Life’s Purpose


Life's purposeLife's purpose was created for us to experience Heaven while here on earth. We are meant to live in joy, peace, and abundance. There is no level in life that should exist in needless suffering. Having over seven billion people together on a planet floating in space, was the way to ensure everyone had someone to care for them. There would always be someone who had what someone else needed. But we haven't been living that way.

We're not caring for people outside of our families.  Yet, there is no level in life that is not part of our existence. Everyone we live with is a level of energy in our Soul. No matter where they are geographical. The moment we are conscious of anyone they are part of light and part of our life lessons. Life in energy tells us there is no level of separation between any human being. Everything is waves. We see bodies but at the quantum level in life, there is only vibrations, frequencies, and resonance.

There is no place where one person begins or ends. No one lives outside of you because they are only existing in your consciousness.  When we see someone or hear about them on TV, they are in our light and part of our life lessons. Which means we had a thought about them. That thought is in our livingness. They exist for us to live Love through. How we thought of them, our opinions, and feelings are only reflecting a level within us. It is a level of energy within our Soul.

Every thought we have is part of our life continuum because they are part of an energy within us either living Love or not.

We thought caring for family was what we needed to live for when caring for every human being was the call. As we lived for matter we lost our moral compass in God to live in greater levels of righteousness and Love.  When we focused on matter we began changing our level of consciousness to live for self instead of others.

When we don't focus on others we begin to lose our lifeline to Heaven.  Love is the connector keeping us with Heaven while here on earth. If we don't strengthen that level we lose the ability to live in Heaven. If we can't have Heaven in our thoughts if we have no way of having Heaven in our lives.

Giving to others is one cloth. We are living blessed when we give to others because Love expands giving us a greater light to live through. We want to care for others more than ourselves to understand living in light. Love always teaches us. When we care for others we are expanding our world beyond the level of matter. We're having God's energy in our light.

Living for the levels of the mortal world is living at matters level instead of through our divine light within. When we live at the level of matter we are living at the mercy of matters circumstances. We want to live beyond matter having our light in Heaven to absorb the circumstances we live through. Having greater space in our light helps us to live through experiences with God.  Everything in life is a level of energy within our Soul. Nothing exists outside of what we think.

We want to live seeing everyone as Jesus. What we see in others is only inside of us. Our opinion of others show us the places where we have yet to become Love. Our perception is emerging out of consciousness and that is reflecting our level of Love.

Living in Christ is the way we live greater Heaven while here on earth because our thought system stays in God. It's pretty amazing that humanity only has to live Love in order to live Heaven and yet Love has eluded us. God has been trying to teach us to live Love from the beginning and now we're understanding why.  Jesus showed us the way but we never did what He taught or followed what the Bible tried to teach us.

Human consciousness since Jesus walked the earth never lived a day of Love at the level He taught. Love Thy neighbor would have ended war if we knew how to Love. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, would have us living Love caring for every human being on earth. We didn't know how to Love. Learning to Love in greater levels of Heaven is how we must begin repairing the Soul of Humanity.

As we try to live balanced in our hearts living for all of the human race. We develop a level within our Soul that grows greater in Heaven. When we live focusing on getting everything we can for ourselves and living only concerned about our lives we lessen the light in our consciousness.

The concept of self doesn't exist. We have been living this way since the beginning because we didn't understand what a human being was or what being alive was.

Every level of life is in energy and a human being is not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. Life is living in consciousness. Matter and the experience of the world are transitory. We live in a life continuum that is based upon consciousness. Consciousness is the energy Love and Love is the Soul. Every life we are only living to become conscious of Love to accumulate greater levels of Love. In life, we will live through different levels of consciousness beyond these bodies changing form for eternity. Every life gives us the chance to experience matter at a different level of consciousness. We're slowly becoming Love deepening our relationship with God. Learning to live as He does.

Every new life will have a body that has a persona given from Spirit. It is temporary level and only for this one experience. The persona will create who we call self but self it's a temporary state giving us the way to live in matter. It's like putting on a costume that we take off later for a new one. The Soul is the light giving Spirit the way to live in matter. The Soul is what is alive and continuous in every life. The body is only living for this one experience. We'll have many different bodies throughout our life continuum.

Self doesn't live beyond each level of consciousness. It is the costume giving us the story to live through.  Everything in our world is transitory. No level in our existence is continuous except for consciousness which is the energy Love. Living for self has never given us the chance to understand our existence because we were focusing on the temporary level and not our Truth. Our Truth was always deepening our hearts to live for the light within. We have been wondering the earth trying to find self when self doesn't exist, Love does.

As we begin to understand what a human being is this will help us understand how self does not exist and is only a transitory level of the mortal world giving us the way to be conscious of Love. Which gives us our higher Truth and home.

The mortal world is giving us the way to observe our consciousness. Matter is the gift God gave conscious energy to experience as life. We are conscious energy. We're having the ability to experience matter at any one level of consciousness.  We can literally bring into being anything we can think. Which is amazing when we realize thinking is infinite and unlimited.

We have the opportunity to think anything we want. Living for conscious evolution ensures that we have an ability to expand our light beyond the present one. Love is the light in consciousness giving conscious evolution its light. God is Love and when we live Love we are increasing His energy in our light and that's how we expand our wisdom and knowledge.

Matter was created for human beings to have a way to observe consciousness. We live moving forward having levels of energy in matter create levels in thought that keep us living forward. Every level of matter is giving reason for thought out of our level of consciousness. And every thought creates what we live through.

Humanity believed matter was life but no level of matter is living outside of consciousness. Matters level is energy creating in hardness through photosynthesis what gives human beings a world to live through. Every level of consciousness creates the universe and our atmosphere which is only living the human experience.

Levels of energy are consciousness living in a light able to communicate with intelligence far beyond humanity's because they're part of Heaven.  Heaven is the level giving us the way to live in matter. Our world lives in Heaven. We are energy living inside of another level of energy giving us the way to live in matter. The fabric of the world is Conscious Energy which is the living species in the conscious space of God.

How we've been living is with matter outside of us. We thought the body was life, the earth was life and the universe was life never understanding consciousness was life. Our thinking has been at the level of our senses not going beyond it. When energy is all there is and consciousness is at cause while matter is the effect. Consciousness is all that is alive.

The level of placing meaning in matter is a level that didn't understand life to know consciousness will live in everything we place it in. This means if we place meaning in matter at a level that has emotions attached. We identify and create a web that runs deeper than we are being conscious of. Consciousness touches every level of life in a thought system that wires itself through intricate levels in our living at the level of meaning we place.

Everything that has meaning creates an association to our identity. This begins to shape our thinking into living at the same level of matter. When tangible levels were giving us rewards we could only identify with matter as what life was. We've built self to exist in matter as part of the same level instead of knowing our divine light within. We didn't live for Spirit.

We lived through our senses identifying with what we could see and touch. When what was living was in what we couldn't see. What was invisible was the bigger level in life.

Matter became our reality. When matter was only one part of life and what we weren't seeing was the level living greater than what we could imagine. Life lives in an extreme quantum level which means in atoms we're not able to see. Atoms can live in temperatures through decimals in holographic light that expand to levels beyond human consciousness. Our world is living in such a quantum level that every level of matter we see is a wave and doesn't have any hardness. Photosynthesis is giving matter the hardness to live as matter.

Energy is extremely quantum and is resonance. Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter.  Matter is an outcome living out of consciousness.

We've taught ourselves to live at earthly levels keeping matter as life. When energy is all there is. What we see in matter is an illusion because it's only living in one level of consciousness.  What is real is Love because Love is continuous throughout our life continuum while our bodies and the world we experience are only temporary.  God is Love, we are Love and the only level existing is Love.

We're an idea in the mind of God living in Gods love.  Just as our living is an idea in our minds with Love as the only level creating our life.

This world is like a temporary movie set and we're living through one script. When we leave our bodies none of this exist. A new level of consciousness will live out of photosynthesis and we'll have a new body and world to live through. The world will be in the light of humanity's consciousness and the level of Love that has been lived. This create's the circumstances we can live through, and the human story.

Everything in this life including our thought system and who we call self will end when we leave our bodies. Spirit will rest in Heaven with loved ones.  While the Soul continue's creating new life and a new medium for Spirit to live through in matter again.

When we shaped human consciousness to live at the level of matter we started separating from God. Matter created false idols and money created our false God. This began to increase levels of energy that were earthly and not living in light. Darkness began to increase in human consciousness. The more material and money became our way of life the less we were living through Spirit. Only through Spirit did we have the way for greater light.

I don't think anyone thought God, Jesus or the Bible really had anything to do with life because we created the complete opposite of everything God tried to tell us not to do. He knew more than we did.  We had no idea how the devil would take over human consciousness and not give us a way to live. Living for false idols can only shape a thought process at its level. So the more we lived for wealth the more we were putting ourselves in a box. Only associating life at the level of matter. This is why the human race has lived for one million dollars, then for two hundred million dollars, then for one billion dollars and then for five hundred billion dollars and now for a trillion dollars. We're living in a linear level of consciousness not going beyond the box.

Consciousness will always only weave itself within the level of meaning placed. This created darkness because we developed strong characteristics that were the opposite of Love.  We never understood our thought process was alive in matter.

Instead we just idly went along thinking without living present to our thoughts never understanding what matter was.  Living for matter created societies level to live through darkness as part of life. Everyone coming onto the planet today is taught to live for money and that material defines the being. Instead of being taught that God is reality and God is the blueprint to life. We are living with a divine light within to consciously evolve into higher levels of Soul in Heaven.

We live associating life and associating self with our titles, car, square footage, status, bank account, clothes, and hairstyles. Which is temporary and only serving to become conscious of Love through. Life is bigger than what we have been able to understand and exists beyond these bodies. We want to live for our divine light not the transitory levels. We want to live within God to live hypothesis in Heaven.

There isn't any other reason a human being was created other than becoming conscious of Love because Love is God. Today, people walk the earth only associating life with what is in matter and how it is creating pleasure on some level within. This is not what life is about. The only level giving anyone the ability to live in matter, see matter, and touch matter is the energy Love.

Understanding Love is a requisite for every human being because we have associated Love with the level of matter instead of the level of life. Knowing God is Love helps us to realize the enormity and level of what Love is. There isn't anything keeping a human being alive today other than the energy Love.

The level of Love being lived in human consciousness is creating every circumstance in existence.

As an example, child cancer is only existing out of the darkness in human consciousness as is all needless suffering. Many people think well how could God do this to us when it isn't God who is doing anything in human consciousness. Human beings are creating the level of circumstances that exist in life through the level of Love being lived and the level of Love not being lived. When we don't live Love darkness manifests in ways we can't control.  It's like a wild snake roaming the earth and striking in ways we can't imagine.

The Soul of humanity creates our world. While we can't control how darkness will manifest, we can control it not existing by living Love through the darkness. We want to live Love to rid all darkness. All energy is changing form and whatever level we are strengthening in life is going to manifest on some level in human consciousness. We want to be able to strengthen Love.

This is why it was imperative for humanity to live Love instead of living for false idols. The false idols only create energy at earthly levels and human beings need light at God's level. Consciousness create's itself and cannot be broken it has to be lived through. How we think is only creating one level of consciousness. We have the ability to increase light to live better but we must live God's energy to do it.

Love is the only energy in existence that will expand the light in consciousness. It's deafening important we live greater Love. We have no way to understand life's enormity if we don't. Our existence has other life living right beside us and yet NASA and all governments on earth have been searching off the planet for life. While there is more life right beside us living in intelligence that can communicate. The level of other races living on earth is as vast as the different species on earth. We just never understood our atmosphere or how God was giving humanity the way to live in matter.

Humanity has been living at a surface level not living deep enough to understand our existence on earth floating in space. ( We're including at the end of this writing and podcast a link for watching or downloading videos that have other life including one video called Snow squid that is another race living right beside us and has been since the beginning of life)

Consciousness can only receive what we are able to conceive. If we're living earthly levels instead of through Spirit we can't live Heavens level. Even though it's right here with us. Without conscious evolution, we stay stuck in a box never living outside of that level. All the while there is an infinite level of life all around us waiting for us to realize its existence.  Our box doesn't give humanity the pathway to live. There is an ending in that level because consciousness doesn't live outside of itself. Living in linear consciousness will not have the light to manage life's complexities or the universe. Living with God was a requisite because His energy gives us the pathway to greater life with wisdom and knowledge in higher levels.

The persona we create in Spirit to live through matter has a level of thinking that only relates to the earthly level. It's part of the thought system of the mortal world and doesn't live through the divine light within until we live greater levels of Love. This is the little person in us also holding ego and satan. It's part of a thought process in matter not understanding life in light. It's not our Truth. We are not our thoughts. We are the divine light within but until we live the Love that invokes our divine light we are only consciously living through a thought process from the earthly level that is in the little person level.

Life is in consciousness and our world is energy in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Living at the level of matter creates the darker energy because the resonance isn't high  enough in light. Matter keeps us living at earthly levels instead of Heavens level and keeps us in the little person perspective. How satan lives is through every thought that's everything other than Love. This is darkness.

The little person/satan will keep our thought process in matter which leads us deeper into the devils darkness. Keeping us living for false idols and only living in linear consciousness. Darkness is like a million tiny snakes multiplying trying to take every thought we have out of Love.  It slowly changes our eyes and mind to live in negativity.  We create opponents, and live in attack and defend. It's a veil of fear that takes over furthermore it takes us away from Heaven.

Hence the proverb Hell is below us and Heaven is above us. Living in consciousness needs us to live for what is above. We want to move beyond the mortal world to greater levels of light.

We have to live with God in our thoughts. The world is a teacher trying to teach us to live Love. Everything we do here is trying to have us understand God with infinite light instead of living in finite matter. When God created mankind we were predestined to live through everything other than Love to Love because human consciousness would create what to live through by itself.

God tried to give us the way of Love but when we started living for false idols we were shaping human consciousness to live through itself and that would include a devil. Living in free will means we can live through any level we can think. It was in our best interest to live for light in consciousness. Living connected with God was the only way for the human race to not create the level of darkness in consciousness.

Having the ability to Love is the only requirement needed to experience Heaven. How we are presently living Love is from the little person level in matter. We haven't been living Love at the level of Christ. When we choose Love we have to choose it in all the places we presently don't want to choose Love in.

This means where we have anger, contempt, upset, fear, jealousy, competition, resentment, and love with a little 'l." We want to live Love through all of those places.  The reason Love with a little "l" was included is because humanity's love hasn't begun to live the level of Love in our divine light. We're living through the little person level of Love.  Choosing Love when it is good for us, convenient and comfortable. We created a thought process that has a list of what isn't Love. This list is based on our darker places that are trying to become Love.  Where we are challenged to live Love is where we want to live Love.

Jesus didn't have a reason to not live Love. This is why living Christ teaches us the level to live Love. We don't want to get stuck at societies level we want to live Heavens level.  There are no reasons to not live Love. We justify, rationalize and persecute only from the darkness within. We want to release that energy by living Love through those places. Living to feed our Souls instead of living the transitory little person level at the mortal world's level of matter.

When we live for false idols we darken the light in consciousness. Which creates greater lessons in life to live through as we carve our Souls into light. Everyone will live through major tests in the Soul's journey that defines the level of Love they are living.  As we understand consciousness, creation, and energy. We have greater understanding as to why what we do to others is only what we do to ourselves.

We can never harm another's Soul we can only harm our own Soul. This is the crux of human life. We are creating our perpetual hell or Heaven through every level of what we live in this life. The journey of the Soul can never be escaped or broken because it is our life to live through evolving into greater light. Our consciousness is every level of all that is living, therefore, we want to live Love and give to each other what has happiness, joy, and peace. Every bit of Love we give is the Love we live through.

The Bible and what we thought was biblical a long time ago was never-ending. Only human consciousness separates itself from living biblical. God never left and neither does Heaven. They are giving us the way to live in matter no matter what level of consciousness we're living. Heaven has always been trying to help us live with God. Consciousness is the only level that keeps us from experiencing God.  As we begin to live Love we will happily connect and begin experiencing greater levels of God.

The energy Love is creating our relationship with everything we are conscious of. How we experience matter is through energy already existing in a light in photosynthesis. How we are feeling in any given moment is out of Love and life's level of civility is out of Love. Every child born on earth has a level of Love they are born with. We are living to expand Love into greater levels of God.

We want to be present for every thought so that we don't miss the opportunity to live in the higher light. Every thought determines the experience through the level of Love in our Soul. Thought emerges out of consciousness and the Love we are of is the only level giving us our experience.

Everything we think lives in an energy. We want our thoughts to emerge out of God as much as possible because He's the most omnipotent level of light in existence which is Love. Love is the level in consciousness we want thought to emerge out of.

Focusing on consciousness leads us into higher levels of our existence. Thought is transitory just like the body is. Thought is only serving to process the mortal world experience for becoming conscious of Love.  Love feeds the Soul. Every thought we have is always leading us towards enlightenment for increasing Love in life.

Living a lifestyle in Christ is how we want to live by staying in prayer, forgiveness, and humility. Prayer is the language of Heaven and keeps the Soul in light. Finding what helps us break the incessant thinking for living present to our thoughts is very important. Human beings think incessantly from one thought to the next in a narrative that keeps us living in stories.  We live thinking of what happened in the past and planning for the future instead of living in our present moment. Most of humanity's upset is in a memory rather than the very moment they are living in.

We don't live present to the living moment we are in. We live forward moving through matter not living in the very moment we are in.  Only by pausing our thoughts do we come present.  By pausing our thinking we begin to widen the space between our thoughts. This helps us live in greater energy in the conscious space of God. We want to go beyond our thinking to His light. We live in our level of thinking making it more difficult to understand there is more beyond our thoughts.

How we want to understand thinking is that it's emerging out of consciousness. We want to live in consciousness and not the transitory level of the mortal world as the primary level of our existing.  Thoughts are nothing more than the story teller giving us the way to move through matter. They create our level in Spirit for the Souls journey to become conscious of Love.

Consciousness is the deeper knowing of all and doesn't change like thoughts do. Thoughts jump from one to the next in an energy that is earthly and will only process the mortal world story. Whereas, consciousness is feeding the Soul for our higher purpose and Truth. Focusing on energy is what we want to do because the level of our thoughts live in energy that either have Love or don't have Love.  If we're not increasing the energy Love we are darkening the level of our thoughts.

We want to learn how to go beyond our thoughts to deeper levels in consciousness by being present to the space they emerge out of.  There are different methods for creating space and some of them are mantra's and meditations.

Mantra's that have God, Jesus and Love are a very powerful way for creating levels of energy to increase our light. Waking meditation has never been in humanity.

Waking meditation is living through the conscious space of God while moving through matter. It's a deep meditation because we are living through what is alive in another level of light. When we live in matter we tend to exist only focusing on what we see and our senses tell us. When what is living is far greater than what we are seeing and can touch.

Focusing on God's light takes us beyond the level of matter to a deeper light in nothingness that's holding more life than what is being seen. We are connecting beyond matter to the very light matter emerges out of. Every level of energy in light has the ability to move in levels beyond our time and space. Living Love is the only level we want to live through.

Humanity has only focused on three dimensions as life when there are nine dimensions in holographic light expanding greater than we can imagine. As we go beyond our thoughts to the space they emerge from we are entering higher levels of energy that are not in the earthly levels.

Beyond matter there is a silence.  There are enormous levels of life in a light greater than we are living for.  With waking meditation we take ourselves to the deeper quietness beyond everything around us. There can be cars honking and people talking but we're settling into the level of God. The conscious space of God is where everything in existence emerges out of. Its a powerful level of energy having higher life moving through it.

We've always been living with other life right beside us without having a way to know because our level of thinking never had the way to go beyond itself.  Our eyes only see what we tell them to see. Our ears only hear what we tell them to hear and we feel only what we tell ourselves to feel. There is moving energy we want to live within beyond our senses perception. The conscious space of God is living in levels far beyond our intelligence. The more Love we can live the greater ability we have to understand God. It's a fabric of energy we're living in with heavenly intelligence only living to help us understand God.

We've been living at the level of matter and now we're moving into a new era of energy. There is much more life beyond what we are seeing. More importantly, if we are to have eyes that can see more we must have a mind that can hold more. In order for our minds to hold more, we must increase the light that expands consciousness for seeing a greater light in matter and that is Love.

As we do this we are silencing the incessant thinking and creating a greater level in the conscious space of God.

God is the energy giving us light to live in a world beyond the level we live today.  Our experience of life is predicated on Love. There isn't another energy that can give to our living Heaven other than God's energy. Everyone who has experienced enlightenment has done so through Love. Love is the only energy that increases God's energy in our light.

God will always give light to those living for His. Jesus said," I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." That is as true today as it will be for eternity because every human being will always only be living for Love.

From the very beginning of time, it was Jesus's light giving to humanity before He took on the robe of flesh. Helping us to have levels of enlightenment and power to live greater Love. He is the only one to be born of Heaven. We are all living through Jesus for living Christ consciousness.

Faith will always be the catalyst for having God in our lives. Faith is the matrimony of Heaven. It creates a thread in consciousness placing light beyond what we are living through to Heaven. When we have faith it means we are believing in something we may not see, understand or even know exists. We are increasing energy in light in greater hypotheses to live through. Our faith in God should be rock solid and infinite because He is capable of changing every atom in this world quicker than any other level in life. We never want to live doubting our Father for He is the light in every atom. God is the blueprint to life.

Every level of what we see including all space is living energy. God gave us the way to live in matter perfectly. The sun alone would shed our matter if not for Gods light in photosynthesis. Every planet has a purpose beyond what we have understood. Their purpose is giving every element exactly what we need to breathe. As humanity becomes more conscious of life the focus on the earth and using natural resources like the sun for power will have precedent.

It's mandatory if human life is to remain on earth that life use what God gave humanity to live.  Every resource on earth lives in a light with a level off planet playing a role in it's existence. Keeping the earth living at the most organic levels benefits life for eternity.

When we live in darkness the earth moves into darkness as well as the universe because everything lives in consciousness. Using resources that don't tax the earth is optimum for our planet's health. Life requires humanity to live understanding preservation, balance, restoration, and quality of living for all living organisms.

Every level of life is in its own light. Including every blade of grass, human, snowflake, insect, leaf, and raindrop. We want to nurture everything to stay healthy to keep life existing. Darkness doesn't serve life and it certainly doesn't serve the habitat humanity is living in. It's in the best interest of everyone alive today to come back to a world living in better shape. Instead of coming back to an experience of a world in worst shape.

The Soul of humanity must live in Love for enlightenment. There is no other level in life that gives humanity the answers for what it needs to exist. We were created and the purpose is to live deeper in God.  We are living slowly understanding Love going deeper into God for greater levels of hypothesis.

God is the reality of all that is living and is the only way to happiness in our life continuum. There are only two paths we live through. One is darkness and the other is through Heaven. By choosing Love we create a life continuum with Heaven. We have everything in us to live heavenly while here on earth creating the most ultimate life we can live. Having God with us makes this journey the heavenly experience we have always dreamt about.

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