Live Beyond Matter with God


Live Beyond Matter with GodWhen we think of life we think of a three-dimensional world in matter. With people living separately than us and outside of us. We grew up focusing on self instead of focusing on others. Not knowing we only understand who we are through others. We are taught as we come into the world that life is about living happy and in order to have that happiness we must make money.

Everything in our world is predicated on the level of money we have and don't have. Money for the human race has become what life is about. Here we're on a planet floating in space and yet our level of consciousness stays earthly making paper live greater than the divine light within. We've been living for bigger and better while making our consciousness darker and smaller.

Psychologically we've never processed at the level to understand God. Most people believe biblical was thousands of years ago. When biblical never ended nor will it because God never goes away nor does Heaven. Only human consciousness goes away from God by living for false idols and money.

Every human being has been born into a world taking matter for granted. We never questioned how matter was living because no one thought in the light for understanding that matter was an illusion. Buddha, Krishna, and Jesus all told us it was an illusion. But society had no way to grasp that concept and therefore denied it and continued shaping a thought process to only live in the devils level which is matter.

Money was created in human consciousness as an exchange to provide society the way to trade services and products. It quickly became the way to have power over other people and to have control of life. Money began shaping human consciousness instead of understanding God and His creation. As it became the reward in life we quickly moved away from Spirit and only focused on what matter could give.

While this built up the outer world, it darkened the Soul of humanity. Taking away our ability to think beyond matter. When Jesus said, "While we look on the things which are seen, but on the things which are not seen for the things which are seen, are temporal: but the things which are not seen, are eternal." He meant it.

What we did was shape human consciousness to believe that life was matter instead of learning life was consciousness. Consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect. Everything we see today is temporary and falls away when we leave our bodies. What is eternal is consciousness and that is Love. Human beings are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off to experience this level of consciousness in matter.

When we leave we take this suit of clothes off and literally everything we experienced vanishes. None of it exists. This is the gift God gave humanity. To live in any one level of consciousness experiencing matter at that level of consciousness. Which created two things. One we live in free will having the ability to live through anything we can think without any higher power telling us what to think.

The second is it created our life continuum. Giving us the ability to live for eternity. We create the matter we live through at different levels of consciousness. We're slowly going deeper into God awakening out of self into light. By becoming conscious of Love we increase God's energy in ours for enlightenment. Which keeps lighting our path deeper into God.

Every human being has only been experiencing God from matters level which is darkness. No level of society including religion has ever lived out of darkness in light because human consciousness has only been living at matters level. We know this because no one has ever lived beyond matter. We've understood God from earthly levels living at matters level instead of light.

We only know God from one level of consciousness with our interpretation of Him at the same level. Just like the high priest prayed to God and believed they knew God but were deep in darkness to crucify Jesus. They didn't know God at all and had no way to understand the Messiah was right in front of them. They were seeing but never seeing and hearing but never hearing and that's because they lived deeper in matter instead of God.

Without living beyond society's level there is no way for a human being to live the faith for understanding God. Faith is the matrimony of Heaven because we have to believe in God over everything else in matters level in order to experience Him in light. Which means we have to understand a greater Truth about who we are in our existence. Our learning has to extend beyond society's level to understand God at deeper levels than what is being lived. Conscious evolution deeper into God is how one should be living with God.

We want to have our perspective of God beyond the illusion opening the Soul's journey into Him. Earthly levels help us begin the journey but our intelligence must soar into higher levels of enlightenment. If we make money a second God or live for false idols we make our thought process stay earthly. Giving us no chance of living deeper in the conscious space of God. It's imperative we never stray away from God again because mankind's existence is in God awakening to Him. We can only understand life with wisdom out of His energy and as we live Love it's His energy that increases in ours.

The world is energy living in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. We're living in a light that has trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy in photosynthesis giving us the way to live in matter. Human beings would have no way to touch their faces, see the earth or have a body if not for God in every atom. Matter is the incredible gift God gave us as life.

Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. This is why it's called the dream otherwise known as the illusion. No level of matter is permanent. It is the temporal level in life that comes and goes. All energy changes form. No human being stays in the same body forever and no level of matter exists forever. Everything in matter is always changing to the present level of consciousness. Consciousness is all that is alive with the world existing through our Soul.

What we think is all we live through. This is literal. There is nothing else we experience as life other than our thoughts. When God created mankind He created the way for consciousness to always exists. In no level of life can any level of matter exists if not in our consciousness.

Consciousness is temperatures and energy in holographic light living through human photosynthesis for living in matter. Matter is images in our Soul created in temperatures for density in decimals through holographic light. In living, we think everything into being for experiencing matter. What we think is all that is real. We make everything as real as it is. We've been living at matters level through our senses not having the ability to understand our creation or God.

We've placed self-identity in matter and have attached livingness to matter instead of light. People believe the body is self and where they live, the car they drive, how they look and bank account define who they are. When all of that is nothing more than a temporal level teaching us to become conscious of Love. Self doesn't exist. It's part of the mortal world illusion as we become conscious of Love.

Consciousness is all that is alive and we're trying to consciously evolve deeper in God for having His energy in our light. Every level of consciousness we live is predicated on the level of Love we are of. Gods energy gives us wisdom and knowledge for creating Heaven on earth. When we live deeper levels of Love it's Gods energy in our light that expands the light in consciousness. Giving us wisdom and knowledge is the gift God gives to consciousness.

Having Love as the source of life gave the human race the way to always be creating greater Heaven on earth by living deeper in God. God created mankind in His likeness. God is dynamic energy and we are conscious energy inside of the conscious space of God. Otherwise considered an idea in the mind of God. Just as everything we experience as life is an idea in our mind. What we think is life.

No level of life is ever out of the observers level of consciousness. We only experience human beings from our perspective. Every level of what we call life including our parents, children, friends and the state of the world exists only at our level of consciousness. We never experience the totality of anyone because they're living in another level of life experiencing the world from their level of consciousness. We can only experience them from our level of consciousness.

We never see the totality of anything including the universe because we can only observe life from our present level of consciousness.
Only the observer is living through the light. If we are in a room with a hundred people the observer is the only one living in the light and everyone else is existing through their light. If we are in a stadium with twenty thousand people the observer is the only one living in the light and everyone else is living only through their level of consciousness. There is only one of us here with God because everything we see is a level of energy in our Soul. We live in human photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is giving everybody the level of circumstances they can live through in human consciousness. The light in human consciousness is the level of Love being lived and not lived. Our understanding of life lives out of Love. There is no other level except energy existing. The present human version of life we are living through is reflecting our present level of collective consciousness for this version of life. It's transitory and only acting as a teacher in this one experience for becoming Love. No level of what we experience is anything other than a reason to live greater Love. Every life we live is only for becoming conscious of Love. Love is the source of all life and is the light in consciousness that creates our perspective.

Never has life been about creating matter as life. It has always been about Spirit and understanding consciousness in God. Humanity being a very young level of consciousness didn't understand the world or the intricate enormity of what God created as life. We never knew what we were doing or how were shaping human consciousness to live in darkness. We didn't live in what God gave us for understanding our creation. Now we're learning and beginning a new chapter in understanding God which will begin to open a more brilliant world than we ever knew existed.

The world has always had a level showing us the illusion or the path to light. We didn't know it and never left the illusion. This is where faith and spiritual living in God comes to play. Without faith, we accept the circumstances of the mortal world as real and deny God. Faith keeps us in Gods light instead of matters. If we succumb to matters level and make matters level more real than God we're at the mercy of matters circumstances instead of Heavens.

Human beings never understood life because we didn't understand consciousness was in matter and that we were weaving the world with every thought and action. We've been building our Souls house on sand because we believe in what is temporary instead of eternal. Our entire premise is to go beyond matters level because the level in matter is acting as the devil not light. But if we don't have roots deep in God then everything that happens at matters level keeps us out of Heaven.

This is why Jesus spoke about the farmer and the seeds. How easy it was for the seeds to blow away when the tests came or that they never rooted because they lived at the surface level with God. Our tests are in matter. It's believing in God over what the world is showing us.

If we live with the matter as life we make what is temporal our existence and never have the light for living in Ultimate Reality. There isn't a way to know our existence at matters level because it's the illusion in life. This is why the knowledge of God is imperative for humanity. We have to live in light to know our existence otherwise we stay in darkness seeing but never seeing.

Our existence is living through a reality becoming Love which is the highest power in existence. We are consciousness leaving self for light going deeper in God living Christ. When Jesus told us He was the way to the Father. He meant it. Life is in Gods energy with human beings creating their illusion to awaken through. We live through our illusion to Him. Going from everything other than Love to Love. Slowly becoming conscious of Love and as we live greater Love we leave matters level for light.

Humanity has only been living at matters level trying to create a world which now lives the opposite of Heaven. Only through living in what God created as life do we unravel the mystery of our existence. Otherwise, we have no way to know life and end up building our Souls house on sand which crumbles. Human beings chase happiness in matter never realizing happiness is the brother of Love. If we live giving to others instead of self we gain happiness.

Humanity has lived constantly trying to fill an empty bowl because we live at matters level. Having our self-identity wrapped in what is on the surface instead of the deeper light within.

If we focus on self we chase the empty bowl. Life isn't in self it's in others. Yet society is creating self to be who someone is when only through caring of others do we learn who we are. There is no loving oneself before others when only through loving others do we understand Love.

Self doesn't exist. If we live in a life continuum for eternity who is self? We have a different body in every life which we'll call each one self. With each new life, we have a different family, friends, and world we experience. We're Love living in every life beyond this version and all versions. Just as God is the power behind every level of consciousness, our Soul is behind every level of life we live. There is no level in this life that is self, it doesn't exist. We create the persona for the experience to become more conscious of Love. We are light and never have we lived as a body we have always only lived as conscious energy beyond the body.

Every life we'll have a different medium for Spirit to live through. The Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in matter. The Soul is the light in consciousness we live through. It's the Soul that is living and the Soul is Love. Nothing else lives. The Soul is giving humanity the way to experience life for eternity living in matter at different levels of consciousness.

Human beings have only realized matter as life and will be leaving matter for energy. We're now understanding consciousness is the level of life and matter is the temporary experience teaching us to understand God through living Love. Humanity is living in Heaven at this very moment with Conscious Energy able to communicate, with God able to communicate and yet we have no way to experience Heaven on earth in the higher light because our consciousness is at matters level.

Everything we see including buildings, couches, and the street is energy living and able to communicate. The space around all matter is alive and able to communicate because we're in Heaven.
Matter is the illusion only existing at this one level of consciousness with everything we see in Heaven.

The fabric of our world is Conscious Energy. They are the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. They give us our livingness in human photosynthesis. God created our world in six days for living happily at any level of consciousness awakening to Him as reality. Through human photosynthesis, it was brought into being. Along with every living creature living in its own light for every human being to experience their existence at their own level of consciousness. Every level of life is living in its own light this as true as it is for the human being as it is for every snowflake, blade of grass and animal.

This required trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy which shows Gods level of intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive. The world we experience lives in Heaven's light which is in God otherwise known as the conscious space of God. We are in Gods light for eternity. Once someone is in the light they never leave the light. All life in existence is in God's light.

Heaven is the level of everything in life. There is only Heaven with human consciousness creating its version of life in Heaven. If we are to experience God at the level of Heaven it's through living in Him and not the mortal world illusion. Human beings have continued living with God at matters level never understanding life was to live with God beyond society's level.

Religion has been existing at the level of matter without understanding how life was existing which led to not having a level in God for giving humanity the way to God. If that would have been different every human being on this planet today would only be living for enlightenment. When religion stayed at matters level it lived through society's level instead of Heavens.

The human race is living in linear consciousness. Linear consciousness has made money the most important level in human existence. The exact opposite of what God asked of us. It has taken the Soul of humanity into darkness creating the devil as what life is living out of. Making Heaven an impossible level for human beings to experience. All the while our only purpose in living is to never live a day outside of Heaven.

We have become a society living linear for one million dollars to living for five hundred million dollars then for a billion dollars and now we live for a trillion dollars. We had one home but then lived for three homes. We had one car but now try to have multiple cars. We're always accumulating more instead of evolving higher in life.

Everything is linear. We think success is having huge closets and accumulating in excess. We had everything we needed but in linear consciousness needed more and so we created luxury markets as living successfully in life. This was because no one understood the divine light within. We made life about matter instead of the Soul, not understanding matter is the illusion and the Soul is eternal. This is why living Love is more important than anything else a child can learn on earth. Their salvation is in light and not matter.

The same linear level of consciousness has been creating combat consciousness which is living in fear through attack and defend. We went from sticks and stones to AK 47's, again linear. We continue creating more and more weapons even though we can send satellites into space and transplant hearts. Our emotional level is null. We've never gone higher. We're not processing energy in higher light to have greater perspective of life in the level we need.

And this is because we can't process higher levels of energy living at matters level. Our capacity for understanding isn't expanding vertically it's only living horizontally. If we think of the pyramid with the all-seeing eye we would be staying stuck at the lower level never ascending higher in enlightenment towards the eye. Only stretching the pyramid horizontally. We must live for enlightenment to go up the pyramid towards the eye which is God.

We have the choice in every thought to live through God or the illusion. Living beyond society is necessary for understanding our journey in God. Life isn't in the world we are seeing it's in the one we are not seeing. But we need to understand how God created life to know that living beyond matter is what we are doing here.
And the illusion is very real and not an easy level to understand from the devils level. But we have many people in the Bible to help us understand living beyond matters level is imperative for knowing how to live in Gods creation. Which Jesus gave us everything to know the world in matter was the illusion and what was eternal and real was what we couldn't see.

When Moses heard God in a burning bush after forty years of fleeing Egypt telling him to go free the Israelites and that God would be with Him. It was His level of faith making God reality over society's level. Egypt is where Moses saw a man savagely beating an Israelite and accidentally killed him by hitting him with a rock. Moses had been part of the royal family there. Which he was taken in by the Queen at a time the ruler was killing all babies. Moses real mom placed him in a basket along the river and the Queen found him and took him in.

The real son of the King hated Moses because Moses was a rival to the throne. Which he had now become the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh had the most power in the world and despised Moses. But Moses went anyways because He was living deep in God.

When people around Moses ridiculed Him only believing in him when things were good Moses stood deep with God. When things got real hairy and they were trapped at the Red Sea people turned on Moses having no faith beyond what was happening in matter. Standing at the Red Sea with people yelling at him, and the Pharaoh closing in Moses never worried as they did because He had infinite faith in God. He walked over to the Red Sea and parted it with his rod. This was because He was not living at matters level or society's level. He was with God and living in God's light greater than anything else.

Abraham didn't live at society's level either and believed that he heard God telling him to leave everything in his life and begin a journey to new land. He had no idea where he was going but believed God would lead him to the perfect place. And that he would have descendants as numerous as the stars. Abraham is also the one who walked up the mountain to sacrifice Isaac his only son in the ultimate test of his faith with God. He listened to God and the Angels gave him the lamb by the tree. This is the epitome of the level of faith in God it takes to know God. Every one of these people have been telling us to live with God beyond society's level. Believe in God not matters level.

When Daniel the prophet faced the lions he held faith in God like no other and through it counted on God to spare his life which He did. When King Nebuchdezzar was furious that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego didn't bowel to him, he tried to burn them alive but the fire didn't harm them. They taught us living with God as reality is greater than living at matters level.

John the Baptist lived in the wilderness building His Soul in Heaven for when Jesus would be baptized. He didn't live at society's level. God was reality. Also, every Apostle believed in the Messiah even when the high priest who was the highest level of religion at that time didn't. They were able to live in a light beyond religions level.

The high priest thought Jesus was a trouble maker. Which the high priest lived in satans level with a thick veil over their eyes which is why they crucified Jesus. Having no eyes to see with or ears to hear with. They would live forever seeing but never seeing and hearing but never hearing because matters level was all they could live.

We've only been experiencing God from matters level. When Jesus gave us the way of life through Love and explicitly told us to keep God first above all things. He meant it. There would be no way for human consciousness to comprehend God if we stayed at matters level because we would never leave a thought process to live in Him beyond matters level. Which we haven't.

Money has been the devils level in life not because of what it buys but because of what it weaves in human consciousness. The energy breeds darkness which keeps us living matters level as life instead of knowing the illusion. We didn't understand why God made it explicitly clear to not make money a second God. He knew we would get trapped in matters level. That it would create darkness no one would have a way of knowing was existing. Just like the frog in boiling water that never jumps out because the heat is being slowly turned up. The human race has been weaving a thought system in darkness creating eyes that live seeing but never see.

The level of energy out of the level of money keeps levels in human consciousness earthly instead of in light. This is creating the animal level in humanity to persists. The level of energy money induces is out of hunter-gatherer which is a very raw level of fear not becoming any greater level in human consciousness.

It's existing in lower levels of human emotion which we're trying to evolve out of but the level of hunter-gather is keeping it in human consciousness. Everyone stays in a state of hunter-gatherer for paying monthly bills. And those that have money live in fear of losing it because their self-identity is wrapped in it.

Humanity never understood consciousness to understand how matter is energy existing in consciousness. Living at matters level is called the devils level because it's lower energy at earthly levels we're living out of. Today, there is no way for a human being to come on earth and not make money a second God. We're literally only being born to uphold the money realm. No one is coming on earth to live for enlightenment or conscious evolution. Society's level has predicated an existence that is living shallow instead of living in our divine light. Which isn't able to give the human race any ability to evolve deeper into God.

The thought system we carry is living through lower levels of energy inducing darkness. Which created what is known as ego and satan. It also created incessant thinking which keeps us at one level instead of going beyond it. Which is why we are trying to consciously evolve to light. God told us not to live for money or false idols but we didn't listen just like Adam and Eve taking the apple from the forbidden tree of knowledge. We had no idea we were creating the devils level to live through to God.

We still live in levels hurting other human beings and allowing them to suffer only because we have no eyes to see with. Our level of thinking doesn't exist in light that has us live in perspectives of oneness or energy. We see people as outside of us when they only live through us. There is no place we begin and they end. Everything is energy.

Understanding God is understanding He created human consciousness and by giving us free will He also knew we could create the devil if we did not stay in His light. The Ten Commandments were our blueprint to life to keep us out of the devils level having the way to stay in light. Living in consciousness makes it imperative we only live for light. We can't learn the secrets of life at society's level of consciousness. Human consciousness will never hold the key to living because its temporal and were learning how to live in God. It will only be through light we understand our existence and bigger journey into Heaven which is through God. Without living Love at the level of Christ we have no way to give consciousness greater light for the wisdom and knowledge of knowing our world.

Even world governments with the most resources, wealth and technology never came close to understanding what being alive was. They never knew what matter was or how it was existing. Nor did we understand what a human being was or that we were living in another race for living in matter. Or that we were living in consciousness even though everyone can grasp that we're only experiencing life from our perspective. We never knew to see the world as energy in human photosynthesis until these writings.

These writings come from my living in Heaven while here on earth. There has never been a human being in the history of the human race not of Heaven living in Heaven while here on earth. It has happened through living Christ consciousness beyond society's level of life.

God is reality and having the ability to understand what being alive is and the level of our world is imperative for humanity to live in greater light deeper in God. By doing so we create greater light in matter which helps us live towards Heaven. Which we must do in order to be sustainable. Living deeper in God is the way of the world and living for enlightenment is our duty for conscious evolution. We must make God first in everything and live Love at the level of Christ as the blueprint to life because it is.

If humanity is going to have the ability to understand someone is walking the earth in Heaven it will only live because of what has been given to humanity by God which is greater light out of Love.

The light given is understanding of what we have become and how we live understanding God is far away from Ultimate Truth. Our level of consciousness has been to earthly to understand what God created as life but now we must learn. This is the undoing of humanity's consciousness for understanding life. Giving everyone on earth the ability to know God is with us definitively and that we are in Heaven while here on earth.

No matter anyone's religious affiliation or if they are atheist. Life is giving Heaven and Love for humanity to live in peace evolving to light. We don't have to be religious to live Heaven while here on earth, we have to know Christ and that is not in religion. That is the blueprint to life. It is the way of Love.

May God bless humanity and may we live the miracle of learning all about His glory and ours.



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