GodLiving is only possible because of energy hundreds of billions of years old called God. There would be no way for human beings to exist in matter if not for Him. Photosynthesis is giving us our bodies, an earth, and sky. Understanding how God is living is understanding what a human being is and what being alive is.

We are born into a world with everything around us taking it for granted. We have lived with matter not understanding what matter is.  Everyone alive today has been taught what being alive is and what the universe is from other people.  The only level anyone has ever known is the level that has been passed down. We live in human consciousness at the level of the collective.

How God created human beings was out of His energy. We are living in the conscious space of God. Human beings are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. The world we experience in matter is in consciousness. Everything in existence is out of vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. There are only levels of energy at levels of consciousness in photosynthesis giving us the image in matter. Heaven is the level of everything in existence. It is the Conscious Energy giving humanity the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in matter at our level of consciousness.

Living was always in Gods likeness. People will find it easy to understand God if they can undestand they would have no level of consciousness to know they breathe if not for a greater level of intelligence giving the light for them to know they're breathing. We come out of a human being into a world taught to us and already existing. The level of everything becomes normal life. We never question our level of consciousness that has been given to us. We just live within it at the level of the world we are experiencing.

How we should begin to understand God is from questioning our very own level in life and what is unique, individual and not of anyone else. Here is the greatest level in living because we begin to understand there is no order of difference in humanity outside of what we think is different. There is no order in life different outside of what we think is different. 2. There is no order in life different outside of what we think is different. 3. There is no order in life different outside of what we think is different. Herein lies the light life is in. The ability to have hypothesized consciousness experiencing itself through matter is God.

Consciousness is all that is alive and at the heart of the human being, we are creating the reason to live through Love. We have never understood God from the level of Him being in every atom giving us the way to experience matter at our level of consciousness. If we are to understand how to live in peace, happiness, and at our highest potential at any one level of consciousness. It will be from understanding God greater than we ever have and understanding how He is existing. Consequently, we must understand our own existence and what being alive is in order for that understanding.

Our very own existence is enamored with trillions of levels far beyond human consciousness like being on a planet floating in space, aging effortlessly from an embryo to an adult, or having a sun 93 million miles away over a hundred times bigger than the earth living at the most precise alignment to give the exact levels of carbon dioxide for hydrogen to create our levels of oxygen and for life to exist in photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is giving us the level of matter at our level of consciousness.

What could be humanity's purpose? Humanity is existing out of Gods energy living through different levels of consciousness trying to become conscious of Love. Which is becoming conscious of God for God is Love. As we go deeper into God we begin to unravel our existence and what life is. The light is how we live. Everything we are living is expanding God.

We are consciousness leaving self for light.

The mortal world is in Heaven. We are in the conscious space of God. This why the all-seeing eye reflects the highest level of consciousness knowing all. God hears every thought and sees everything and there is no space-time. We are energy within His energy experiencing matter at our level of consciousness. He is in every atom through holographic light creating the light for our level of consciousness. We exist at an extreme quantum level experiencing matter.

Life is in resonance and decimals.

Humanity's belief has always been at the level of matter and not energy because we didn't live in Spirit at the level needed to understand our existence. We have lived from the beginning from the level of what we were having in material. Matter shaped human consciousness to exist at an outer level instead of the inner level. We didn't realize the universe isn't outside of us, it is only living through us.

God's incredible gift to us is living in matter from any one level of consciousness. Matter is the gift. We should understand this because we know everything we see is only from our perspective. What we think is. Our opinion of the universe, people, and the world is only from our perspective. Not a second goes by that we do not have a thought moving us forward at our level of thinking. We stay in our perspective moving through matter.

Human beings live thinking their lives into being. We could read twenty history books and go to the best college but we will only live from our level of consciousness. Teaching is at the level of human consciousness and will always have the level of human consciousness.

Acquiring substance and light is the level of greater knowledge and wisdom. Nothing is ever outside of human consciousness until it is in deeper levels of God. Living Love is the key to our existence because it is the light in consciousness. It is God. The higher we live in God the greater level of His light we have and this gives us the light beyond the mortal world. We go beyond human consciousness when we live deep in God.

God teaches and guides at a level that moves through us profoundly. One will physically feel Gods energy, hear His words and live at a level that is telling of the light. His level is as quick as lightning hence there is no doubt Gods will, will be done. When you feel His power in your body the level is consciously experiencing Him move you in the light desired. There is no other level except His when He takes your body to help you live Christ. The more Love we live the more light we are having in God. We want to carve our Soul and give our lives to Him to live with our creator guiding and teaching us about this colossal existence. Life is much more gargantuan than humanity has been living.

Consciousness is able to conceive through levels of light that have substance to go beyond the present level. We are constantly living in incessant thought from one thought to the next moving forward. If we are to pause our thinking we are able to understand a deeper level in life that is beyond our own thoughts. We are also not our thoughts. They are only processing the mortal world level which is temporary. We are consciousness and consciousness doesn't change like thoughts do. It is the deeper knowing of all.

Thinking is a level humanity will drop. It is one level processing a light living for levels of the same light. This is what keeps us living through our story in our minds in our narrative. We create the self in this level and live endlessly at the same level. Humanity has lived believing self was what was alive when self is only a temporary level of the mortal world. How we think and what we create to live through is in a process trying to become conscious of Love and extends beyond these bodies. Every experience we have through self is living for us to observe our consciousness in matter. We literally create our self, create what we live through and experience it only from our narrative. Nothing exists outside of our narrative.

As humanity becomes conscious of Love consciousness will have a greater understanding in life. Consciousness is an extremely profound level that is literally the only level giving us the tree, bodies, and the universe. Understanding sub-particles existing in holographic light in a level of resonance is consciousness. The world we are living through is an illusion only existing at one level of consciousness.

While we can feel and experience great consequence in matter for how we think and what humanity's collective level is creating. The level of everything is relative and can have other versions based on the light we choose to live through. Humanity is creating a mortal world to exist at the level it is but its light could be anything because there is the unlimited possibility in consciousness. This is why conscious evolution is imperative.

Our entire existence is at the level of quantum. Humanity took matter for granted and accepted it at face value from how we saw it existing. We focused on the macro and not the micro even though we come into the world from a micro level and we leave the world at a micro level through Spirit. We didn't have the light to live deeper in the understanding of energy and frequencies. Everything we see is existing at a level of vibration in a light living with hundreds of trillions of other vibrations. Everything from a star light years away, to India to New York is one level of vibration living in hundreds of trillions of waves all existing because of the other and all existing as one living organism.

When we neglect any level in life it is life itself that suffers for it's in consciousness that every level of life is existing. Every part is the whole.

Love is an energy that is deafeningly deep in God and when we live levels of Christ we are taken into levels very few have experienced. Levels in higher consciousness live in our light waiting for us to have the light to experience their existence. Understanding God as reality can only be achieved by living in God which is living Love. Every person will one day live in God's light knowing His existence is undeniable.

If we are on a planet floating in space because of God you can be sure we will soon know of living in Heaven and God for the truth always lives.

Human beings change form to live eternally in levels of the energy Love. Love is the light in consciousness giving Spirit the way to live in matter. What is alive is the Soul. The Soul is Love. We are levels of consciousness in God's conscious space. Spirit is giving the medium(the body) the way to experience matter at different levels of consciousness. In every level of new life, we have a different medium and Spirit to experience matter in. This is what we call self at the level of the temporary mortal world. Different levels of Spirit give the Soul the way to live continuously in different levels of consciousness. Love is the energy in consciousness giving us our eternal level in life.

We can live happiness at the level of Heaven when we live knowing everyone is a level of energy within our Soul. They are only living at our level of consciousness. We never see the totality of anything including our mom, child, friends or other people. We only see them from our level of consciousness. They are living in another level of life experiencing the world from their level of consciousness. It is the same with all levels of matter including the moon universe, ocean, and ant. We do not see their totality. We only experience life from our level of consciousness.

When we live in God we are having greater levels of light to live in matter. Light is all there is for a human being to live for because it's giving matter its level. Knowing there is an infinite and unlimited level in matter to experience is telling humanity to live for conscious evolution. Living for conscious evolution takes us deep into God to live creating Heaven while here on earth. Conscious evolution gives us the level to experience a universe radiating with other levels of consciousness.

The vastness and power of Love when living it creates a deafening level in life to experience. There is no death there is only a continuation of becoming conscious of Love through different levels of matter. All energy changes form. Having God in this experience is the only way for human beings to live understanding the enormity of life. If we can live with God we can live in conscious evolution with greater levels in life than we have ever imagined.

Love is the way of the world. It is also the only level deciding the fate of humanity. Every experience we have can change simply by living Love. Love is the light of peace, happiness, and conscious evolution.




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