Perception and Consciousness


perception and human consciousnessFirst of all everything in our world is energy. Matter at the smallest particle is a wave only having its properties through photosynthesis. Matter is having its levels in human consciousness from energy that is of God. The energy Love is an energy humanity has not understood because we have been living at the level of matter instead of energy.  Love is the energy in photosynthesis creating humanity's light in matter.

How we see matter is through energy in our Soul creating images we live through. Perception is a level created out of human consciousness.  It is a hypothesis stating perception as identifying and interpreting sensory information to understand the presented information.

Hence, if human consciousness is deciding the level of what something is existing as in matter. Consequently,  the matter can only be living within the same light within the observer. Meaning they are existing in one level of light. Even greater, the matter isn't separate from their consciousness.  Our world is energy, therefore, there is no place where one person begins or ends. There is no space-time. Space-time is only living in human consciousness to live through matter in a level that gives the human story its level.

All matter is energy living in a level of photosynthesis out of a light in the human being. That light is consciousness and all thought emerges out of consciousness. Our awareness is having elements in higher levels of energy in frequencies created out of microorganisms living in decimals in holographic light. These microorganisms are beyond quantum levels. They are holographic light in frequencies of consciousness only living in photosynthesis.

This is creating the light matter is living through.  Human consciousness cannot live outside of itself. Every human being is only perceiving the world in their individual light.  We do not see the totality of anything because we can only perceive life from our level of consciousness. Nothing is living outside of what we think. Every person we observe is living in another level of life experiencing the world from their level of consciousness. Their life is living through a world starkly different than our perception.

Everyone lives quietly thinking to themselves in a narrative that creates the reality. We also live through humanity's level of energy. This reality is only living at one level of consciousness and subsequently is living through incessant thinking. Our minds think from one thought to the next moving us forward to the next moment. This level of energy is creating the light we believe is perception but consciousness is all that is alive.

We are the ones bringing matter into being to have its livingness in our level of consciousness. Conscious energy is the fabric of the world and the only level giving us our livingness in photosynthesis from our level of consciousness.

Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. We cannot observe any level of matter without having our light in the matter. The world is energy and as a result, everything we see is existing in vibrations, resonance, and frequencies. Life is living in a very-very quantum level in holographic light in decimals.

The brain is only living in this one level of life. It is only a  processor giving us the way to live through matter in consciousness.  It processes energy in temperatures in photosynthesis and this temperature is living in extreme quantum levels of atoms smaller than any known level of particles in human consciousness.

Humanity's collective consciousness is creating in photosynthesis the light of the world we can experience through the collective energy of Love being lived. This is creating the circumstances the individual can live through as life. The world is only an illusion in photosynthesis at one level of consciousness. All be it a very brilliant one but God is hundreds of billions of years alive and His consciousness created our existence. As a result, our world is in photosynthesis at a level we have never known before these writings.

The brain holds the mortal world level of the human story for this one experience.  Subsequently, the mind doesn't live in consciousness out of the Soul. We are not our thoughts. The Souls consciousness is only living through the mind. Thought emerges out of consciousness. Thinking is relative and it's transitory because it's only existing for this one experience of the mortal world. Consciousness is continuous and is the level creating our life continuum. Consciousness is creating every level of life in our life continuum from the energy Love we are of.

Thinking is always changing while consciousness is the deeper knowing of all that doesn't change like thoughts do. Consciousness only increases in universal wisdom and knowledge.

The Soul is Love. The Soul is the light in consciousness giving us the light in matter to live through. Therefore we as conscious energy, can only live through our light in matter. Human consciousness cannot observe itself outside of its own light and this is why all matter is only a level of consciousness in our light.

Our senses are living through energy in our level of consciousness. So every bit of awareness we have is in photosynthesis.  Matter has always been taken for granted by humanity because we are born with it all around us but matter is energy only living in our consciousness. Consciousness is energy and the energy Love is the level of human consciousness. God is the light in every atom giving humanity the level to live in matter through photosynthesis.

We are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. Human beings are conscious energy. Life is being lived through one energy and that is the energy Love because God is Love.



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