All Seeing Eye

all seeing eyeThe all seeing eye has been living in humanity's consciousness only at the level of matter. The human race is living in a level that is changing from matter to energy and from living in a mortal world to understanding the level of the world in Heaven.

Humanity has been existing in a level that has only been associating life with our five senses and the level of matter around us. What hasn't been understood is what hasn't been seen and that is the level of everything in existence...consciousness. God created life in consciousness giving humanity the gift of freewill to live creating a world in matter at any level of thinking. The light all life is in is Heavens level with God in every atom. Humanity is conscious energy and the only level for energy to live in matter at ones level of consciousness is through Gods light.

We have only understood the all seeing eye at the level of matter and now are understanding it from the level of Heaven. The all seeing eye is a level giving every human being the knowledge to know a greater level in our existence. When we live deeper we have the ability to know everything around us is trying to awaken us to higher levels of consciousness so we can understand Heaven and our existence.

Today, the human race is having a greater light in higher levels of existing for conscious evolution. Having humanity awaken to a greater level of understanding was always inevitable and the path for every human being whether in this life or another will always be becoming conscious of God. The all seeing eye has been insinuating God is looking over humanity. What humanity didn't understand was there is no level in our existence outside of Gods conscious space. Every level of thinking is through God's conscious space in  Conscious Energy which is the fabric of our world.

God is the level seeing everything, hearing everything and knowing every level of our existence. We are only having the ability to experience matter because of the light God is giving us to exist in. The level of the world and how we are existing is energy in photosynthesis. We are living in God's light at a level beyond our present level of consciousness giving Conscious Energy our light before we are even aware we have had a thought. The human brain is having consciousness come into it from outside of it. We are thinking in the conscious space of God. There is no existence outside of Gods light.

Heaven is in everything giving humanity the way to experience matter at the level of one's consciousness. If we are to understand living in energy we have to understand that our existence has been in a level beyond human consciousness. Every level in living has always been in a greater level than humanity has been able to conceive. We are only able to experience matter because we are living in the conscious space of God. There is nothing anyone is thinking or living that is not going through Heaven. There would be no way for us to experience any level of matter without living in Heaven.

We are beginning to have light for conscious evolution and this means an awakening that is giving every human being the ability to realize a greater level of potential within their level of consciousness. Every level in life is going to have knowledge about the level of the world and what being alive is and this is giving every human being the ability to live with  greater Heaven in their light.

Photosynthesis is giving humanity the ability to live in matter through the living species Conscious Energy. Conscious Energy is the species that is in the conscious space of God giving the mass, force, velocity, temperature and levity in all matter. There would be no livingness in matter if we did not have the living species Conscious Energy in every atom in the light of God. All that is existing is energy. We are conscious energy and not the body and our existence is in Gods light. God is the conscious energy that created the way for energy to experience matter at levels of consciousness. Conscious Energy is the Heavenly living species giving human beings the ability to be conscious in matter in God's light.

The all seeing eye is a level that has been in humanity's light from the beginning and has always had the profound ability to give a greater level to life for those were who are able to understand the all seeing eyes level. Humanity in the conscious space of God is telling us we are only living through the level of what we think in a world that is giving us the way to observe our own consciousness. The all seeing eye has a deeper meaning giving us the knowing we are the all experiencing the all seeing eye just as God is. Everything we think is all that is existing. What we are conscious of is in our light.  Heaven is giving humanity the way to experience matter in levels of consciousness beyond our present bodies in different mediums and Spirits as we evolve becoming conscious of Love.

The world has a level of Heaven in everything. Human consciousness has only been able to conceive life at the level of matter and is now having greater light to understand life at the level of Heaven.

Space time is only existing in human consciousness. Everything is in light and there is no matter except for the level of  light in ones consciousness. Matter is images within the light of one's Soul. Space time doesn't have a level in Heaven beyond human consciousness. Humanity is living in a light seeing matter at their level of consciousness. The species Conscious Energy can live in all levels of life at the same time regardless of where on earth there is thought. There is no matter in energy. There is no earth in Heaven. There is human consciousness experiencing an earth and Heaven. There is light with no space time existing.

When God created the Heavens and the earth for humanity the level of everything was in light.

There is nothing in existence except God who is hundreds of billions of years alive giving energy the level to be conscious of matter in its own light, while changing form in levels of consciousness that continue to create the very levels of matter it then lives through in its own level of light. Life is living for conscious evolution so that what is created in matter becomes Heaven.

Everything in existence is in God's light. Humanity on the micro level is living the same. We create in freewill what we live through in matter at our level of consciousness. We live in our consciousness observing it through matter as we try to become more conscious of Love because Love is the energy that expands the light in consciousness. The greater level of light we have the greater light in matter we have.

Today, humanity is having greater light to understand what we are doing on a planet in space and how we are living in levels of energy at our level of consciousness. Every human being is living to have a light that gives them the ability to understand their existence and potential in life.

In living there will always be choices and different levels in life creating what brings deeper levels into our light for evolution. Love is the energy that expands consciousness and is the level we want to always choose. How we live Love and the level we are living is deciding not just the level of this life but also creating our life continuum beyond these bodies into new life. The only level that is ever continuous in our life continuum is consciousness and Heaven. When we leave these bodies we will have a new mortal world with a new medium and Spirit to experience our new level of consciousness in. The mortal world and the level of self is always temporary and only for experiencing that level of consciousness in.

The all seeing eye is the level giving every human being the ability to understand a deeper level in our existence giving us the way to become conscious of Love to live Heaven while here on earth.



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