Jesus and Meditation


Jesus and meditationJesus is the Spirit of God that came into form. He was living at the very beginning giving humanity the light to live through. When He came into form it was to teach us the way to live in God's creation.

His path into our lives was through human consciousness which at the time wasn't able to process His existence as the Messiah. Humanity was living at earthly levels and had been since the inception of our creation. We've been trying to consciously evolve out of matter into light. But when we made material life's reward and money the way of acquiring life's necessities, we made a second God and created a thought process at matters level.  Which prevented us from understanding God. We needed to understand consciousness and that we would shape it to either matter or God.

We thought the world was three-dimensional and focused on material instead of understanding what we didn't see had more life than what we did see. We made material a reality instead of living through Spirit for our higher Truth.  Living at earthly levels prevents us from processing greater light.

Thinking emerges out of consciousness and we create our reality from the energy Love. Love is the energy of God and is the light in consciousness. Our world lives in trillions and trillions and trillions of possible levels of thinking. God living hundreds of billions of years alive has given us infinite levels of reality to experience. Every thought we can have is already existing in a pool of consciousness for any level of thinking we bring into being.

Reality only exists at one level of consciousness. What defines how we conceive life is energy. Consciousness is energy. We literally exist in tiny little atoms living in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Everything we see is waves. We hear our thoughts only because they live through God.  Self-organizing energy is the world. As we understand human photosynthesis and energy we'll live deeper in Love for experiencing more Heaven. Learning to meditate and to live in prayer energy is a process that helps us unveil life's ultimate reality.  Which will take satan out of our thought process. And satan is darkness in thought. We want to rid the dark for light.

We've been living in God from a very earthly plane which has lower levels of energy. This is why we have darkness in thought. We want to think through Love to process higher levels of light in consciousness. When we made reality the level of matter we began identifying self as part of matter instead of as the Soul. The body is only a costume we temporarily wear for experiencing matter before leaving in our natural state which is conscious energy for greater levels of life. The same principle holds true for now. When we end identifying self as the body for our Spirit we live in greater levels of life. Meditating or Spiritual practices help us detach from the body to Spirit identification.

We've been identifying at matters level of circumstances as reality instead of knowing Spirit as reality. Matter is the illusion while light is living eternally. We take life's circumstances at face value instead of going beyond the illusion to the energy creating our interpretation. Going inward gives us the space to live beyond what is happening at matters level. We want to create more space to live beyond matters level into the conscious space of God. By living deeper in the conscious space of God we experience heavenly levels of life that create happiness, miracles and bigger experiences in a world greater than our reality now.

We've been taught everything we see is outside of us. When what we see is only living through us.  There is no level of matter existing outside of us because we live in energy and matter is created by human photosynthesis. Everything we live in is energy. Our thoughts create the experiences in matter. Energy will manifest in matter for us to live Love through.  The light we experience is from the Love in our Soul. This is why we're trying to accumulate Love in this life. It gives greater light to live through.

The world only lives through us. There is no level of matter existing outside of our level of consciousness. Our world is in nine-dimensions in holographic light existing through extreme quantum levels of waves giving us the perception of matter at a very real level. We can touch matter and feel matter but it's only existing as images in our Soul.

God created our world but because we have no level in comprehending a world living in intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive its literally three hundred and sixty degrees away from how we think life exists today.  We're gradually awakening to God. Right now what we can conceive is all we can receive. And we're far away from better understanding. We need to live deeper in God for greater understanding of our world. Instead of accumulating darkness living at matters level. We need to live through Spirit. We didn't have a way to understand what matter was because we didn't have eyes to see only because we were living at matters level accumulating darkness.

Consciousness can only give us where we think from and if we aren't living deeper in God we have no greater light for realizing the bigger world we're in. We stay in a box never seeing what lives outside of that box. We're gradually trying to become conscious of our world as we become conscious of Love.  God created life out of His likeness which is dynamic energy. We are conscious energy. And that is with a little c and little e.  The gift God gave us was to live as energy in matter at any one level of consciousness we could think through. We can experience anything we can think into being. As a collective, we create the light of our world through the level of Love we live in photosynthesis. The Love we live is creating the circumstances we can experience in life.

When Jesus taught us there were higher levels of Love to live, He taught us the pyramid in life and how to rise to higher levels of consciousness. He taught humanity through our lower level to live out of the darkness into light. This is why He spoke in parables telling us that those who have ears to hear will hear and those with eyes to see will see. We can only receive what we can conceive.

His deepest teachings came from our darkness in human consciousness. When Jesus walked the earth society saw Jesus as satan. It was our hearts that were scattered and our minds that were in darkness. He saw the light in every human being greater than how we were even seeing ourselves. We have been living in sin through the darkness in consciousness. Those who reap the rewards of matter reap the awards of matter. Those who live carving their Soul in God reap the rewards of everlasting Heaven in God.

Every human being that persecuted, ridiculed and was jealous of Jesus created the devil for themselves to live through. Every place we live that doesn't hold Love is literally the devils level in us. Understanding life in energy helps us understand why God created consciousness to live in matter. If we can live through Love which seems simple enough but has alluded us we can experience a world of Heaven. If we don't live greater levels of Love we experience darkness in consciousness which creates that in matter.

Meditation, prayer, and God enables us to understand how God created humanity and our world greater than any other level because meditation and prayer help us live Love. We can only experience God from the level we live. Matter is temporal while Spirit is eternal. Everything we see is only living in our perception at one level of consciousness. We want to create greater space in consciousness by quieting our thoughts and therefore increasing our space for light.

When we live in quietness we increase Heaven in our light. When we live in self-chatter we only hear ourselves. Darkness lives out of incessant thinking from energy that is low. The high priest who was societies highest level of religion plotted to kill Jesus because they lived in satans level. There is no way of knowing satans level in our energy unless we live for absolute Love. We observe our light in how we see people, think and treat others. We are either blessing people with Love or darkening our Soul.

Wisdom is living out of Gods energy. Those that live deepest in Him live in greater levels of knowing. This is why every enlightened master has done so through the energy Love. The more Love we live the greater levels of God's energy we have in our light which gives us knowledge.

We have to live beyond matter deeper into God to live beyond this level of thinking.  Which means unraveling everything we've attached to as life. If our reality is on level "A" we will only experience everything that lives in level "A"  including our perception of God. We can't go outside of our thought system unless we intentionally live in a practice going beyond this level of mattter. The idea of living through Spirit was to always keep us living in God instead of the temporal world in matter.

Let me say that again because it's very important to understand the blueprint to life is living through the Soul acquiring light in God for understanding matter is temporary while consciousness is eternal. Living in God is the only way to understand His creation and what being alive is.

We did the opposite and made matter reality instead of God. Our entire existence is based upon consciously evolving deeper into God. There is no other way to know life if we don't go beyond how we think today.

The high priest would have done anything in the world to know Jesus as their Savior but instead they solidified their fate in darkness because consciously they could not conceive beyond matters level. We build our Souls house either on rock or sand. And when we live at matters level its the temporal world that has no root in God. When the storms come our house on sand creates darkness and this darkness becomes part of our life continuum. The house built on rock lives deeply rooted in God understanding faith is the matrimony of Heaven. Giving us greater living and a life continuum through light.

We're carving our Soul to release darkness created from living at earthly levels. We're releasing the shackles that bind us to matter for Heaven. Meditation and prayer energy give us the way to do this. Every level of attachment and meaning we break we rise to understand God. Living beyond matter is why we're living. Humanity lives in consciousness which means matter will always be transitory. We are always leaving matter for new life. The body is not what is living it's the conscious energy inside of the body that's alive. The body will drop away as we continue to experience different levels of consciousness in matter.

We made matter reality when reality is God because energy is all there is and we're learning to live through matter to light. We want to now start living through Spirit more than anything else and living through the energy Love which gives us Heaven.

Humanity has to live in conscious evolution to bring into being what is sustainable for life on earth. How we think is the only level creating the circumstances that exist in life. When we live deeper through meditative states in God we live more in Love. We teach the mind to hold peace and we see a different light in matter for answers and solutions that build the temporary mortal world in Love.

When we live in incessant thinking at matters level we create darkness in life which grows if we don't have the ability to consciously evolve out of it. We have to live through everything we create and its incumbent upon us to live for conscious evolution so that we ensure our light is always in the right direction going deeper into Heaven.

We have no other way to understand God and our ultimate Truth beyond our present perception of life if we don't live in a practice opening consciousness. We also lose the gift in consciousness if we stay in one box as oppose to traveling deeper and deeper into God.

Human beings think incessantly from one thought to the next never leaving their level of thinking. Our self-chatter is keeping us at matters level.  We have to end incessant thinking through meditation, prayer, and mantras.

We want to pause thought for greater space. Widening the space between our thoughts for no thought is the way of life. Thinking is a transitory level of the mortal world only serving for the story to live through. It's a processor. We're not our thoughts and they only live in this one experience. Consciousness is the greater knowing of all that doesn't change like thoughts do and consciousness is eternal.

Human beings live in the conscious space of God but do not hear Him because our incessant thinking deflects His light. We have to learn the bigger world we're in is beyond our present thinking. Increasing space in our light opens us to Heavens level living all around us.

Humanity has been living at the level of matter and we've kept God at bay. When the high priest plotted to kill Jesus they believed they were doing what was right for Jerusalem. They prayed to God but never lived in God to know Jesus was the Messiah.  They lived earthly and in satans level.

Humanity's consciousness at that time was deep in darkness. Humanity today is even worst. We've been shaping human consciousness to live in satans level instead of God for thousands of years. We haven't lived for light nor did we do what God told us or what Jesus taught. Society isn't living for enlightenment we instead made money the second God and live for false idols. Which has darkened consciousness from God and Heaven.

The reason God told us to not live for false idols was He knew what He created as life. He knew we would live in matter creating no way to get beyond it because consciousness lives in its level and only its level. We can't have eyes to see beyond our level of consciousness until something happens that takes us out of it. Our energy created the devil in life now plaguing every Soul on earth. It's living in our consciousness.

Through meditation, prayers and mantra's we create the way for changing our thought process and consciousness by living in greater levels of Love which gives us Christ.  We have to have greater levels of Love for expanding the light in consciousness to rid the darkness.

Matter is temporal but God is eternal.  God lives at any level of consciousness. We live at one level of consciousness at a time and can only comprehend life from that one level. By meditating and going beyond this level of matter we experience light beyond our world. We go deeper in the conscious space of God which expands our reality. We want to break through this one level of thinking to greater levels of life. But we can only understand our world outside this one level of consciousness by changing the energy we think through.

Life is actually sacred and divine but we believe that to be something of the past and biblical. Not realizing what was biblical then is going to always be biblical because we live in Heaven with God in every atom. Biblical never went away only human consciousness went away from God. Heaven is trying to help us evolve into God for greater understanding of Him which gives us the light for understanding how to live in His creation.

When God created life He created consciousness in His consciousness. Just like we create everything we experience in our consciousness. How matter lives is only in the light of the observer. How we think solidifies the realness of everything we're conscious of. Realness is relative to light in consciousness. If consciousness is able to live beyond matters level the experience changes to the light being lived.

Human photosynthesis lives extremely quantum at deafening levels in holographic light in decimals.  Living with God is understanding our reality is relative to our present thought system. Through photosynthesis when we leave this world nothing of it ever exist again. Our family and friends are levels of energy in our Soul and they manifested in matter through our present level of consciousness.

We'll live again having new experience of family and friends which they will manifest again out of our new level of consciousness. Everyone we live with today will live with us for eternity manifesting out of our Souls energy. Energy is always changing form and in our life continuum we will take on many levels of form in different persona's to experience consciousness in matter.

When Jesus walked the earth it was to teach us to live greater Love because Love is the way of the world and the only way we acquire light in consciousness. The light in consciousness helps us understand God's creation and how to live in this world.  When Jesus said, "No one comes to the Father except through me." It was because we literally cannot consciously conceive God greater if we do not live in greater levels of Love. We have to travel into God through His energy.

As humanity begins to experience Heaven on earth it's incumbent upon each of us to go beyond what we have known as life and live for greater understanding. Meditation is good for higher understanding. Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit for expanding into God. He taught us to pray and live in prayer energy as the way of life.  We don't want to get trapped at society's level of thinking because we'll never experience Heaven in the light we could. Living for what is temporal keeps us chasing happiness. Living for what is permanent gives us happiness.

When Jesus said, " While we look on the things which are seen, but on the things that are not seen for the things which are seen, are temporal: but the things which are not seen, are eternal.  He taught us to live in Spirit beyond matters level into the conscious space of God for happiness.

In meditation, we go beyond matters level experiencing God's light which is no space-time and infinitely expanding. Let us imagine the conscious space of God as a humungous circle always growing and we're a tiny little speck in the center having an experience in matter from that one tiny level of consciousness. We want to go beyond our tiny speck into greater levels into the conscious space of God. But we have to get beyond matters level and our level of thinking to do so.  Meditating, prayers and mantra's take us into the bigger conscious space of God.

We have to live through hypothesis in greater energy beyond the present for living in greater levels of light.  If we only exist at this one level of thinking we have no way to experience what is beyond it. Through meditation, we're giving our light a way to go beyond matters level. When Jesus would pray to God He would meditate very deeply on His light in Heaven. Understanding His relationship with God was reality while matter and human consciousness were temporal.

Reality is living only in one level of consciousness which is upheld by the majority but it's an illusion that can exist as anything. There is no level in life giving to reality other than what we think is. Never will there be a reality in human consciousness that is "the" reality because consciousness only exist at the level we can think from. Which is different in every life.

Living in prayer energy with practices that include meditations and mantra's are essential for living deeper in God. There is only one way to go beyond how we think today and that's by changing the energy we live through. Which thought emerges out of consciousness and consciousness is the energy Love. When we increase Love while pausing incessant thinking we create space between our thoughts which allows us to experience the greater conscious space of God.

We want to pause our self-chatter and quiet our minds for stillness in God. Everything we see is emerging out of energy. What is behind everything is where we want to focus.  In God's level instead of matters level. As we listen in silence we begin to hear Heaven louder and louder. Through Love, we have the path for Heaven. Eventually, we understand matter is nothing to make as life because God is reality. Make God life and matter will never live in a level greater than Him. As we strengthen living in God we have an understanding of how the world is existing and how to live through it with Heaven helping us.

Heaven has always been living in our light. We have many Angels around us at all times keeping a diary of our Soul. There is no level in life that cannot get better when we live inviting God into our light. We simply reach out our hand for living into a level beyond our own. How we want to live is always in conversation with God. Keeping Him first in every thought because our level of thinking is the only road Heaven or God can travel on.

This is also why it's been said that having Jesus Christ as your savior gives you eternal Heaven. We have to live consciously in a light that's in God in order to experience Him. God takes us on many forms in human consciousness and living Love is the surest way to understand God even if you're an atheist. Eventually, we all come to know God as reality. The power of increasing our Love for God is the way we open our consciousness to the bigger world we're in. Faith is the light of everything this life is living for because the more faith in God the greater experiences we have knowing Him.

Always think of Moses, Abraham, and John the Baptist because their faith is how we want to live. Society's level meant nothing when it came to living God's level. God was living for them to go beyond society's level into living deeper in Him. They listened and followed His guidance. Even when it seemed impossible and crazy. They had faith beyond society's level to only listen to God's voice over everything else. Keep God's voice the loudest.

Love is all that is real.  We're accumulating Love for consciousness to live in higher levels of light which gives us greater light in matter. This is how we create Heaven on earth to live through. Living with Jesus in meditation is heavenly and a requisite for every human being to know God better.

Im including some mantras from words spoken by Jesus in Aramaic. They are mantras for sitting quietly creating stillness within and transcending deeper into God.  You can either say one word over and over again or you can say it as a phrase with the words. In the beginning, you may focus on the meaning but allow the meaning to drift away and let the energy of the words begin to carry a greater message of light. Stay with the word or words and if your mind drifts to other thought gently bring it back to the words. Continue saying it until you feel the light to stop. Except for when you are saying it 24/7 then saying it a million times is too little.

Words: Abi Marad 'Shamaya (My Father, Lord of the Heavens), Ephpatha (Be Opened) May I be opened, Khayla (Power) To the power, Shlama (Peace) of peace, Rukha d' Qudsha (The Spirit of Holiness/The Holy Spirit) The Spirit of Holiness The Holy Spirit is upon me. ( repeat this phrase as many times as resonates.

Phrase: Abi Marad 'Shamaya- My Father, Lord of the Heavens, Ephpatha -May I be opened, Khayla - To the power, Shlama- of peace, Rukha d' Qudsha -The Spirit of Holiness The Holy Spirit is upon me. ( repeat this phrase as many times as resonates.

May these bring the light upon you in all ways that bless you.



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