Religion, God and Life


Religion, God and LifeHumanity was created by God to live consciously evolving deeper into Him through Love. From living at the level of matter we neglected God at the level of Spirit. Religion has been living at the level of the mortal world instead of from the level of Heaven. Understanding consciousness is imperative for understanding how far away from God we have been living. Jesus walked the earth upsetting religion because He spoke of a greater message than they could conceive. His light was greater than any human beings but humanity could only conceive God from their level of thinking. Jesus was crucified because of religion not having a deeper level in God to understand God's light.      

Throughout the history of the human race, we have been living more through the level of the mortal world than through God. We did this because matter became the reward. It was easier to live with material giving to us rather than Spirit giving to us. Matter was tangible and we were not understanding consciousness. We didn't understand how matter was existing. We never questioned how the earth and rivers were only existing at our level of consciousness. Instead, we took them for granted as they appeared not questioning the light we saw them in. Everyone is born into a world with people and furniture all around them. Never did we realize Heaven was giving us the way to touch our faces, see the earth and live in matter. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. We never questioned the livingness in our thinking.

Everyone comes into the world thinking and has no reason to question what is being thought. We didn't understand how we were thinking was creating reality. Everyone is taught human consciousness and learns from what reflects society. We never question societies level of consciousness because we didn’t understand what being alive was.

From the moment Adam and Eve ate the apple from the Tree of Knowledge humanity was living in a level that living Christ would be imperative for humanity's light to have Heaven. Living Christ has nothing to do with religion but has everything to do with living. We can only realize our potential at any one level of consciousness through greater levels of light. Our happiness, peace, and understanding of our existence can only come from greater levels of light. Everything humanity has ever tried to understand about life is living in light. When we think about where happiness comes from the level is in a higher light within us.

We want to understand light is a source we were created in and is the level we are living trying to increase. The more light we have the greater light in matter we will experience that has joy, peace, and Love. What we create at the level of human consciousness will always only live at the level of human consciousness. When we live Love we are living through levels of God that have greater light in consciousness beyond humanity's level.

Light is a level in consciousness living out of the energy Love. We want to understand God is energy hundreds of billions of years alive giving us life through His energy. Humanity is conscious energy living through levels of God's Love. We are not the body we are the energy inside of the body experiencing matter through different levels of consciousness.


Everything we see that seems like a solid is vibrations, frequencies, and resonance.  What is living is energy and our energy is the level creating the light in matter we experience. How we are conscious of matter is through photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is giving levels of atoms in decimals through holographic light to produce greater density in light for the images in our Soul. The living of Christ is so imperative because there are no other levels that shed consciousness into higher levels of light other than Love.

Living Christ gives us levels of Love with God greater in our light. If we live in everything other than Love which is out of Christ we are creating the devil to live in our light. Humanity didn't realize our thoughts were creating what we experience in matter. Matter is giving us the way to observe our consciousness. Everything we are experiencing is a level of energy in our Soul trying to have us live Love.


Jesus walked the earth not of a religion but of the word of God. He was trying to teach humanity why living Love was the way of the world.  Rome was a power on the planet that did everything it could to stop knowledge being in the hands of common people. They wanted knowledge only for people of stature and those that have power. Wisdom has been sought after by every human being from the beginning of life.

While many tried to spread the word of God millions were persecuted because of Rome wanting only their interpretation and criteria to be what everyone lived through. They were trying to hold power over what society thought about God. Quickly the knowledge that was once meant for all people had become a level creating religion to interpret for humanity who God was.

The greatest human failure out of Rome was that God became the level of religion instead of humanity knowing God as life. This was a turning point  because it shaped human consciousness to live with God in religion instead of knowing our light was in Him. We placed God at the level of priestly dignitaries aimed at earthly influence, earthly power and materials expansion instead of in living for the light.

This gave the devil cart blanche in living in our light because we didn’t understand consciousness or how it was creating our experience in matter. We didn't understand God as reality. If humanity would have understood we were in the conscious space of God we would have understood how imperative it was to live Love for our level of consciousness. There is no energy other than Love giving to consciousness. 

Only through greater light in consciousness do we have the ability to live in matter creating what is of Heaven. Without that knowledge, we create what is of hell. Consciousness is only existing in light. Jesus was teaching us to live Love to be in God. Love is humanity’s source for conscious evolution.

We didn't understand Jesus was giving humanity how to live on earth. By living everything other than Love we create the devil in consciousness and therefore in life we create greater levels of hell. Human beings only live through what they think and there are two levels we think through. One is everything other than Love which creates the devil in consciousness and the other is Love which takes us into God. This is literal because consciousness is all that is alive. 


Human beings live the majority of their lives quietly thinking to themselves in their own narrative. We think while walking, doing laundry, at our desk, driving, going to the grocery store etc. There is nothing existing outside of our minds. Everything we see is in our perspective and living in our light. Even while listening to people our minds are thinking about what to say back.

Humanity quietly lives in thought. Our speaking to other people is only some of the time while we talk to ourselves all of the time. We build what we live through in matter from our quiet narrative. This is where the devil lives if we are not living Love. Human minds never stop thinking from one thought to the next until we intentionally pause our thinking.

Pausing our thinking is heavenly because it creates the space for God. It allows us to rest in the conscious space of God. Humanity is only living to live through thinking to consciousness. We are learning to not think. We are not our thoughts. Thinking is a processor only processing the mortal world story for us to become conscious of Love in. The mortal world is an illusion because there are many versions to everything, we do not see the totality of anything only our perspective, and it's only existing at one level of consciousness. Matter is a nothingness existing only at our level of consciousness. There is only one of us here with God.


We will experience many levels of matter at different levels of consciousness in our life continuum. The body is only existing in consciousness. On a very micro level, we experience this now because we all move forward effortlessly growing from an embryo to a senior with different perspectives and levels in life.  We wouldn't want to live at ten years of age forever missing the greater experiences at the different levels of consciousness. Leaving the body takes us into greater life.

We never think about how we age comfortably growing from a baby to an adult with bones expanding and no enormous pain. We take consciousness for granted yet God created our consciousness to live comfortably. If we saw everything in life we would see trillions of layers of bacteria over everything including our bodies. Our vision would be filled with webs of energy and particles. God gave us eyes to see what was living at our level of consciousness instead of what was living giving us life.

Humanity is living in consciousness through a self-created story living to become conscious of Love so that our experience in God becomes an infinite possibility in Heaven.


Adam and Eve is the greatest example of what living in consciousness is. They were living with God in Love with no inhibitions. He didn't want them to eat from the Tree of Knowledge because they had no way of understanding what they would unleash. They ate the apple and found out guilt, fear, resentment, shame and sin were in consciousness. Now humanity would have the choice of good or evil and through every thought would create either Heaven or hell to live through. Jesus teaching everybody to Love was always giving humanity the key to life.

Humanity has never taken God out of religion to understand our existence. As much as we know God is Love we have never understood why living Love was how we needed to live. Without Love, life has no level in consciousness to give life what it needs to exist. Today, we have the level of Love to have patience, tolerance, compassion, humility, and givingness to others at the level to have a civil society. Without that Love we would have bloodshed in all levels of life because in consciousness we would live the devil. Love is the light giving us the greater ability in seeing answers and solutions that bless us. 

We are living in God and His energy is the energy Love. Love is the only level in life giving to our ability to live. 

Our premise is to become conscious of Love so that we have the ability to create Heaven in matter rather than hell. As we go deeper into God we are unraveling consciousness to have the greater understanding of our existence and what living in consciousness gives. This opening is the understanding of Heaven's level in life. We are going on a walk for greater wisdom and knowledge that cannot come from what is read or learned because it is only lived in the walk. Living Christ is the emphasis of the human being.

There is no other level we are living in this life continuum. The mortal world is temporary but Heaven and hell are eternal. This is because we live through consciousness in matter and every level of Love we live is creating the next part of life. Consciousness is continuous. When God created humanity on earth He created what was out of Him to exist within Him. How He created humanity was in His light so that humanity would always have the ability to have a level in what could create greater levels of consciousness. This is why we want to live Love. It is a level in God helping us.


Humanity is living in free will which means we have the freedom to think anything we want and live through it. When God created humanity He created life to live in self-organizing levels for its own existence. There would be no other way for consciousness to experience matter at its own level. Life is living in energy that is hundreds of billions of years alive through a self-organizing light to always live for human consciousness to experience its own light.

Consciousness is creating what we live in matter. Every level of matter is existing as an image in our Soul. We are living energy in everything we see and everyone we see is only existing in our light. There is no place where one person begins or ends. Photosynthesis is how human beings are living in matter. What we see as matter is different levels of light in different levels of density living through the energy in our Soul.  The world is not outside of us it is only living through us. I am the light all life is in is the level to understand life from.

If we are not conscious of how we are thinking we live without knowing how deep the devil is in our light. Just like when Adam and Eve ate the apple they had no idea they were unleashing the devil in consciousness. We can see this in society because everything other than Love is creating suffering and despair. Humanity is now living through everything other than Love back to Love. We are in essence coming back to God to live as Adam and Eve did before they ate the apple but we have to live through what we are creating to do this.


How we want to understand living is to really try to understand how every thought is all that's living. What we think is what we are experiencing as life. Human beings think incessantly from one thought to the next always living forward in relation to matter. We are driving ourselves through our own level of consciousness. The power in how we are thinking is emerging out of consciousness.  When we are experiencing something we are living it through energy. The energy is the light in consciousness deciding how we will think about the experience.

When we have the energy Love we have the ability to see greater levels of light in matter giving us greater perspectives in what is being experienced. If we are to live in happiness it is through understanding consciousness and how we are living energy in matter. This is why living Christ is so imperative for humanity to understand. Everybody has their own level of Love being lived and can only experience life from that level. How we want to live is increasing our light so that we can absorb experiences into light and go beyond the mortal world’s level of circumstances to Heaven.

The greatest gift any human being has is the ability to choose Love. There is no other level in life giving greater wisdom and knowledge because it is God in our light.


Humility is the level of light in Love that breathes heavenly levels in consciousness. It is the root of compassion, empathy and living in peace. In consciousness how we live is through energy and we're always producing energy through our being. When we can pause our thinking and have a greater stillness within to recognize every human beings level in life is a level within our light we find humility. We are carving our Soul to shower the substance of God into our light the deeper we live humility. Humility takes us out of the devil quickly and returns us to Christ.  


Consciousness is what God has created humanity out of and this means only through humanity's consciousness can humanity understand its existence. Light is the purpose we are living because it is the only way to have the knowledge that has us move through the mortal world to Heaven.

Jesus tried to teach Love because it is the light in consciousness. This is the only way we are living through the mortal world illusion to Heaven. Our light in consciousness is giving us the greatest experience we can have at our level. When we Live Christ we live the Love that gives God levels in our light. The more in Christ we live the deeper in God we live and the greater Heaven we live.

Heaven is all around us but human consciousness is living in matter instead of Spirit. As we begin to understand our existence is through living Christ we uncover the miracle of this life in God. The opportunity is beyond any level we have imagined and the possibility is infinite and unlimited. What we think will always only be what we live through because consciousness is all that is alive. Love is the way of the world.



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