Knowledge to Heaven


knowledge to HeavenEveryone is trying to live in happiness, peace and infinite Love. The secrets of our world have been a mystery every individual has been seeking since the beginning of life. We wanted to know the power of all things created, and the purpose of our existence so we could harness the power that gives us happy living. Humanity has been living from knowledge from past generations never questioning everything at the level to go beyond it.

Everyone come's into the world already existing and we're taught societies level. We exist out of that level without questioning any part of life beyond it. We make it reality not knowing life is existing far beyond what is being conceived.

When we made God about religion it ended our ability to understand the oracle being given to help us understand life. God has nothing to do with religion but has everything to do with our anatomy of living. Religion was created out of human consciousness and our interpretation of God which has continued from generation to generation in a perspective that never even understood what we were doing on this planet floating in space. We never understood energy, matter, the human body, consciousness, photosynthesis or how breath comes into a baby in a mothers womb. There was no capacity to conceive our existence beyond what we had been taught from others. Everyone can only live from their level of consciousness and what we can conceive is all we can live through.

Our level of life has been shaped by living out of consciousness thousands and thousands of years ago. Even our life paradigm and livingness have come out of past generations. Since Rome God has been created to live in religion instead of humanity understanding a deeper level in our existence. We want to understand God is only living as life rather than any spiritual idea we have. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and a level of consciousness that created us out of His energy to have the ability to experience matter in consciousness. God is dynamic energy and humanity is conscious energy.


We want to understand what being alive is and the level of our world so we can understand how to live in peace, joy, and Love. The first level of knowledge is energy. Everything we see is energy. We were born with matter all around us and therefore, take it for granted never questioning its livingness. Science has been learning every particle is a wave because every building, person, furniture, and car is energy in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance.

The human eyes see matter at our level of consciousness so we think everything is existing outside of us separate from us when everything is waves of energy only living through us. There is no place where one person begins or ends because we are living in consciousness. The light we see the world in is through photosynthesis and is only energy having density in greater levels for us to see matter. Everything we see is energy in the light of our Soul. Everything we see including our bodies and people are only energy. Consciousness is all that is alive.


The second level of knowledge is consciousness. Consciousness is the Love in the Soul and is giving us the way to live in matter. We are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. The body is temporary and only living for this one experience in matter. It is just a level of photosynthesis creating the image as our body for us to live through. What is alive and continuous is consciousness. We want to focus on understanding consciousness because it is the only level giving us the experience of life.

The key in consciousness is understanding consciousness is the energy Love. Love is a word we all know at the level of society. We want to realize Love is the energy of God and is giving us the light in consciousness. Love is the light in consciousness. Knowing this gives us the way to open Heaven in our world. Everyone is born with Love. We all come into the world having Love as part of who we are. It is living in us from a level beyond what we can understand because it isn't tangible it is living Spirit. It is a light we are born with and carry throughout our life continuum. No one has put their finger on Love or understood its existence because it is the energy of God and we have never thought about our existence in energy.

God has always been associated as Love and that is a good way of understanding Him. The world is energy and God is the level of energy giving us the way to live in matter and have greater light in consciousness. Understanding Love as an energy helps us to live creating Love as a way of life instead of only living it sometimes.

Love has infinite power because it is literally the light giving us the way to exist. Without the light of God, we would have no way to see our fingers, touch our faces and experience the earth. The Love in us is His Love. His energy is what changes the light in consciousness. The more Love we live the more light in consciousness we have keeping us on the path for illumination.

Every day we draw on Love. Sometimes we live it more than others but every moment that has any level of peace, harmony, happiness or what is heavenly to us, we are drawing on Love. Without Love, humanity would have no way to exist in a civil society. Love is giving us tolerance, patience, compassion, kindness, charity, and mercy. It saves us from utter darkness. There would be much more suffering and war if Love wasn't having a level in life. It is literally the light in human consciousness giving us the way to live in photosynthesis. The lack of Love creates suffering. The more Love we live the greater levels of happiness and peace we have in mankind.

Everyone who has ever lived in enlightenment has done so through the energy Love. Love gives us greater Heaven through the light in consciousness expanding beyond its present level. When we increase Love we increase the light in consciousness and that gives us different perspectives on how the world is occurring to us. We see people differently and situations differently. We live deeper in God and His level is in our light. The light changes how we see and think. This helps us to move beyond our feelings and experiences life with greater Heaven.

Our thinking emerges out of consciousness. We want our consciousness to have as much energy in Love as possible so that how we think is through Heaven. Love is the alpha, omega, omnipotent level of energy in enlightenment because it is God and He created us.  His energy in our light changes our consciousness and how we see people and our world to a higher level. The more Love we can live the more we change our way of thinking. When we change our thoughts we change the experience of our world. Matter is only living for us to become more conscious of Love through. The purpose of our world is for living Love at greater levels eventually realizing God is reality. Love is all that is real everything else is the illusion to Love.


The third level of knowledge is photosynthesis. God is living in every atom giving the light for human beings to experience life in matter. Conscious Energy with a capital "C and capital "E" is the living species in the conscious space of God giving us our livingness in matter through photosynthesis. They live within human consciousness just as God does. With the premise of humanity consciously evolving to higher levels of light in God's energy.

The universe is infinitely expanding because consciousness is infinitely expanding. Every level of what we see is consciousness existing in matter out of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is giving humanity the images to live through in our Soul. Every human being is living in their own level of consciousness experiencing the world only from their light. We never see anything outside of our perspective. This entire experience will only be lived through what we think and that is in the light of Love we are of.

Humanity's collective consciousness is creating the light in photosynthesis that our world is living through and it's created out of the level of Love we live. This creates the circumstances we can live through as life. As an example, if we were living greater levels of Love we would have peace on earth and therefore no child would be born in a war on our planet. The light the world is living in is only determined out of the Love humanity is living. The individual is living through the world in their own light. Everyone is trying to move through the mortal world to Heaven by becoming conscious of Love. The more Love lived the greater levels of God in our light taking us to higher levels of Heaven.

Humanity never understood consciousness because we have consciously been at a level unable to see outside of itself. When God created humanity knowledge would be imperative for human beings to live Love in order to create what was always giving us greater light to live through. Otherwise, we become trapped in our own level of consciousness because we cannot think outside of our own thought system. Living for the light keeps us consciously evolving towards Heaven and that brings us a level in matter that is of Heaven. Only Love erases the darkness.

However, we have understood God, consciousness, Love and living on a planet floating in space by us knowing about photosynthesis we have the knowledge to understand our existence and what being alive is. Mankind, the Heavens, the stars and moon and our earth are only existing in consciousness through photosynthesis. Love is the energy every human being wants to increase by living what Jesus tried to teach us. Living for enlightenment is the path of the Soul.

Every human being has Love in them already and just has to keep increasing it by living compassion, forgiveness, mercy, infinite charity and living Christ beyond the mortal world level of life. Understanding how Jesus lived is a light giving all of us the way to Heaven while here on earth. Love is the key that opens every heart to its Truth. There is no other light we can live that will give wisdom and knowledge of the Heavens to us.



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