Human Life

human life

Humanity is living in the conscious space of God. God is the light all life is in. 

God created life to give energy the way to live in matter at any one level of consciousness. Human consciousness is creating the very world we evolve through to higher levels of consciousness.

This created the path for life to always exist provided there was conscious evolution. As human consciousness became more conscious of Love, the level of matter would change towards Heaven. In life consciousness is the only level in existence. Energy has been living from the very beginning of life. Creating the way for energy to experience matter is only a level God was able to create. Humanity is the species God has given everything to for life to experience living in Heaven while here on earth.

Heaven has been giving humanity every level of matter at its level of consciousness to experience being alive. There would be no way as energy for human consciousness at its level to understand living without matter. Humanity has been living to understand everything it is today. We will always have greater knowledge the more Love we live.

Photosynthesis is energy having levels of energy in higher frequencies than human consciousness can conceive. The level of resonance is in decimals through holographic light. In these decimals, there are greater levels of vibrations that can vibrate in levels creating matter in greater levels than any living energy.


The mortal world is living in Heaven. God's energy is giving us the way to experience matter at our level of consciousness. Human consciousness is creating in energy the level of matter that is being lived as life. Every level of what we are living through is energy in photosynthesis. This is giving us the image of matter at our level of consciousness. 

Humanity is living at a level of consciousness only understanding life as a three-dimensional world. When energy is all that is living.

Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. We bring everything in  into being through thought. The world is living from the energy Love being lived from the base collective consciousness. This is creating the level of circumstances we can experience in life. Love is the energy in photosynthesis giving every living Soul the level of the world they live through. 

The Love we are of is creating the light in consciousness for our Spirit to live in matter. We experience the world through our level of consciousness.

The world is only existing at the level of the one who is observing it.

We are living in matter to observe our consciousness and become conscious of Love. Love gives us greater light to see in matter. As we live conscious of our light we are able to give the Love we need to change our experiences. Having greater light in matter is a requisite for seeing beyond our present perspective. When we have greater light we change the version we live through. Consciousness is the level of everything. 

We have been taught the world is outside of us and people are separate from us. When there is no place where one person begins or another ends. We are energy and the world is energy.  


We are born with matter all around us giving us the hypothesis matter is existing separately. Matter is only living through us. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. What we observe in matter is existing in a light from the level of the energy Love in our Soul. We are having continuous exchanges of energy with matter. This is helping us to live through matter at our level of consciousness. We are living through the living species Conscious Energy. They are giving the level of photosynthesis for matter to exist at our level of consciousness. Without Conscious Energy we would have no way to touch our face, feel objects or see the earth. They are giving us our livingness in matter.

Society has taught us to give matter meaning and value. When matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. The meaning we place in matter brings a level of our identity into it. We begin to live to have greater attachment to what is outside of us instead of what is inside of us. Matter becomes a level defining our being. We live for its meaning because we associate it as part of our self-identity. This is why we have lived caring about the kind of car we drive, clothes we wear, job title and neighborhood we live in. It has defined our perception of ourselves in society. We have been living at the level of matter and not through the divine light within. We are giving our light away to what is transitory and meaningless. Matter is only a level we are moving through to observe our consciousness in. It is transitory. The level of matter has no level of existence outside of our consciousness.

Matter is showing us the deeper light to observe our livingness in. If we make it part of our identity of self, we are taking what is a nothingness and making it a level of our being. That attachment is creating why consciousness stays at the level of matter instead of enlightenment. We create in consciousness a very deep level of who we are at the level of matter instead of understanding consciousness. Humanity has always been living for what is outside of us as defining as what is inside of us. When matter has nothing to do with our level of being. There is no level in matter that is real, except what we make real. The level we make real is shaping our level of consciousness and perspective of life.

Humanity is only passing through matter living to become conscious of Love. How we perceive objects and people is only living through our level of consciousness. Whether someone is a President or waitress there is no level in life other than observing our consciousness in matter. Life is trying to teach us to live greater levels of Love so we can live through greater levels of Heaven. 

The mortal world is an illusion because it is only living through one level of consciousness. As we change our level of consciousness the world changes too. Humanity has been living with the world outside of us not understanding it only has its existence through us. There is no other level living other than consciousness. 

Matter is only playing a role for us to be conscious of our consciousness. 

The level of the world is the reflection of human consciousness. The meaning we place in matter is a deeper level in our psyche not able to develop. There is no level in matter that gives levels of consciousness higher light. Only through Spirit do human beings have the ability for greater light. We are living to live in conscious evolution with God. 

We can only understand life and our universe from our level of consciousness. There never was a time that human beings were not living in Conscious Energy. Humanity not understanding life has only been because of the level of human consciousness living at the level of matter. Human beings can only live in higher levels of consciousness when there is greater light in consciousness. Matter is the level that is giving humanity the way to evolve. We are evolving from matter to energy.


When God created life He created the way for each of us to experience a world only from our level of consciousness. We perceive humanity, world issues, society and our level of self only in our narrative at our level of consciousness. The world we are experiencing is living in energy through photosynthesis individualized to the level of light in our Soul.

Levels of energy exist in matter of humanity's collective consciousness. This is creating the human story that gives us the level of circumstances we live through. Every level of matter we are experiencing is existing in energy at a level within our Soul. The premise is to live becoming conscious of Love living deeper in God. This gives us the ability to live through higher levels of light in matter with Heaven.

Nothing in life is outside of our consciousness. There is only one of us here, we are experiencing the world with God. This includes our family, friends, government, and humanity.

We never see the totality of any human being not even our child.

We can only live them from our level of consciousness.  They are existing in another level of life experiencing the world from their level of consciousness. Every human being is living through a world only existing in their light. No two people are experiencing life in the same light.

God created life for human beings to live in free will. This means we live through the world at our level of consciousness creating what we live through. Our existence is living through consciousness that is living in our Soul. Every level of life we experience can only live through our level of consciousness. We cannot experience living through any other way. Our consciousness is the only level experiencing life and our world is being created through humanity's collective consciousness in photosynthesis.


Human beings are energy. We are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. Mankind  is  a species that changes form to experience different levels of consciousness in matter. We live in a body to observe our consciousness in matter. Human beings live in a life continuum. There is no birth or death there is consciousness continuously changing form. 


The life continuum is being created through the Love we are of in every life. Humanity is living in two worlds at one time for photosynthesis to create our levels of life. We are only conscious of one world. The light in consciousness is giving Spirit the way to live in matter. 

After every life, Spirit will rest in Heaven with loved ones. The Soul continues in light creating the next level of life we will live through. In every life, we have a different medium and Spirit. The Soul is what is alive and the Soul is Love.


We exist in photosynthesis. Photosynthesis at humanity's level of consciousness has been a level of converting energy and light for metamorphosis. At Heaven's level photosynthesis is creating light through holographic levels in atoms with decimals. This is creating images through levels of light that only exist in human consciousness. This means vibrations and frequencies have different levels of resonance in levels beyond human consciousness to create the human experience in matter. In the light, there are levels of energy in greater frequencies beyond human consciousness at God's level for photosynthesis to exist.

How life was created was out of energy with light in consciousness from God. Every level of energy creating the fabric of all in existence is the Conscious Energy in the conscious space of God. Conscious Energy was created through levels of energy hundreds of billions of years alive in a light through levels of decimals with the purpose for human life to exist. 

Light can only live within each level of consciousness. Human consciousness can only conceive and live in human consciousness. No other race in existence will ever have being at the same level of human consciousness. Humanity is the youngest level of consciousness in existence. 

Photosynthesis has been living for hundreds of billions of years for everything human consciousness could possibly conceive. When God created human consciousness, the Heavens and the earth He created life to live eternally in the light of His living.

Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world giving every human being the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter for the experience of life. We would not be able to have bodies or the ability to touch our faces if there was not Conscious Energy giving us our livingness in matter.

Consciously evolving gives us the level of light to create greater Heaven in matter.


God created human beings to have the ability to create Heaven while here on earth. His premise was to create a species that could live in their own light while creating what they live through. We are living in a process becoming conscious of Love for greater light in photosynthesis.

God knew life's path was consciousness because of His own osmosis having the ability to live in consciousness. Through His light, He lived having energy at different levels eventually creating the level of how life would live for eternity. God gave light the level to have energy that could create its own levels and be self-existing within a light that would always have the ability to adapt to any level of consciousness that could be realized.

Heaven is only living for human beings to realize God. As humanity realizes God the light in consciousness expands giving all levels of life greater light to live through. The more we live in God's light the greater level of consciousness we have for life in matter. We are living to realize God as reality.

Thought emerges out of energy and how we feel is creating the world we experience. Our level of Love is deciding the level of Heaven we live. Every thought we have is seeing a level of light in matter only based on the level of Love in our Soul.


Love is the way of the world. We have been living for matter instead of living for Spirit. Living for matter was able to create the level of the world for living but it took away the level to live beyond it. As humanity lived in matter the level of consciousness created the money realm, material and life's purpose at a level that has continued to this day but is now changing. Humanity and the existence of life are having a greater level of Heaven in its light just like the beginning of life. God is giving humanity a light to understand its existence greater than any other time in human history. 

Humanity didn't realize life was in consciousness. We created a thoughts system at the level of matter instead of in conscious evolution through Spirit. We didn’t know everything we were creating as life was going to be the level we have to live through to evolve. This created living through everything other than Love to Love. We are living replacing fear with Love.

If humanity would have been able to evolve through matter sooner the mortal world in fear would not be cultivating consciousness to live violence. Violence has continued in human consciousness because living at the level of matter cannot increase light. Only by living Love do we increase the light in consciousness. 

However, we have been living is the only level of cause creating the world to exist at the level it does. Matter is the effect Including every level of suffering in humanity.  The level of violence is in the thought system created by the level of matter in light. The level of the world will always only reflect our level of consciousness. If we are living at a level that has hate, conflict, opponents, and division. We are living at a level seeing the world outside of us instead of only living through us. No level in life can exist outside of our consciousness. How we perceive people is only living in the energy of our Soul. There is no opinion or perspective of anyone or anything existing outside of our light.

The level of what we are experiencing is the level of photosynthesis creating the world from the base collective consciousness. However, the level we are living through the world is only one of us here with God. Everything is existing from our level of consciousness and in our light. How we live Love is determining the level of experience and is creating the light in matter. The level of light in matter is creating the versions we can live through. It gives us our perspective.

If we live light in God we have the level to live greater versions in matter. Humanity has the ability to live through matter with great light. We have to live the Love that changes energy into levels of light greater than how we are presently living. God has always been living for humanity to live in His level for life to have Heaven. If we are to realize our potential in any one level of consciousness it will be through living Love.

Human perspective has never existed at the level of the world. Consciousness gives us energy as what human beings are living through. How we live with levels of people in our light is living in energy in our Soul. There is no level in life that gives anyone the way to harm another's Soul because levels of energy are only living in our Soul. We can only harm our own Soul. The body isn't alive. Consciousness is. How we treat other people is only living in our Soul. How we are living is in a light that is giving us everything we need to observe our consciousness and change our ways.

Humanity is living in a life continuum that is only being created through the level of Love we live. As life changes form our level of experiences change as well. What we had in one life never goes with us. No matter ever goes into another life. We leave behind the level of matter we were living through to become conscious of Love in. How we are creating our life continuum is through the light in consciousness. The Love we live will create the next level of life we live.

Every Soul is trying to become conscious of Love. Heaven is in everything always giving to what can bring greater light to consciousness. Life is merciful and always giving the way for living the level of atonement for Heaven in our light. All suffering is the absence of Love.  Having conflict and opponents is emerging from the absence of Love.

Love being the light in consciousness means how we perceive any situation or person will always live out of the Love we are of.  What is living in matter will always reflect our consciousness. If our world is increasing in weapons we know we are not consciously evolving because life would be decreasing in weapons as we were living greater Love. Every level of violence only keeps violence existing. Living consciously means we are living in a greater level of light able to see in matter different versions. Human beings keep using weapons because they keep living in the same energy with the same perspective. Perspective cannot change unless the energy in human beings change.

We want to have the ability to process our emotions and levels of energy in the light of God because it gives us a greater light in matter. When we have greater light in matter we have a level of perspective seeing in God's light. Having the level of answers with God is greater than any human beings level. The foresight to give humanity what it needs to live in greater peace rather than suffering in fear comes from living in God’s light greater than any other.

Violence is only existing when we are unable to process energy in higher levels of light. 

The level sustaining violence in human consciousness is the devil in consciousness which means it is the absence of Love. The brain is a processor only processing energy in different levels of light for the experience in matter. How we associate the "word" is creating the level of the world. Human language is the level of the world. If we are living with justified anger, upset, and aggression in any level of life, including in sports or in hobbies, we are living the very same level of energy in consciousness that is keeping violence existing. Only in human consciousness can we end violence in matter. The level of energy is where humanity needs to focus. In thought, we rationalize killing other people and do not realize we are no different than the one who murders viciously. If we take away thinking and look at the energy from any level of killing its the same. The level of human aggression is existing because of the level, not processing greater light.

As we live in higher levels of light our level of aggression and upset for what other people are doing changes. When we understand we are living in consciousness and no one is existing outside of our light. We understand what we are perceiving is energy existing within our Soul. What the devil has tried to have humanity live is blaming everything on someone else. Or that the problem exists over there instead of having the knowledge to know that life is only existing at our level of consciousness. They are only living through us. No one is ever outside of us. 

Everyone is only living in our light trying to have us choose Love. The level of understanding creation helps humanity replace fear with Love and evolve beyond violence. The version we live through is only based on one level of consciousness. Learning to process emotions and experiences in higher light is living greater in Gods light. If we can live understanding everything is an image of energy giving us the experience in matter. Only existing to observe our consciousness in we can change the level in how we think to live a greater level of light.

We can never fraction energy because it is a continuous level always moving forward in all parts of life.  When it exists in one level of life it existing in all. A great example is if the states judiciary system has a death penalty than we are keeping the same level of energy in the individual. One level believing we can kill and it not exist in another is not understanding consciousness or energy. There is no place where one person begins or another ends. In energy, our level is manifesting in matter what we live through. We want to take every level of what is harming life in society and replace it with what is giving to life in order to have life evolve beyond violence and suffering.

We never want to be the same level of energy we are trying to change. 

Creating society to live for money having success as who has the most money or who is famous is a different level than living for our divinity. The money will never give a human being light, it can only give at the level of matter which is transitory and not giving to our Souls life continuum. With life in consciousness, we want to realize, if life is living for material and money there is no level of substance deep enough to give life what it needs to exist. Carving the Soul is what creates greater levels of light because it’s a process that brings substance into one’s Soul. We want to live to unlock our divine light and experience the truth of our existence with God.

We are only moving through matter to live Love through it, not to live becoming the level of matter. Right now we identify self with our title, the brand of clothes we wear and kind of car we drive. It is a level that is having consciousness only living at the same level of matter. If we are creating life to live accumulating in excess with billionaires while children starve to death we are not being conscious of life. There is no level in living that is giving to life other than our caring for life at the level of living greater compassion, empathy, responsibility, and charity for life. 

Humanity living more maturely and deeper is a requisite for human life to have sustainability on a planet floating in space. This level is deafening because human life is only able to exist at the level of consciousness we can conceive. If we are living at a level not seeing why having people living as millionaires striving to become billionaires as thousands of children starve to death every day is a level unconscious. We cannot comprehend how to give life what keeps its existing. There is no way the level of the money realm has given humanity the light to give life what keeps it existing. We are creating the opposite in human consciousness by not giving to life the very most basic and simplest levels for human beings to not suffer and die needlessly.  A society that accumulates in excess while others need only the basic levels to live and continue to do so is a level of consciousness not understand what God created as life.

We can't give to life what can keep it existing if we cant even understand why saving a child from starving to death is a requisite in consciousness and morals for life to exist.

The same level of consciousness that isn't acting to save the child from starving to death will not know why using weapons create’s greater violence in human consciousness. Both are levels existing at the level of matter. We want our Souls to acquire substance through living in greater levels of intelligence that bring us greater light in consciousness. Living through greater levels of Love gives us the light to see greater light in matter. This gives us the perspectives that can change the way we are creating life.

The answers in life will always require human beings to live through at a level that carves the Soul into greater light. What that means is we will only have greater light when we strive to think in the ways that live through Heaven. Human relationships, adversity, and challenges are the God faculties giving us the way to acquire substance that carves our Souls into greater light.

We want to understand creation because it's giving us everything to help us live aligned with God so He can give us the light that helps us live Heaven while here on earth.

If humanity is not living at a level that is carving the Soul of humanity we are provoking the devils level in consciousness. Meaning we will create everything other than Love to live through to Love. When we are able to be more conscious of life we live in a level with greater ability for humanity's existence. Suffering is the absence of Love and is the absence of light in humanity's collective consciousness.

If we think at the level that separates us from others and has us place value, meaning and our identity in what is transitory we are never understanding how to master our existence.  God can only live in our light at the level we can give to Him. Living at the level of matter is the devils level. When we live at the level of Spirit we are living for our divine light to live in God.

If our focus is on the transitory level we are missing the greater process in life.  We want to move through matter and not become it.  Remember no one is their title, square footage, or bank account, it doesn't reflect our Soul. Everything in matter is temporary and we leave it all behind when we leave our bodies for new life. It only existed for us to live Love through. The entire experience in matter is always going to be temporary and only existing for us to carve our Soul. Consciousness is continuous. The Love we are of goes with us into our next part of life, everything else stays.

Having Love as the way of the world gives humanity the way to create Heaven in matter.  The human race leaving the level of matter for Spirit is a level that is heavenly. If we are to live realizing our potential in any one level of consciousness it will be through living the light in God.



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