Celestial Is All There Is

celestialWe think of celestial life as living off planet when celestial life doesn't have a real level.  Our present level of consciousness hasn't conceived God, what being alive is, creation or how we are living on a planet floating in space. Our perspective of celestial is from not understanding our very own existence. The level of celestial becomes nothing when we have deeper understanding of life.

Consciousness is all that is alive and there are different levels of consciousness all around us.  Some energy has form while other levels of consciousness have no form because they are in higher levels of light. When we leave the body for Heaven we are not dead but we are living without the body. We are in a natural state as conscious energy moving between levels of life. The Soul will create a level for Spirit to have a body again in another part of life. The Spirit from this life will rests in Heaven.

I remember when my mother was leaving her body for Heaven. The bedroom was sacred and filled with Angels. My arms were wrapped around her and I heard her say, "Thank you for caring for me. I never thought it would be you. I Love you."  The voice I knew was my mom but as she was leaving her body there was a different resonance. Eventually, it dawned on me she had no body to be attached too so the voice was different. There was no persona. Our voices in the body have one level of resonance and when we are outside of the body there is another level of resonance.

Energy in vibrations makes up everything we see and live. Our perspective of what is called celestial is out of not yet understanding our existence. When God created life He had to create a way for matter to exist at any one level of consciousness. This is a level humanity wants to understand in its entirety because we have taken matter for granted. We didn't realize matter is energy having its form created out of frequencies, vibrations, and resonance. The only level existing is energy in photosynthesis.

Celestial life from humanity's perspective would be anything other than human and yet everything keeping us alive is not human. Our atmosphere is living energy. Matter is living energy and the fabric of our world is Conscious Energy in God's conscious space. God isn't a human being. No level of God is in human consciousness for He created human consciousness. The "word" is the world.

Everything living is in different levels of consciousness. We have to consider life we haven't been able to conceive. Energy is all there is and consciousness is all that is alive.

There are many different levels of life existing and have been since the beginning living in our light for us to live in matter. Our level of thinking has been focused on an outer world instead of the inner which is Spirit. Our society is taught to live thinking very earthly when what is at cause is consciousness. We want to focus on the divine light within instead of living at societies level of consciousness focusing on matter.

We've been taught to think of ourselves as a body when we are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. In every life, we will have a different body. In this life, we may be called Theresa but in the next life we'll have a different family, persona and may be called Shnay. The only level continuous in life is consciousness. Everything in matter changes. Energy is always changing form. Even our world will be different when we come back.

Consciousness is all that is alive and for matter to exist there is another level of our world we have to understand and that's energy. We also need to visit Gods existence again and go deeper into what that looks like and how we are living on a planet floating in space. When we think of God being the light all life is in we want to understand what that looks like. Because God as the light all life is in tells us it is a very quantum level living in holographic light.

God is dynamic energy. A different level of consciousness and not a human being. God created us in His likeness which is dynamic energy and we are conscious energy. God is in every atom giving us the way to live in matter. He created our consciousness and without consciousness, there is no level of life existing. We are on a planet floating in space having everything we need to live provided to us. This beckons us to understand human consciousness and creation.

Our earth has many levels giving us our livingness.  We are blessed the ocean doesn't wash up over all land. Bodies of water are in strategic levels on earth. God created Heaven on earth for humanity to have the ability to experience trillions and trillions of possible levels of matter. The ocean is a level that has hydrogen and nitrogen giving carbon dioxide a level for oxygen. If the oceans were covering all land there would be no level of living for humanity to live not to mention life would be marginalized into levels only having platitude in light.

How God created the oceans was with human beings having their livingness in greater levels of life. Every level of what is on earth is only living in consciousness in photosynthesis. We want to live giving everything we can to keep Heaven at its level. There are many layers in life that live through other layers of livingness. The ocean and the earth are in a hypothesis creating their perfect level to have the Sun and Jupiter create weather as well as the energy needed for photosynthesis. Jupiter is the planet in our existence giving to weather on earth more than the moon or any other planet in existence.

Humanity living with billions and billions of galaxies is telling us how little we know about our own level in life and what is contributing to our existence. We created a small reality that isn't giving us greater light to open life. We've been on earth never understanding God, our world or what life's meaning was. We're born into everything already existing and go along with it. Never questioning societies level of consciousness. There hasn't been anything in life until now taking the human race into a greater level of light.

Our level of thinking and reality kept our perspective at a level of matter instead of focusing on Spirit and energy.  We've been living this entire time with another level of life all around us, moving through us and beside us. Humanity is living in Conscious Energy which is the living species in the conscious space of God.  We are literally energy living inside of another level of energy giving us the way to live in matter.

Conscious Energy is a self-organizing energy that is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. We only experience life from our level of consciousness. This is why everything is in our own perspective. Isn't it funny that we never even questioned how everything only lives in our own perspective? We walk around seeing people, going places, watching TV, interacting with others and yet we never realize everything is only in our minds. Literally what we think is all we are living through. Humanity has taken so much for granted we didn't even question why Love was the only level Jesus tried to teach us to live. His teachings would have given us the keys to life if we would have lived them.

Every thought we have is living in other energy creating the light in photosynthesis for us to experience the images in our Soul.

In a previous writing, we spoke about experiencing Conscious Energy and how it was a level of Heaven teaching about matter and energy. We experienced Conscious Energy in lettuce, tables, chairs, blankets, water and many other things. There is no place it is not. The experience is incredible.

We remember in the beginning going to pick up a bottle of water that was twenty-three ounces and it weighed like ten or fifteen pounds. Another time on the couch we were pulling up a blanket and it was like tug of war. The strength stopping me from moving the blanket was enormous. The blanket could also go thick instead of flimsy.  Every experience was teaching about matter and energy. Living in Heaven is teaching about photosynthesis.

When we look around a room we see furniture but what is existing is particles in vibrations, frequency, and resonance. There is nothing existing except energy. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness.  We experience our world with our senses telling us matter is in front of us and outside of us when matter is living through us in photosynthesis. Everything is in our light living through us. There is nothing outside of us.

The concept of celestial life is only consciousness in different levels. We would have to call everything we see celestial because another species is giving us our livingness in matter.  Consciousness is everything living. We identify what is human by the body when we will identify what is human by the level of consciousness. Identifying with consciousness is greater because without consciousness the body would not exist. Yet consciousness can exist without the body. Which we'll learn more about later.

Human beings are living in energy prior to any level of mass. The embryo begins out of frequencies in different levels of energy. Energy in different levels of temperature create the level for mass to form. It's through energy with intelligence knowing exactly how to form the body that life begins.

Just like the imprint in seeds knowing to live as trees with every leaf and branch already living in a light yet to live in matter.  The embryo grows into human beings out of energy not even existing in matter. All levels in life have by design intelligence greater than humanity has been conceiving. There is no level in life not living in consciousness with higher levels of energy giving its livingness.

Our world lives in Heaven and it's Heaven giving us everything we need to live in matter. We didn't conceive God, the level of our world or what being alive was at the point to put these pieces together. Our version of life has been very small. We didn't come close to a level that equals billions of galaxies on a planet floating in space.

Energy is infinitely expanding.  The fabric of our existence is in holographic light in decimals having properties in levels in other dimensions that give to our livingness. For example, every part of life is lived in two worlds at one time but we are only conscious of only one. This is for photosynthesis to create our life continuum. How we live today is creating what we will live through in another part of life. The idea of celestial becomes nothing when you understand a deeper and more mature level of what being alive is and how intricate it is.

We have been thinking at a level that lives more shallow responding to matter at its surface instead of going beyond that questioning what is at cause which is consciousness.

Time and space only exist in human consciousness. There is no space-time in Heaven. Many levels in life are existing in light not yet realized in matter. Light is giving us our livingness at the level we can conceive in the present moment. What is existing is already having energy in light greater than where we are today. Energy is living outside of our present level waiting for us to realize its level in our livingness.

God is able to witness every level of our lives in their entirety. He is giving us our light at our level of consciousness but He has knowing of our light in greater levels.  There have been many experiences with God and Heaven knowing my future. Having me live preparing for what was going to happen in the future. They knew what was going to happen years in advance.

Life is living in greater light in greater levels than we are able to conceive. When we look around a room or outside we don't see what is actually existing. God is giving us the ability to live in light that sees comfortably. We don't see everything that is giving us the ability to breathe. If we saw the level of energy all around us we wouldn't bee able to see anything else. There are layers and layers of living organisms covering everything on our planet.  We don't see what is keeping us alive.

This is also why we haven't been able to understand energy. Matter was tangible and we see it. We could easily relate to matter. We don't see energy yet we feel it every moment of every day. Everyone has emotions and feelings which are levels of energy creating our perspectives in life.

Humanity never knew about Conscious Energy and never thought about existing in a living species even though many people knew God is the light all life is in. We just didn't go deep enough in Spirit to understand how life is existing for us to live in Heaven while here on earth.

Life will always live in a  greater level than what we can conceive. We have no way to understand beyond our own level of consciousness but we do have a way to understand more and that is through living greater levels of Love. Love is the light that expands consciousness and is God's energy in our light. We want to live for Love knowing it is the energy that gives us wisdom and knowledge.

The human race is just beginning to leave matter for energy. This is the beginning of living in greater intelligence with levels of life we have only dreamed about. Heaven is all around us waiting for us to live in a greater light to experience the gift of life.

We are including a link to download videos never seen by human eyes with other races in many different forms. There is one video called Snow Squid that is another living species in our atmosphere. The atmosphere has levels of life humanity never knew was existing as part of our livingness. To watch and download these videos please visit: https://heavens.love/videos