Listen to God say, “Follow.”

This is the only recording thus far in the history of the human race of God's voice in human resonance.

It was recorded while Heaven was taking deep wounds into light. They brought up a childhood wound that was extremely painful and God said, "Follow" while Angels said, "He Loves you, happy, happy, happy." Within seconds this deep-rooted pain that had been part of my life for over forty years was gone. Literally, God's voice and Heaven took it out of me within a blink of an eye.

This continued on for weeks as I began hearing Heaven more and more. My life was changing to live Christ consciousness and there were more supernatural occurrences beyond what anyone could imagine. This is one recording out of many of Heaven that I have, Humanity doesn't have the ears to hear Heaven as I do. I've posted some of the early recordings that I thought people might be able to hear with the videos on the website.

Our world is living in Heaven and God is in every atom giving us the way to live in matter. Living love beyond society invokes greater levels of light into one's life. Make God the only reason you live and watch your life become Heavens Love.



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