We Are Living Through Light

lightWe only experience people at our level of consciousness. They are in our light and how we see them is only through our level of energy.

We have no way to experience any persons totality because they are in another level of life experiencing the world through their own level of consciousness. We only experience them at our level of consciousness. Everything we see is in our light including family, friends and everyone we are conscious of. They only live in our light while existing in another level of life experiencing the world from their level of consciousness.

This is very important to understand because it leads one to realizing life is only existing with one of us here with God. The mortal world is temporary and self doesn't exist. Self is the temporary level of humanity's consciousness at the level of the mortal world. In life we live through many different levels of matter in different levels of consciousness and in every life we will have a different Spirit and body to live that level of consciousness in. Energy is always changing form for levels of light.

If we are to understand living in in matter it is knowing the level of the mortal world is energy created through humanity's collective consciousness. This create's what we live through in our light. It is a world only existing in consciousness.

This means the universe and every level of what is being experienced from the time we are born including what we are taught as history is only existing in consciousness and part of the trillion pieces that create a world to exist for us to live through at our level of consciousness. Without the human story there would be nothing for humans to live through. The human story is only one level of consciousness in any one level we experience being created through a collective level of energy in photosynthesis. The energy has been humanity's level from conception only living as we evolve through.

When we leave these bodies and come back to live through another level of consciousness the mortal world will be different. We will have a different body, name, family, friends and existence. The human story will have different light in what has been lived and what is being lived. History at the level of the mortal worlds story is temporary. The only level that is continuous in all levels of consciousness is Heavens level in life. Everything else in life is only one level of consciousness giving us what creates the experience of living in a world including life history, the earth and universe at our level of consciousness.  All are pieces playing a role to build a world to live through.

We want to focus on what is continuous in our life continuum. Which is Love, our level of consciousness and Heaven. What is transient is self, the mortal world, our level of thinking, the body and all levels of matter. When we leave this part of life nothing is going with us but our level of Love. The level in life to focus on to have the omnipotent level in living is focusing on what is continuous and that is God and Love.

Matter is always giving consciousness a level to live through. We observe people leaving their bodies and we watch new life being born into the world, and this creates a level of consciousness giving the mortal world and us our existence.  The level of believing a world is here when we are gone is only existing because of what we perceive at our level of consciousness when people leave their bodies and we are still here.

We want to understand every person we are conscious of is only in our consciousness. Someone at an older age has only been in our consciousness and seeing them leave their body is only our perspective at our level of consciousness. Our perspective of what that means to what life is, is only in our level of consciousness. Every person leaving their body has always existed as a level of energy in the light of our Soul. We are not experiencing their totality we are experiencing our level of consciousness giving every level of matter its existence.

Everybody and the mortal world we live in has only ever been existing through our level of consciousness. The livingness is only in our light.  We came into a world already existing with people all around us and the level began teaching us to live at the level of humanity's consciousness rather than Heavens level of consciousness.

When we are growing up in levels of consciousness that have people leaving their bodies as death and we are still here it create's the level of consciousness that is believing in a three dimensional world and matter as what is living. It creates humanity's history with a past and future. We create an existence with time and space when time and space do not exist. We are energy and all that is existing is light. Humanity had no way to understand the world in energy existing in consciousness because what was being seen we identified with and created our consciousness around it. Matter became the level of human consciousness.

What hasn't been seen is the level of what is living and that is energy not matter. Matter is transient and cannot continue into greater life. We move through matter and when we leave these bodies it is Love that is leaving with us.

Consciousness can only exist at the level we can conceive. The mortal world has been creating what is being considered life and our existence but the reality of the mortal world is that it is an illusion at one level of consciousness. The mortal world is living in a light that is in greater levels of existence beyond what humanity has been able to conceive. Our livingness in matter is only possible because of our living in Heaven. Human beings would have no way to experience matter without God in every atom.  If we are to understand life is levels of consciousness, we have to understand life is continuously leaving matter to experience new levels of consciousness in matter. We are a species in consciousness changing form for new experiences in matter in new levels of consciousness.

What we are observing as the world and all people in our lives including who we work with, our grandparents and who is in other countries are only levels of energy in the light of our Soul. We experience them in matter and experience a level of consciousness with them in it but the level of everything is greater than what we are perceiving and is only energy in levels of light in photosynthesis.

Whoever is the observer is the level of all in existence. Every level of what is building our consciousness to experience a world in matter is every piece existing for us to live through and this includes history, people older and younger than us, world issues, our level of life's purpose and the existence of life itself.

The family is a level that is giving humanity its greatest level in existing. The family is what is bringing life into the mortal world experience. If there was no family there would be no level in light existing in higher levels of light creating photosynthesis at the level that gives human beings the level for consciousness.

If we are to understand how we are living in matter in levels of consciousness it is understanding creation and our existence. No level of matter could exist without the intelligence of God hundreds of billions of years alive.  Every human being has their own level of consciousness and is living in their own process with God gradually becoming conscious of life through living greater levels of Love in their life continuum. Human life has a human story that is giving every level of consciousness a path to evolve through.

When we leave the mortal world we leave the entire story behind for a new story in a new level of consciousness. What is creating our life continuum is the level of Love we have become. Every life is creating our next one by the levels of Love we live and don't lived.

The mortal world is only existing in photosynthesis. This life is to become conscious of Love and as we become conscious of Love we are having light in our consciousness that is taking us deeper into God.  Love is God and is the only energy invoking higher levels of energy into our light. The higher levels of energy give us greater light in matter that take us beyond the mortal worlds level to higher levels in Heaven.

Every level of matter we are experiencing including every person we see is energy in the light of our Soul. The gift God gave us is seeing  matter in our light in levels that are giving us n experience with our senses to observe our consciousness in. There is no level of the mortal world that is not an illusion other than Love.

Everything we are experiencing is leading us to consciously awakening to God as reality. It is the level that helps us move through matter with Heaven in our light always giving our light levels that keep us going into higher levels to experience heavenly levels of life. We are never leaving Gods light whether we are in body or out. The body is only humanity's present level of what is living. What is alive is the light in the Soul and that is Love. We are not matter we are energy and the world at the smallest particle is only a wave.

No level of what is being lived today is in matter it is only consciousness.  Consciousness is all that is alive.



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