Living with God

living with God

We didn't realize we were in Heaven and there wasn't a way until human consciousness was in Heaven's light. If not for Heaven we would have no way to touch our faces, see the earth or sit in a chair. Heaven is giving the photosynthesis for us to live in matter.

We've been living relating to matter as life instead of relating to Spirit as what is living. Living for matter is the level of the devil(everything other than Love) because it isn't giving to our purpose. We've been living without noticing what we have been becoming. Our purpose is to become Love and not the purpose of the mortal world. We are living through the mortal world. There is a deeper level we need to live to have the Love needed for life to live in peace, happiness, and light. We tend to choose what is routine, familiar, and comfortable instead of trying to go beyond our present level. What is placed before our eyes are like a screen that keeps us in hell instead of living with God.

Our Lord once said to a holy soul: "Not a single soul falls into Hell that is not torn itself out of my arms."

Living in matter cleverly has us choose the mortal world instead of how Christ would live. When there is Heaven in everything the only pre-requisite to live it, is to want to. We have to change the way we think. The level of the mortal world would have us live buying everything we can for what represents a good life instead of revealing our divinity. We need to live differently understanding how God created our existence and the level of our world in Heaven so we can see the light to live through.  We want to raise the screen between us and God in consciousness. We do this by living the energy Love. Love is the light in consciousness giving us our level in living. In essence, we change our energy to change the level of light thought emerges out of and by doing so we change the light in matter we experience.

Humanity has been taught to live in self-story with matter existing as cause when how we think is at cause and what is in matter is the effect. Meaning if we keep our thoughts in levels of everything other than Love like worry, anxiety, seeing what is wrong, what needs to be fixed, is a problem or needs to be done. This keeps us living in the past and future. In the present moment, there is peace but we don't feel it because our thoughts think us out of it. We want to understand what thinking is because its sole purpose is to create what we live through to Love. We don't want to stay in a self-story that is always going to have suffering included.

We are not our thoughts. Thought is relative and only processing a level of energy for us to live through in matter. It builds and holds a story at the level of the mortal world. We think incessantly randomly jumping from one thought to the next weaving our reality at its level. Every thought is all we are living. The purpose of life is to become conscious of Love because we enter deeper into God's light when we live Love. This helps us to become more conscious in how to have peace, happiness and greater Love.

Thinking is relative, temporary, and only serving for us to experience the mortal world.

The level of thinking is the screen giving us what to live through as we become conscious of Love. We are observing our consciousness in matter. We live every experience through our level of consciousness.  When we cultivated our consciousness to live at the level of matter we created the level of the devil(everything other than love) to live in how we think. In order to evolve, we have to have the ability to go beyond our own level of thinking. That can only be done by different levels of energy in our light. We are literally unraveling our thought process to see a different level of light in matter.

Consciousness is a profound level because it is the only level giving every particle its existence.

Most people think Adam and Eve was a tale but it holds a deep truth that's in the psyche of every human being. The Tree of Knowledge was not to be eaten from because what it unleashed in consciousness was guilt, fear, resentment, and sin. The Tree of Knowledge represented the profound level in consciousness. Human beings could only create the world they live through from their level of consciousness. Not understanding energy and the energy Love would give the devil(everything other than Love) a greater level in consciousness.

Adam and Eve had no way to understand Love and the level of what was being unleashed. Life was always a level beyond human consciousness and was a level to live unraveling. But the only way to learn about life was by living Love because God is Love. God tried to keep us living for Him because He knew what could be created by humanity if Love was not lived at the level needed. We needed to live deeper in Spirit than any other level for life's purpose to have the wisdom and knowledge life required.

How humanity's consciousness developed was in free will evolving and choosing our own level of thinking to live through. We consciously created from our level of consciousness our existence at the level of matter instead of towards Spirit and Heaven. We didn't know the level of what being alive was and disconnected from God at a deep level very early on. When we went towards material as defining life we created a level of consciousness that was in the opposite direction of our divine light. We always had the ability to create anything as our world we just never understood consciousness to create what would give humanity the greatest level of Heaven to live through.

Consciousness is all that is alive. It's the only level in matter creating what human beings see as the universe, life's purpose, and meaning. When we didn't understand our level we thought matter was giving life. We believed the world was a three-dimensional world instead of energy. We continued evolving linearly at this level of consciousness creating what today we live as human life. We're living for what identifies us in matter as what a human being is instead of living for our divinity. Most people define themselves by their job title, kind of car, neighborhood they live in, and how they look. What has been understood as life has been handed down and never at the level of the greater knowing of God as life.

Consciousness is the only level existing. Every level of matter including furniture and the sun is consciousness. This includes every living experience such as war, life's purpose, and our trials and tribulations. They are only existing because of the level we think from. They have been created to be as they are through our level of consciousness. The light we live through is defining the level of the world's circumstances that can exist. The level of Love we are living is creating all of the levels in life a human being can experience.

Love is the only energy in consciousness that gives a human being conscious evolution.

Conscious evolution is realized when we are being conscious of Love. Knowing everything in existence is consciousness and that God is the energy all life is in and that He is Love. Tells us that our perception of Love has not been at the level it is actually of. We have been living Love at the level of matter and not at the level of being the light all life is in. We've been at a level not living conscious of our existence. Never was there a time that humanity had a knowledge of life existing in photosynthesis until these writings. There was no level in life for anyone to understand how humanity was created and living in Heaven.

This is why we want to live the Love that expands consciousness. There is greater knowledge and light to live as humanity is able to consciously evolve. Human beings are not the body or the level of the temporary mortal world we are conscious energy. Moving through this level observing our consciousness trying to become conscious of Love so we can enjoy God's light in ours. We are only living to one day realize God as reality and live within His light at the level of the Son of God.

The gift is to experience life with Heaven the higher level of intelligence giving the experience of life. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and our existence is in a living species called Conscious Energy. Conscious Energy is living in the conscious space of God. Conscious Energy is the mass, force velocity, levity and temperature in all matter. The more Love we live the deeper in Gods light we live and this is what gives us greater light in matter.

The Son of God is Jesus living Heaven from birth as Jesus Christ our Savior and the Son of God for every human being is living Christ Consciousness in God. With Jesus helping us in all ways to live His light in humanity. Living through consciousness is the only way a human being can experience light at levels greater than humanity's present level of consciousness. God gave every human being the way by giving us Love at birth. Love is the way of the world. The divine light within is the Love we are of. Which is the level of God we are living on earth.

The level of living Christ Consciousness is living through the level of the human consciousness that is living deep in the devil. The only requisite is having the level of Love to live like Christ. Through the experiences that carve the Soul we understand God and that there is only one of us here with God. We are experiencing energy in photosynthesis reflecting humanity's level of Love being lived.  Every level of unraveling consciousness can only be the opposite of every level lived.

When God created Adam and Eve they were living in Love. They had no inhibitions or fear of any nature. They wore no clothes and never felt self-conscious. It didn't exist. After eating the apple there was fear and they hid behind trees feeling self-conscious because what was unleashed was consciousness having deeper choices. The knowledge humanity never had was knowing what being alive was and the level of the world. But there was no way for God to tell us this until a human being was living the Love needed for that wisdom and light to be upon them.

Living in consciousness means we are only living through our own level. We can't live beyond our level of thinking. This is why we want to live for conscious evolution. There is no way for any Soul to receive more than what they can conceive. We have to be able to think greater in order to understand greater levels of life.

Consciousness will only develop through what we strengthen. Seeking Heaven and seeing what is the greater good in others is a requisite for every human being to live in happiness. We want to cultivate a mind that is thinking in levels bringing into matter that which is of Christ. To live in greater charity, forgiveness, Love, compassion, empathy, and mercy is a requisite for every human being. Living in consciousness tells us if we are not cultivating what is of Heaven we are creating what is of hell. We will create fear and a world in hostility instead of the level of unity through Love.

God is in every atom and our level of consciousness is the only level that keeps us from Him.

We are the only ones that can take our divinity away from us and we do it by how we think. Amazingly the Bible tried to tell us long ago the level of the world being holy. What was biblical then never went away only human consciousness did. The world is in Heaven and will always be. Every level of what we are living has a greater level within it and if we are to live Heaven we have to live Love.

How we live is our choice and we only live through two levels of energy. One is fear and the other is  Love. People live incessantly thinking from one thought to the next not having the space to go beyond what they think. Incessant thinking is cultivating the energy of fear because we never live beyond what we think.

Thinking is never ending unless we end it. The process of thinking gives us the level of what is keeping us living forward. Every thought is having energy in matter carrying our livingness forward. Even while we sleep energy is moving in our light. The only level for a human being to go beyond thinking is through another level of energy and that is Love.

We want to work on not thinking. Pausing thinking is the only way a greater level of energy can get into our light. If we incessantly think from one thought to the next there is no room for any other level. When we meditate or do mantras we slow our thinking and eventually live in a level able to pause thought for living consciously in God.

Humanity will learn what we think has nothing to do with living beyond the level of the story it creates to become conscious of Love through. Thinking is a level that eventually falls away for the deeper knowing of all which is consciousness. This experience is only a level giving us the way to live deeper in God. Every new life in our life continuum continues taking us deeper into God. We carve our Soul living Love and the light in consciousness opens the light in God.

We have been out of place in our journey because we didn't have a way to know ourselves. There is a deep feeling within all of us that calls to our Soul wanting to know our truth. There is much more to life than what we have presently lived for. We were born miraculously on a planet floating in space part of a universe with a sun ninety-three million miles away giving us carbon dioxide to live. We can feel Heaven in greater ways than how we are living.

We have to think outside of every level we are presently holding as life. Knowing it is relative and the deeper permanency is consciousness. Thinking is temporary and only one level of life. Consciousness is continuous. There is no birth and there is no death there is continuous consciousness. We are Love.


Humanity thought the world was three-dimensional instead of energy. So much of what we are living in life is relative and there are deeper knowings for us to live. A good example is gravity. Gravity doesn't exist. If it did the world in matter would be ripped apart. We brought it into being but what is living is so far beyond any level of what gravity could ever give to life. The universe isn't assigning any one atom its livingness or any one particle its purpose. Consciousness is.

Another example is we never see the totality of anything including our brothers, sisters, friends, and co-workers. We can't. We can only see from our level of consciousness. They live in another level of life experiencing the world from their level of consciousness. Every level of what is existing is only existing in our light. Nothing can ever exist outside of our own level of consciousness.

If human beings do not consciously evolve we will only create a world at the linear level of matter. Meanwhile, our existence is living in God who is hundreds of billions of years alive giving us the possibility for an experience far beyond anything we have thus far ever imagined possible. We literally have an infinite unlimited world to create.

Having the ability to understand what being alive is and the level of the world is a gift that opens our existence. As we learn about being alive we have to live what we learn. There is no easy or quick way to consciously evolve because we are having to live through the thought system that created how we live today. The ruse of the devil can be very thick. We are living through everything other than Love to Love.

Matter is giving us the way to observe our consciousness.

We are strengthening the divine light every time we choose Love. We must never let any thought lead us away from Jesus. This is important because we think so incessantly from one thought its easy to get caught up in the mortal world's level of circumstances. Let no experience be an obstacle to living Love. We want to keep Love first in all we do, sending Love to everyone, and seeing the greater good in them. We want to always seek Heaven in every level of life.

We must be present to every thought we hold. We don't want to focus on what is wrong, what our idea of right is, opponents, negativity or upset. We want to seek Heaven in everything and in serious situations we want to seek God's light. No level of our thinking is giving us anything other than the mortal world's level until we are seeking Heaven or God's light. We will stay in our narrative of life at our level of thinking until we live seeking Heaven or God's light. If we can have the willingness and only the willingness to seek Heaven we will be saved.

God once said, "The devil keeps the devil alive by never giving the choice of Heaven to the Soul."

When something happens in life that has us suffer. We want to stop thinking about it. In doing this we give our level the opportunity for greater light to heal us. If we think incessantly about what happened we block the miracle from having a way into our lives. Only through consciousness do we change what has happened.

Most people will think incessantly about what happened and make it deeper and deeper into their energy. We want to release this energy from living with us. Suffering stays in energy it is pain. Every level of what we have lived is only living to have Love. Sometimes there are childhood experiences that we still live a level of its energy in our adult life. Whether an hour ago, month ago or twenty years ago we can recall it and the story will feel just as it did when it originally happened. That's because its energy and energy never leaves its source. We can transform what happened to a higher level of light. Taking the pain out and replacing it with healingness and Love. Forgiveness is one of the highest levels in Love. It takes us off the cross. If we hold any upset towards another we are the only ones living in suffering. When we forgive we release the pain for our light to live in peace and happiness.

We know Love through the deeper knowing in our light. No human being ever denied Love because it would hurt them. They denied Love because they were hurting. Love doesn't harm us in any way. It can't. Our thoughts do but the level of Love only gives Heaven to us. We have to understand our existence is already in Heaven and the only level keeping us in the reality at the devils level is our own thinking. What we think is all we live.  Love is the doorway to the universe opening greater possibility in how we live.

Good knowledge for humanity is to know our version of life and Heaven is very young. We have to understand how living in consciousness is our existence. The level of complexity, depth and what every thought creates is profoundly beyond what we have been living. As we live understanding life greater we will live in greater levels of consciousness having Heaven as a level in human life always, always, always.

The secret weapon in life is Love. What unfolds as we live Love is our own personal curriculum living with God. The miracle of this life reveals itself beyond our wildest imaginings when we believe in God.  We are so blessed living in Heaven. We just need to live the Love to realize it.



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