Living in Matter

living in matterConsciousness is all that is alive. There is nothing existing outside of our level of consciousness. Every level of what is living from whales to viruses is a level of consciousness in photosynthesis giving us the light to observe our consciousness through. Humanity has been living in matter at a level that hasn't been questioning its existence at the deeper level of being energy. We didn't realize matter is literally a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness.  We were born into a world with buildings, houses and people that never led us to question their level in existing. To think of everything as energy in photosynthesis is a very different concept than how we have been taught to see matter. Having the opportunity for seeing matter differently is giving humanity the way to have greater light for conscious evolution.

Living in matter we perceive life at the level we see it from and take it for granted instead of living from the place of matter being energy only existing at our level of consciousness. The world we are experiencing is an illusion because it is living only at one level of consciousness. We can use our five senses and experience matter at any level but everything we experience is only one level of consciousness. The mortal world is temporary. We all leave this light at some point for greater levels of consciousness.

Love is an energy that humanity will understand deeper as we understand creation better. The energy Love is the light in consciousness and the level giving every human being the ability to experience life in. We come into a world existing in a level based on the energy Love being lived in humanity's collective consciousness. This level create's the light in photosynthesis and is giving us our living in matter. The premise is to live through the mortal world at our level of consciousness becoming conscious of Love so we can expand the light in consciousness to see greater levels of light in matter.

Everything we see around us like the couch, TV, car and street are only levels of energy having livingness from the level of light in our Soul. The space between everything we are seeing like the air around us, the space in a room and the air around everything outside is alive and is Conscious Energy.  The world is only existing in consciousness. The light in consciousness is giving us our perception of matter and the energy that defines consciousness is the energy Love.

Matter inherently is a nothingness. It does not exist outside of our level of consciousness. The level of the mortal world is temporary and only existing for us to experience our present level of consciousness in. When this level is over we leave our bodies and the entire mortal world is back to being a nothingness as our Spirit rests in Heaven and our Soul create's the next level of life to live through at our new level of consciousness. The world we will experience will be through the level of Love at the present level of humanity's collective consciousness.

Our perception of the earth, Heaven, and all things in matter are levels of energy from the light in our Soul, giving us the images in matter at our level of consciousness. God is the light giving us the way to experience having a body and all matter.  We can touch and feel matter through our senses and at our level of consciousness we then surmised our world to be a three dimensional world even though all that is existing is decimals in vibrations, frequencies and resonance.

We were born living in matter with material items all around us and immediately our thought process did not go beyond what we were seeing to question what we were experiencing. It was natural to live with matter as being something outside of us instead of only living through us. We didn't understand consciousness and that everything in existence was only existing at one level of consciousness. Matter was given to us at birth as a level in life based on humanity's level of consciousness which was in a thought system being passed down that has been keeping the human race at the level of matter instead of the level of energy. Living in matter was easy to take for granted because it was always in our living.

We are only able to see and feel matter because of God giving the light in every atom for it to have livingness. Conscious Energy is the fabric of our world and the living species giving humanity the livingness in all matter. When God created life he created trillions and trillions of pieces to come together weaving what humanity's level of consciousness would be able to create in matter.


Humanity is now understanding we are living as energy which is a greater level than how we have previously been understanding our existence. We always related to the body as what a human being was and what was alive. Now we know we are not the body but the conscious energy inside of the body living beyond it. The body is temporary and will only live in this level of consciousness. When we leave the body it is for new life in a new level of consciousness. The universe, earth and all living things in existence only exist at our present level of consciousness. The gift God gave us is living in matter at individual levels of consciousness experiencing a world that keeps us moving forward and through matter becoming more conscious of Love so we can live in greater levels of matter. We have the ability to live for eternity changing form and experiencing new levels of consciousness. We just have to live the level of Love that gives us the light to live through.

Every human being is experiencing the world at their own level of consciousness. Every human being is in a different level of life. The one who is the observer is experiencing the world at their level of consciousness and everything they see is only in their light and nothing is existing outside of it. If there is a room with a hundred people in it, the one who is observing the hundred people no matter who it is, is living through the light and is the the level of consciousness all one hundred people are existing through.  Everyone we see is reflecting a level of energy within our Soul for us to observe our consciousness in. No one is living outside of how we see them or think of them. They are only existing at our level of consciousness.

Humanity has to remember life was created on this planet in space and the level of intelligence that gave life the ability to exist is God, who is hundreds of billions of years alive.  Our world is temporary and every level of what is existing is only for our present level of consciousness to becomes conscious of Love in. Living in matter is giving us a world in many levels of energy and in different levels of matter to live thought through. This is giving us the way to observe our consciousness. The light in matter is the level that is letting us see how we are thinking. We are interacting continuously with everything we see in matter through thought. We are always thinking and this is giving us what we live through. The mind never pauses unless we actively give it the light of God. Our lives are effortlessly moving forward through consciousness to the next part of life.

The level of what is being experienced is giving to our metamorphosis to live in greater light.  We are able to understand our existence by understanding what we are perceiving and being conscious of is only our level of consciousness we are observing. The experience of living is to live through our own consciousness becoming aware of Love. As we become conscious of Love it is the light in consciousness that gives us the greater light in matter.

God was able to create a species in energy that could exist in freewill creating what they live through in matter at their own level of thinking, which would then create the next level of consciousness they live through continuously creating the very path for life to always  exist, provided life's purpose was conscious evolution. The experience living in matter is profoundly greater than any level humanity has been realizing. No level of matter is outside of our consciousness.  The experience of being alive is to live through matter to the level of consciousness that realizes only one of us is here with God and then continue's into greater levels of consciousness with our Heavenly Father in Heaven.


In order to see a greater light in matter humanity has to live a different level of energy.

The universe is existing in consciousness in greater levels than humanity has been seeing. There are no planets or gases in circles. The level of roundness is only in the light of consciousness having levels of energy in everything other than Love. Every example of a planet or gas form is in a light with greater dimensions in mass and depth. We want the light in consciousness to change so we can see the greater light in matter. How we are  living is playing a role in what we are seeing in matter. How we live can only be in two levels and each one will create a level in matter different than the other. Love is the energy God created life in and it is the light in consciousness giving greater light in matter. When we live everything other than Love we are seeing through a filter that is not having the light in higher levels.

In light there are different levels of energy creating the image to the level of consciousness. How the universe is presently being perceived is only at the level humanity is capable of seeing. It is being brought into being at humanity's level of consciousness. What is existing in totality is at Gods level of consciousness hundreds of billions of years alive. There is a huge difference from humanity's level of consciousness to God's level of consciousness that can be experienced in matter. The level for humanity to see through is the level that gives the observer the greatest light possible and the energy Love is the light in consciousness that expands our light in matter.

Planetary systems are all in consciousness only existing at the level of the one observing them. The livingness of the universe and the earth are in infinite levels and both are only existing at our present level of consciousness. If we are to understand living in matter we have to live it at the level of all matter is energy only existing at one level of consciousness.  We only see what is in our level of consciousness and cannot see the totality of any level in matter. This includes the moon, the atmosphere and how we are experiencing other human beings. We do not see anyone's totality because we are only observing them from our level of consciousness and they are living in another light through their level of consciousness.  The enormity and elaborate existence living in matter is a gift giving us the ability to experience trillions and trillions of pieces of matter existing at our level of consciousness. The world is a masterpiece of levels in energy giving matter the way to carve consciousness into higher levels of light.

When we leave here nothing goes with us but the level of Love we are of and our Soul will have a new level of consciousness to live another life through. We will experience a different world in matter, a new body and Spirit that we call self and the experience will be through our new level of consciousness. What is living and continuous in every life is the level of Love we are of and that is the Soul. The Soul is giving Spirit in every life the level of consciousness to live through in matter. Everything else is transitory and only existed to serve our level of consciousness. We don't take anything from the mortal world with us except our level of Love.


We are living for the light and living effortlessly in matter because of God's level of consciousness and what he created as life. It is a blessing to be able to live in a not knowing through a world giving us our existence on every level, while we learn to understand life deeper to have the ability to comprehend our existence with the mortal world living in Heaven.

Humanity is a young level of consciousness in a world that can be anything we think into being. Life is living for humanity to have greater light, depth and maturity to live in greater levels of energy. If we are to live having the ability to realize our potential in anyone level of consciousness it can only be through living aligned with God and living for conscious evolution. Love is the way of the world.

Humanity is having a level in its light to awaken in the way that gives every human being the choice to either live through Love or experience what eventually has us live through Love. There is no other way to experience this world in matter. If we are to give life the level it needs to live in Heaven it can only be through energy that is of Love that brings greater light into our lives.

When we live Love we invoke a world beyond the one we see to live in our light with us. It is the way to see greater light in matter. We have two choices we make in everything we experience. One is living through Love and the other is living through everything other than Love. Nothing else can  give us our experience in matter other than that choice. When we choose what is of Heaven it is Heaven we can live. When we choose everything other than Love it is a process we live through trying to become conscious of Love in the way that brings us greater Heaven.

Heaven is in everything giving humanity the ability to live Heaven no matter what is happening in matter. The devil is in everything when we are living everything other than Love. It is through our thinking we create the energy in photosynthesis in the level of the devil.  When we choose Love we are creating Heaven to live through instead.

Living in matter is a gift and a process in conscious evolution that is creating what is experienced in matter to be at the highest possible level that has us realize our potential  in any one level of consciousness. We can only see in matter through the light in our Soul. We were given at birth a light to live increasing as we become conscious of Love.

God created the way for energy to experience matter. Every human being sees a world in matter living at a level of consciousness outside of them while at Heavens level every level of what is in existence is only an image in the light of the human beings Soul. The world is energy and every level of what is alive is only the level of Love we are living. Living in matter is the miracle that is giving each of us the ability to experience a world beyond anything we have ever imagined. Heaven is all around us and God is in every atom giving us the way to go beyond our present level of consciousness to the level that gives us Heaven while living here on earth.



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