Bible Consciousness

Bible ConsciousnessThe purpose of life is to live as God and the meaning of life is to consciously evolve awakening to Heaven on earth. Our lives were created by God to know God. We’re living in Heaven for being raised into light. Every level of the world lives only for Love. 

Our entire existence is for living happily in Heaven while here on earth. Our thought system is the only level placing our light in life. We can either live more in hell or Heaven at any moment. The choice comes from energy in consciousness that lives in God. Our depth in God is the light in consciousness giving us the light in matter. The Love we are of defines that light. No one is living for fame, wealth or being something in society. They are the teacher opening our lives for living through trials and tribulations that give us the way to choose Heaven or hell. 

The choice for living Heaven is ours but when we live in lower earthly energy in attack and defend we shape opponents and continue living in darker energy instead of consciously evolving towards Love. Humanity hasn’t understood consciousness or matter fro realizing the magnitude of our existence living in thought. Consciousness is al that is alive and there is no level of experiencing life outside of our thoughts. 

In life, there are no levels we live for anything other than gradually knowing who God is. When God created human consciousness it was to live in anything we could think without Him having to tell us what to think. Free will is having the ability to think at any level we can and create out of that level whatever we want.

Human consciousness as a collective consciousness creates what algorithm is lived out of but we’re creating what it can be ourselves. The light in human consciousness is created by the energy Love. Which doesn’t live in the same light humanity knows Love by. Love is God’s energy and we’re living at a level within His light going back Home. We only know life from a tiny piece of what we can believe and think from this one level of consciousness.

Everything has been given to us for living this one level of consciousness. The Bible helps us to understand the human story for living in matter at this one level of consciousness. But Heaven doesn’t exist at this one level of consciousness.

God is of all things now and for eternity. He’s already existing ten thousand years from now in human consciousness. The little person doesn’t understand life doesn’t exist in matter. We think matter is what life is and everything is very real to us. If we fall and scrape our knee it may bleed. There isn’t a human being walking the earth as we see them. There is nothing in existence other than consciousness. Matter is a small tiny piece of life. What is bigger and the light of life is energy.

Everything we see only exists at one tiny small level of our enormous existence. The light in life is eternal. Matter is temporal part of life and doesn’t live at the level of ultimate reality. It lives at the level of illusion we created to be our reality. Its our one level of consciousness we’re living through. It’s our story and its the human story. That we’re trying to awaken through to get to ultimate realty. To understand God at a deeper level beyond any level we’re living today.

No one experiences life outside of their little person level of thinking unless we consciously evolve beyond society. We only experience life in our narrative. It doesn’t matter if we watch TV, listen to the radio or sit in a room of five hundred people we’ll only experience them listening to our narrative. Our narrative is life and it’s been shaped from human consciousness and the present human story.

Human beings are hosting the body only for the human experience at this one level of consciousness. Never does a human being live in the same light for eternity. Our light is always changing for living at new levels of consciousness in matter. Energy is always changing form. The only objective in life is to live awakening to Love and as we do we awaken to God.

Every facet of life and every industry created tries to find what life is about and tries to be the one to know the universe best. It never is anything because no one is living for enlightenment to learn that from God. We’ll never see the totality of anything except what we can think at this one level of consciousness. We can send satellites into the sky and take pictures from all angles and discuss it with twenty other people who are recognized as a top scientist and it will only exist in our narrative at our level of consciousness. It’s a piece giving us life to live through just for our awakening.

Nothing we experience lives outside of our narrative. Every level of this illusion is extremely real to us and has consequences and reward but there is nothing existing except hundreds of trillions and trillions of subatomic particles living in human photosynthesis. Giving us ou story to awaken through.

People come into the world at the level of the collective consciousness and then shape their place in society. We don’t live beyond what’s already here. No one ever lives in higher consciousness.

It’s been thousands of years before someone broke out of humann consciousness because humanity doesn’t live for consciously evolving in God or for enlightenment. We live within a paradigm of society and never question what reality is or why we’re living and thinking at the level we do. People believe education is intelligence when there has been plenty of people that never went to school who recognize higher levels of our world than anyone ever has in science.

Earlier life didn’t have education systems as we do and yet held the most incredible nature for existing with greater peace than civilized society’s display. Their knowledge of the earth and cosmic world was profoundly advanced without any knowing except the light in their hearts feeding their Soul knowledge. Uneducated fishermen ended up being the Apostles having more knowledge about God and life than any other human being on earth. I’ve only gone to high school and never knew of anything I write before God came into my life.

Soul intelligence gives us the universe and Heaven teaching us about life. There’s no greater teacher than God for living through what He created. The reason so much debate has continued about His existence is religion doesn’t live for experiencing conversations with God at the level of Abraham. They only live society as reality and never live beyond religion’s present level of thinking.

When Jesus lived beyond religion it was for teaching all of us that religion placates to dogmatic political systems instead of building the house of Heaven on earth. People live for titles, positions, and status instead of losing their lives for gaining their lives in God.

It’s much easier to walk across the street and become religious than to live for Christ consciousness. When we live for Christ consciousness we lose society’s level of life for building the Soul in God. We live through the devil in human consciousness. Heaven has been with humanity from the beginning trying to have us live deeper in God. Always willing to give anyone at any time a greater level to live. We can only receive what we can conceive. Which means we have to make the choices to do what society doesn’t.

We’ll live through friends wondering what happened to us. We won’t hold status in society and never understand what’s really happening until we live exceptionally within the light of Heaven. When Abraham was told to sacrifice Isaac there was no one he consulted with because no one was living at the level he was with God. His light was in God and the test was with him alone making the choice of God for His salvation. God knew nothing would happen to Isaac but Abraham didn’t and it was very real to Him. Exceptionally real to him but this is how we build our light in God.

If we come into a world that’s made money a second God. No nation is following the Ten Commandments, and religion is existing just like the high priest and we have a Bible that speaks to this exact scenario. It’s probably a wise moment to understand what’s going on is our personal version of living light to God. Do we live society as reality or make the choice to live God as reality?

Humanity didn’t have the eyes or ears to think in the light to realize it was our personal ability to live like Moses if we so took that path. We instead took no path except what religion was giving making Bible study, practices and protocols our knowing God. Which never had us live to experience God at the level of Moses. God is living within our light just as Heaven is. Every time we choose Love and live as Christ we open another piece of our light in God. Every time we live for wealth, making our lives live with status or try to live better than others we add darker energy and we’ll need to live through that to more light.

Human consciousness living in lower earthly energy created living through ego, little person and satan. We’re living through everything other than Love to Love. Society making money a second God made living deeper in God just about impossible and is why our world is the devil’s level. It traps the Soul in money without giving us the way to live beyond it or even know we’re trapped. No level of society can exist without living for money which created living beyond society almost impossible and yet its the only way for giving humanity the light for living through.

There’s no other way that’s going to help us be sustianble in this world other than knowing God at a much deeper level. And understanding what reality is and what being alive is. The level of what money has become has been broken in half for human photosynthesis to change how money is living within human consciousness.

This change will create human life now and for eternity for only living aligned with God. It will increase the path of light for leaving the dark. Humanity has been living not experiencing Angels, celestial races or hearing God at the level that freaks people out. We haven’t experienced God at Heaven’s we want to for knowing His existence and the truth of our lives.

When you experience God at the level of hearing His voice from out of thin air it’s the most riveting and surreal experience of your life. Because you can’t figure out how it’s happening or that something like this is possible at the level it is. No matter how much you believe today you know God perfectly, no matter how much you feel you are hearing and being with Him there is another level to live. It is absolutely riveting and it is the one you want.

No one lives learning by God and not going through some tumultuous deafening times with Him. We’ll yell at Him, throw the Bible and rip apart the cross before understanding how He teaches. Human consciousness has only experienced God at matters level in lower earthly energy. We’re fitting God into our lives and having Him fit perfectly with us instead of unraveling our thought system in Him.

Our thought system has to change and during that process, we live outside of what has been our knowing and not knowing. What we have wanted and didn’t want. Everything becomes the opposite for opening light. Losing our lives to gain our lives in God is an unraveling process of everything we ever thought of as life. Reality changes and everything we ever wanted as life, it changes too. How we live, and what we do becomes different for placating to God’s path instead of society’s.

God gives the light for knowing Him within every level of consciousness. We have the Bible for this level of consciousness and we have a world that is alive. Our eyes and ears have been closed since the beginning because we made money a second God. But we’re in Heaven. The consequence of making money a second God was darkness but we have Heaven. We have Heaven able to help us go deeper into God.

Human consciousness cant live outside of itself. It has to live through itself. If we shape consciousness to only live in materialism at matters level we only harness lower earthly energy to process in consciousness. No human being making money a second God will know Heaven because they can’t. Their consciousness is shaped in lower earthly energy and lives in the filter of darkness. Time and time again they will live in matter at different levels of consciousness only experiencing the world in darker levels of energy.

To live beyond that level is to live for Love. We want to give the Soul the light for living in higher levels. Everyone has a life for creating the next one and it comes out of the Love we’ve become and not become. No one can live in anything other than what the Soul is becoming. When God told us to not make money a second God He knew what He created as life. He knew what would happen to human consciousness if people didn’t listen. We didn’t listen. When Jesus told us we were the people forever seeing and not seeing and always listening but not hearing He meant it.

When He told us it would be harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of an needle. He was telling us our thought system at matters level doesn’t live deeper in God for Heaven’s level.

We don’t think at a level of intelligence for giving to life what can keep it existing. We’re thinking at matters level very young trying to only get what we can and live for pleasure. We’re not ready for higher realms of our world because we’re not building the Soul on rock. We build the Soul on sand making what is temporal life instead of knowing consciousness is continuous.

No one on earth will ever live as they did in this life. Everyone has grace and is given a lifetime to live and change. When we don’t there’s only one level we live and that’s through our little person level. We can’t get beyond it without Love.

Life needs humanity to live knowing what God created as life and what the path is for living in peace, happiness, and Love. Society is the illusion. It’s only existing as the backdrop we live within for living beyond it to Love. Everything existing is our personal curriculum for awakening to Love.

Everyone we see is a level of energy in our Soul giving us the way to Love. The circumstances in life all come from human consciousness and the collective level of Love being lived.

Living Love is the gift of life opening our light in Heaven. When we live making Love our only livingness we carry Heaven in our Soul. No one lives for Love that works perfectly in their lives. It’s not an easy add on to who we are. It’s to carve our Soul deeper in God. Living Love challenges us and doesn’t work perfectly for us when we live Heaven’s level. We give and give and give some more. It’s never how we think it is. Life is beyond the little person version that’s making Love fit perfectly just for us.

Our world opens when we go beyond that level of living. We want to evolve beyond the level of knowing self as who we are to knowing we are Love.
We are consciousness leaving self for light.

The energy from ego develops our eyes and ears. It becomes all we know as life and the filter to what being alive is. Within our Soul is higher energy to live higher. We want to merge with heavenly energy instead of lower earthly energy.

Making choices every day for giving Love to strangers, acquaintances, and enemies is the way.

Loving people who Love us back will never teach us about Love.

Heaven will only give at the level we live so go deep and beyond any level, you think is Love. Knowing Christ gave His life and why helps us to understand His level of Love was heavenly to all of us. Christ gives us the way to Love. We never think about Love existing at different levels of consciousness but it does and we want to think that way. We want to go to a higher level of consciousness to experience greater levels of light and Love. Taking our Love into Christ consciousness.

Everything we live today builds the Soul in Heaven. Pain in consciousness comes from the ego, little person and or satan. The thoughts we have make us see through a filter that clouds truth. We can’t see everything here or even have the level of thinking for knowing greater life right in front of us. People live only within a fragment of life at any one level of consciousness. We don’t open the world we’re in because we’re ina level of energy that’s in lower earthly energy until we’re out of that. We will build a maze of thinking that continues to live in false reality building its structure within it.

The thought system will live in its maze and never leave until we live for consciously evolving. Pain energy becomes the being. We never experience the truth of our Soul because pain energy masks the light we are of by never living outside of the lower earthly energy.

We think who we are is our thoughts. We’re not our thoughts. They are the temporal story for awakening through to light. But if we don’t consciously evolve we create the entire experience of life in the little person version because we process lower earthly energy in consciousness. We’re not who we think we are and there is a higher version within our light to live but we have to consciously evolve for existing in higher consciousness within our Soul. No one is the body but everyone is Love.

A good way to understand how consciousness shapes itself and creates reality at the level we live is no one in religion is having conversations with God at the level of Heaven. Even though we created a papacy and have cardinals and bishops. The roles in life don’t define the light in God. They create the reward with no one knowing they’re not living any deeper in God. There isn’t a way to live beyond our filter and what we think until it happens for us to know more. No one lives outside of the depth they created as knowing God unless they consciously evolve for that knowing.

We can’t live outside of the maze we create as reality. And herein lies why God told us to keep Him first before every thought. We build the temple to God through Love. We build the temple to God by keeping Him first in our lives.nd by always having Him in conversation about every aspect of what we’re living.

Only when we open the light beyond society do we experience what can be biblical and riveting with God. Our knowing the Bible is part one but its not the finality and we never live the knowing until we actually live for Christ consciousness. Our eyes will not see what the Bible gave until Love is all we live for.

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