we live giving principles of Christ priority in our life we give God our light. Every Saint that has walked the earth lived God as reality and gave Him ecstasy with their faith. Faith is the level in life. When we think of God, Jesus, Mary, and Heaven we rise in light. God is only living for us to live with Him. Understanding the level or our world and how alive everything is, give's humanity the aptitude to live deeper and more maturely.

Knowing the atmosphere is in the conscious space of God tells us we have greater levels of our world. The level of what is living alongside humanity is beyond humanity's present level to understand. There are infinite objects, shapes, and sizes in elder levels of consciousness. Life is in levels that have existed since the beginning. Our atmosphere is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of levels of energy in levels of intelligence far beyond what we can conceive as living or as life.

There has never been a time that every government on this planet was not striving to find greater life outside of the human race existing. There was never a time that it was not living right beside them. No one could touch their face or drive a car without Conscious Energy giving the livingness in matter. We have always lived in God's light. The only level that eluded us from this knowing was our living at the level of matter.  We needed to live through Spirit because we are living in consciousness. Living through Spirit we live through God and the more Love we live the greater wisdom He gives.  Humanity's blueprint to life will always be conscious evolution because it is the only way to create Heaven while here on earth.

What we can realize as life is only dependent upon our level of consciousness. The world is unlimited with infinite possibility. God is in every atom giving us all the same opportunity to experience Him in Holy levels we never thought possible. If we can understand how our world is living we can understand why Love is the way of the world. There is no greater experience for a human being than God guiding them through life. We want to live the Love that turns the divine light within to Heaven. The more we can live in God the greater we can unravel our existence and how miraculous it is. 



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