We Live Through Heavens Light

lightGod is energy. Everything we see is living in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. All matter is energy living in our light. Our home, body, roads, people, sky, earth, and furniture at the smallest particle are waves existing in consciousness.

There is no level of matter existing outside of what we think. If there was a painting God would be the canvas allowing for anything to be painted while we would be the painters creating anything we could think. God is the level giving us the way to experience what we think in matter at any level of consciousness. He is in every atom giving us the light to think our world into being. Matter is tiny particles living through photosynthesis giving us the images we live through. Our existence is at a quantum level through holographic light in atoms. What we see as our world is an image from the light of our Soul. Everything is tiny levels of light creating images in photosynthesis.

For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light. PSALM 36:9

We are projecting into matter a level of perspective that gives us what we live through. There are many versions of what can be seen but we can only see through our level of consciousness. When we consciously live Love we have a greater light to see through giving us more heavenly levels in matter.

God is the universe able to exist at any level of consciousness a human being can think at. Individually, we experience the world only from our level of consciousness. There is no level of life existing outside of our perspective. The world is living through us.

Consciousness is all that is alive. God created life out of His energy and, we exist within His energy for matter to be realized at any one level of consciousness. We are experiencing matter through Conscious Energy and photosynthesis.

What we see in matter begins in thought. We think through Conscious Energy which is a living species in the conscious space of God. Conscious Energy is the livingness in all matter. When we see a table it is having Conscious Energy living in our light creating through photosynthesis the tables livingness to us.

The gift God gave mankind was the ability to experience matter at any one level of consciousness. This gave us the ability to live in free will while creating the world at any level we could think at. It's literally an infinite unlimited level to experience as life. We have the ability to create anything in matter to live through. What we are thinking is all we are living.

Life is in consciousness which means everything experienced is only living through the one who is observing life. Everything living can only live through the observers level of consciousness. The level of the world is created by humanity's collective energy that is Love. This energy creates the mortal world circumstances the observer can experience as life.

The one who is observing is living through the light and the universe is living through them. Sequentially, there is only one of us here with God. Everyone we see and the world we experience is existing through us. Nothing is outside of us. There is no level of living outside of our level of consciousness.

We can never see the totality of any human being including our child, mom, dad, friends etc.

They live in another level of life experiencing the world from their level of consciousness. We are only living them from our level of consciousness. Everyone is a level of energy within our Soul. Existing for us to live Love through.Make sure

Every particle creating matter is having its livingness from the one who is observing it.

We are living with matter out of a level greater than how we are seeing it. Eyesight hasn't been understood because there is a level of light within the pupil having God's energy.  The brain activity is only processing out of light. Humanity was created to have the ability to live in matter at any level of consciousness. The window to living is through energy that has the highest levels of light for processing energy. Love is the energy out of God with the highest levels for a human being to live through.

All that is living is energy at different levels of consciousness.

The human bodies functions and secretions within the cells are living in higher levels in life. We have other levels in our existence we are not realizing because of our perspective of the world as a three-dimensional world. There is no three-dimensional level to life. There are atoms with holographic light in decimals creating images from photosynthesis. Just as the embryo is programmed to evolve and become a senior, the seed is programmed to blossom into the flower. Many levels of life are living in greater levels of intelligence programmed to live at higher levels at different times. Human beings live in process of recognizing their own higher light in life. The light is a level in consciousness living in our Soul. We have greater levels of living in higher levels of intelligence in our consciousness waiting to be experienced.

Just as different levels of consciousness can see different levels of life. As we consciously evolve we open our level up to greater life experiences.  In consciousness, we are projecting life itself through a universe ready to give any level of matter at the level we can think. Love is the light expanding consciousness. Since God is Love and His energy is the most omnipotent level in life. If we want to experience the higher levels of our world with greater life we want to live greater Love. Matter is a transitory level of perception only living in our level of light. What is being projected is living through the level of the energy Love we are of.

Consciousness is always moving forward. This is why human beings think incessantly from one thought to the next. Thought is what is living. The same way we age effortlessly in a process always living forward. Life is living forward in consciousness to continually expand the universe. As a result, the human body has been living in a light knowing its level and how to live in different cycles of its livingness. The bodies time to change is prefocused in levels genetically. This is giving human beings the light to change when the time is optimum for living comfortably.

Humanity has taken for granted growing from an embryo to the age of thirty-five. Yet the body is living in a level changing profoundly. Everything that changes in the human body from consciousness, skin tissue, organs, levels of blood and digestive levels are having the ability to change effortlessly while we go through the process comfortable. There are higher levels of intelligence living in our light for our experience in matter to live at the level in our consciousness.

We want to understand our quantum existence. We have been living at the level of matter not seeing life at its quantum level. This is why we place meaning in material rather than placing it in Spirit. We live at the level of matter rather than energy living with light as living. We see the biggest level in life rather than the smallest level giving us our ability to see the big level. Consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect. Light is giving human beings the way to experience their level of consciousness in matter.

Plants can live and end their cycle appearing dead while living dormant. When the time is right they revitalize and begin a living process over again. Every level of life is living in higher levels of intelligence with properties creating life cycles in living. Human beings change trillions of cells every day. The body is existing out of consciousness and is always changing for the light in Heaven.

Humanity was created for living in consciousness rather than living for the body.

The body is transient only serving one level of consciousness. We live changing form for new levels of consciousness.  Consciousness never leaves its source. What is living is the Soul in Heaven. The mortal world, and our experiences in matter are secondary, temporary and only living out of consciousness.

Because consciousness is living to change form for different experiences in matter. We leave these bodies for new life. Hence, there is no birth in a human being and there is no death. There is only a continuous level of consciousness evolving. Every human being will change form over and over again. Our higher levels of consciousness are already programmed from our inception.

The world we are experiencing is living in photosynthesis. Therefore, the atmosphere is a diaphanous grid holding pockets of energy in lines, squares, octagons, triangles and other forms for a hypothesis in every level of consciousness that can exist. Energy is the conscious space of God living in a self-organizing order for different levels of consciousness to give the light for matter to exist. If we were to experience the actual level of photosynthesis there would be lots of objects and plasma surrounding our view. Human eyes are living through the light of our level of consciousness.

A good example is if human beings saw the level of bacteria which is infinitely greater than any other level in life. We would not be able to handle the level of dust mites, organisms on our body moving and levels in the air. The eyes are only having light for living in matter at our level of consciousness comfortably. What is existing as life is much greater than what humanity has been able to conceive because life is living at a quantum level in holographic light. Our perception of life is relative to our level of consciousness. The level of what is living is giving human beings the ability to live in matter at any one level of consciousness.

God is hundreds of billions of years alive and a different level of life. He created humanity out of His level of energy. Conscious Energy is also another level of life only existing to give the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. Human consciousness is creating our level of existence through what we think into being. The present level of the world is only a reflection of human consciousness and the level of Love we are living and not living.

Today, humanity is learning about its existence in Heaven. Every level of what gives us life is based on the energy Love. The more Love we live the more light we have in consciousness. The light we live is out of God. God is Love. Humanity wants to have a greater life purpose to live unlocking our divinity because it is the key to life.

The more we can understand what being alive is and the level of our world in Heaven the greater ability we have in creating Heaven while here on earth.

Every human being is living to live the Son of God. When we are living Love we are giving God unitedness in our light. God created life for us to live increasing Love so we could evolve deeper into His light. The deeper in Gods light we live the more we expose our divinity.

Human consciousness is trying to become conscious of Love and what we create as life is what we are living through to do this. Everything in our existence is a call to live Love. As a result, we see greater light in matter and Heaven while here on earth.



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