Love is Enlightenment


love is enlightenmnetLove is enlightenment because Love is the light in consciousness we live through. The more Love we live the deeper in God we live. His energy is the light giving us higher levels of wisdom and knowledge. Enlightenment is relative though because we live in a life continuum and a thousand years from now what is enlightened will surely have been a level in the mist.

Every life we have the opportunity to live in Heaven while here on earth. The only requisite is to live Love in levels greater than what humanity is living. This means we want to live a level of Christ in our daily lives. Giving to those in need, blessing our brother instead of persecuting him, not judging others but rather looking inward at ourselves. We want to live infinite charity with others seeing them as Jesus testing our light to help us live greater Love.

It's important to understand humanity is only existing for us to live Love through. They represent levels of energy in our Soul. Everyone we see is a separate level of energy in our Soul trying to teach us to live greater Love.

When God created life He created life to live through Love. God is Love and therefore everything about our existence is the same. We are learning to Love so we can live ecstasy in every experience we have. The more Love we live the deeper in God we live. This is good because God is the energy that blesses us to live in higher light.  The more Love we live the greater light in consciousness we have because it's God's energy in ours.

Love is the light in consciousness that gives us eyes of Love to see through. It places light in our thinking for us to experience greater light in matter. Love is living in Heaven and for that reason will always create greater levels of Heaven in our light.

If we are to live our ultimate lives with happiness, peace, and Love it is through living Love we increase that light.  How we see others and the world is relative because it's only existing at our level of consciousness. We never see the totality of anyone we can only perceive them from our level of consciousness. They are living in another level of life experiencing the world through their level of consciousness.

Everything we see is energy living in our Soul. Everyone in our lives is only living for us to live Love through. The world isn't outside of us it can only live through us because we are living in consciousness.

People are levels of energy that reflect how we are living Love. Our world is living in photosynthesis which is energy. Everything is energy. How we are living through matter is through a light in our Soul having atoms in holographic levels in decimals. This is giving us the way to see people and see matter.

The more we see through a heavenly light the more Love we are living. Every thought we have is all that is alive and every thought we have is the experience we live. We cant live anything outside of what we think and every thought is all we are living. How we live thinking about people is creating our experience of life quietly in our minds. We live through feelings and every thought we have creates energy in us to live through.

Humanity lives thinking from one thought to the next quietly in our minds living through stories in the past and what we want to live in the future. We are never in the present moment. Instead, we live incessantly thinking quietly from one thought to the next. We think more inside of our minds than we do speaking to other people. Quietly thinking to ourselves is the majority of what being alive is. This is what create's the stories we live through called life.

Our quiet thinking to ourselves is reflecting energy in our Soul. Every interaction we have creates a story that we'll live in our minds. Our constant thinking about how people think of us, how we were received and our judgments live in dark whispers. The voice we hear in our minds isn't who we are though. We are not our thoughts.  It is a level created as self that is transitory and only for this one mortal world experience. Self doesn't exist because we live in a life continuum and will have many new mediums we will call self.

The voice we hear is our narrative living in a light out of our Souls level of consciousness. The Souls level of consciousness is the energy Love. The Soul is Love and the Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in this medium to experience matter in. What we are hearing is a level only existing for this one part of life. It is giving us the way to hear our thoughts, observe our thoughts and observe our consciousness. This system creates our next thoughts to live through. We live moving forward in life and every thought is carrying us to the next one.

The voice we hear in our minds is in the same voice we speak with. The level of our persona in this part of life is considered part of the shell(body). Everyone leaves the body behind when they move into new life. The voice is only part of this body and does not live in another life with us. We will have a different medium to live through. We have this persona only to experience matter at this one level of consciousness.  Human beings are conscious energy. We are not the body we are the energy inside of the body. The only level living is consciousness. The body is in consciousness as is the earth and universe.

The voice is only a level of consciousness having vibrations, resonance and frequencies for light in photosynthesis creating our level in decimals audible for hearing. Photosynthesis is giving us the way to live in matter. Humanity would have no way to touch our faces, see the table or earth if not for God in every atom giving us the light in photosynthesis.

The level of living Love is imperative because we are energy living in consciousness. We only experience matter through our energy. Love gives us the omnipotent power because it is giving us levels of God in our light.  The more God in our light the greater enlightenment we have to live heavenly.

Understanding everyone we see is living in our light tells us we have to give them Love if we are to live through that light. All of the places in people that rub us the wrong way are places within us that hold energy, not of Love. No matter what we can perceive, justify, rationalize or believe is terrible about them doesn't matter. We are the ones holding what we feel, it is born out of our energy. This doesn't mean what they do is out of our energy it means what we feel is.  If it is not Love it is a level of energy in us waiting for Love to be lived.

Everything we see that is not Love will manifest in matter to live Love through. We are living to become conscious of Love. This is mandatory living as a human being. Understanding energy helps us to understand why this is. Every thought creates what we experience and feel. Having the ability too live Love begins by choosing to live Love.

Today, take everyone in our lives and who comes to mind and we say a simple prayer for them. As an example; Dear God bless Rachel in all ways that give to her life to live Heaven while here on earth. Forgive me Rachel for anything I May have done in thought or action that has ever harmed you. I Love you and want your life to always be blessed.

Say this prayer quietly or out loud of those you are upset with, dislike or hate. Saying this prayer a million times a day is to little. Pray for people relentlessly. Knowing that energy has to live in greater light for us to feel Heaven. We have to clean our energy of what isn't processing light. Processing light gives us Love. When we hold regret, persecution, jealousy, contempt, fear, anger, upset or anything other than Love. That energy will stay in our Soul and manifest in matter through other people and situations for us to live Love through. We have all heard history repeats itself. It does because everything is energy trying to have us live Love through it.

We want to develop a discipline in our living that has us living Love with every person we meet because it is our salvation. This includes all people we hear about as well as see on TV, governments, and groups of people. If they committed crimes, harmed loved ones or did anything hurtful there is greater reason to live Love through them. There is no level in holding any anger towards anyone because it is only persecuting our Soul and keeping us on the cross.

To live in forgiveness and prayer is the solace in light for living heavenly through trials and tribulations that test us to our core. Forgiveness is the light of Love that invokes Christ in our living. Forgiveness is our blessing. It releases us from energy that is living in our Soul that cannot process light because it holds dark. The more dark we hold the less of Heaven we experience. When we can process dark into light we live in greater Heaven while here on earth.

We want to look deep into our lives and see all the places we are holding dark. Look at who you live Love with and who you don't. What upsets you in life and understand it's only energy trying to have you live Love through it. Begin a thought process only living Love. Start with everyone who upsets you.  Make it your living practice to see them knowing they reflect a level of energy in your Soul for living Love through. See them as a child in need of Love. Don't think about what that has to do with them and instead Love them. Our thoughts only create dark when we are not living light. Thinking will not help only prayer does because we have to change our energy before we can think in light.

Thinking emerges out of consciousness. Consciousness is the energy Love we want to increase.  As we learn to live Love we immediately know the moment we feel upset we have to change our energy. Therefore we send Love to everyone involved and we call on God to heal our thoughts and fill our hearts with Love. Live from a place within yourself standing with God knowing what anyone says or does verbally cannot harm you but what you think of them can. Because your thoughts will be what you live through.

Our thoughts steal our light. They steal our light by telling us how we feel about someone is living in them. When what we feel can only live in us. Our thoughts live in energy and as we begin to live Love with people that energy changes. It doesn't mean overnight everything is fabulous but it does mean instantly you begin to feel Heaven. The more we stay diligent in living Love correcting every thought that tries to lead us out of Love. The more power living Heaven we have. We're always tested in this so know once you begin to live Love everything other than Love will show up. But live Love anyways and you will begin to feel Heaven.

As we live Love everything in our lives begins to change. We have to live Love as incessantly as our thinking tries to lead us away from Love. Always taking our thoughts back to living Love. Be with God and live Love relentlessly. There will be an enlightened moment with God because you live Love deeper. His Love shows His happiness for us and how dear we are to Him. God is in every atom and can give us Heaven in any level of our lives. Nothing is too big or terrible for God because He is only living to give miracles and see us happy living our ultimate lives. Let Him guide you by staying in conversation with Him.

Give your life to Love and forgiveness and find your Truth in living divinity while here on earth. Love is the key to living ecstasy in our lives.



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