Gentle Living

Gentle Living

Four Holy Knowings:

Hope, Faith and Trust.
Train your thinking to live in God.
Love, Forgiveness, and Happiness.
Live one with all.

We live in a world that's moving very fast and our minds match what we see in life. We live in thought moving through matter. Everything we think is imprinting upon energy for what we experience.

People live incessantly thinking jumping from one thought to the next only experiencing their narrative as life. We never live outside of our thoughts. We think what is outside of us is separate from us when it's only living through us. Self is the transitory level of our existence while the Soul is continuous. We will live many lives with different bodies. If we live a million lives with different bodies which one was self? None of them. Consciousness is all that is alive. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off for every level of life. The body is transitory, the story is transitory and everything we see in matter is transitory. We are consciousness leaving self for light.

We've been taught to build self for subjugating society's level which is considered the devil's level because it has us focus on money, material, and consumerism instead of our divine light within. Society is temporary. It's just a back-drop giving us the way to carve our Soul into God. What is eternal and what we should focus on is consciousness. Consciousness maps the Soul's life continuum. The Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in matter in every life. Living Love is the only level human beings need to master. By mastering living Love we expand God's energy in our light for wisdom, knowledge and living Heaven while here on earth.

We want to move from incessant thinking to being conscious of life.
People live listening to self chatter as their guide in life. We never stop talking to ourselves. Whether we are walking, doing an activity or even listening to someone. Our minds keep racing with what to respond with. The mind doesn't stop talking until we are conscious of it and pause our thinking.

To live Heaven, we want to pause our mind for seeing the world beyond society. Most people live in dualistic thinking believing one part of life is peaceful and the other is work. We also think one part of life is happy and another part is not happy. We want to realize nothing ever leaves its source. We are moving through it evolving into Love. This is why history repeats itself and we experience the same things over and over again. They are lessons we haven't become Love through trying to give us the opportunity to live Love.

Every upset in life is for looking inward for where we are missing the truth in living Love with someone. The Bible can create a thought system deeper in God instead of in ower earthly energy. Which gives us more to process for living through light instead of darkness. Love is the energy of God in our light. We want to bridge the gap for what we think is the reality to the bigger world we are in. Knowing that society is the backdrop for carving our Soul into higher light. We can live beyond the mortal world circumstances to \ deeper levels in God for seeing beyond them.

Consciousness draws on energy. We live through energy whether we choose it or not. Living through God is how we keep higher levels of light in our thinking instead of holding darker earthly energy.

Perspective lives through energy. When we change our energy for choosing Love we can change the version of what we are experiencing. Always living for compassion, tolerance, and peace creates a peaceful life with others. We want to live happily no matter what we are doing. In life, we are the only ones that can decide how we perceive something that will upset us or make us happy. Making the choice to find light no matter what brings better living in Heaven while here on earth. Keeping God first and calling on Him is the way to keep light in life.

Many moments in life can be lived in happiness but we never seize them. When we're waiting for a friend we have time to come into our light and focus on our breathing. We have time to come into our light and send our friend Love and blessings before we see them.

At the grocery store, we can either stand in line impatiently, incessantly thinking about what else we need to do. Or we can live coming into our light living present to everyone in line being a level of energy within our Soul. We can send them Love, wish them blessings. Think about the moment and Heaven living with us.

When we are working we want to live present to having joy in what we do. When we work mindfully choosing periodic moments to focus on the breath and being with God. We live in the present moment feeling our livingness and oneness with our light. If we work mindlessly trying to make something happen or just to get it done. We lose our joy and oneness with light. When we practice taking moments to rest in the conscious space of God. We are lifting ourselves into higher energy which takes us into joy. keeping our focus on what is beyond our life is the level to live in.


Every day there are moments we can come into our light. When we live through Love we live beyond the level of matter. When we stay present to God being with us while we do chores, think, and work. We live with energy beyond the level of what we're doing. Being present to the light beyond what we do is opening the conscious space of God.

We want to return to our light until we blend it completely as life. Many practices become livingness as we understand consciousness is all that is alive. If we don't realize our thoughts are life we live asleep never having the power for deepening peace, joy, and unity with God.

Wisdom is living out of God's energy. Those that live deepest in Him live in the highest levels of knowing. This is why every enlightened master has done so through the energy Love. The more Love we live the greater levels of God's energy we have in our light which gives us intelligence.

We have to live beyond matter deeper into God to live beyond this level of thinking. Which means unraveling the thought process and opening ourselves to greater levels of God. Over the years we have lived society's level creating millions of tiny snakes in our thought process that must be released.

If we live with reality on level "A" we only experience what lives in level "A" including our interpretation of God. We can't go outside of our thought system unless we intentionally live in a practice going beyond our present level of thinking. Living through Spirit has always been the way for higher consciousness because we acquire God's energy in ours the more Love we live.


When Jesus said, " While we look on the things which are seen, but on the things that are not seen for the things which are seen, are temporal: but the things which are not seen, are eternal. He was teaching us to live beyond what our eyes are telling us to the bigger level in God. "Our eyes do not see the totality of anything. There is more here we do not see. Our mind does not tell us the truth, there is more beyond our perspective"

Society and matters level is the temporal part of life. Consciousness is continuous and is eternal. We want to live for consciously uniting in energy deep in God.

In meditation, we go beyond matters level for experiencing God's light which has no space-time and is infinitely expanding. Let us imagine the conscious space of God as a huge red circle as big as the earth always growing and we're a tiny little white circle the size of an ant in the center of the big blue one. That tiny little circle is also our level of consciousness.

We want to go beyond our tiny white circle into the blue circle for higher levels of consciousness. But we have to get beyond our perspective, attachments, and meaning in matter. Which keep us only living in society's level. Never going beyond the circle for what else is in our world. Our thought system becomes our reality. Our perspective becomes our reality. Yet there is much more life beyond this one level of thinking. When we go beyond our thinking we open more of our world. More life lives in the conscious space of God. We want to consciously evolve through the veils of illusions to Heaven.

Our world is in Heaven and the only level preventing us from experiencing incredible life is our level of thinking. All thought emerges out of energy and as we live greater Love we change the energy thought emerges out of. The aim is to end incessant thinking for quieting the mind and living in deep stillness.

As we increase Love we acquire more of God's energy in our light for living through. Meditation, prayer and mantra's take us into the bigger conscious space of God. By teaching us to pause our incessant thinking for being present. We experience no thought. As we remember our existence we return into our light.


Waking meditation is done as a practice in life. We don't have to go to a quiet place or be alone in a room. Anywhere we are is good whether on a plane, at work, gardening or in a waiting room.

We want to live in the conscious space of God instead of in our self chatter. We want to live in the conscious space of God instead of taking any experience literally without there being light. We want to live in the conscious space of God instead of in our mind talking.

Learning how to live in stillness is the only way we return to our light and begin understanding a deeper purpose of our existence. We're part of something much bigger than our jobs, cars, houses and bank accounts. We are in unity with deeper levels of life. When we only live society's level we skim over our deeper yearning for knowing a greater Truth about who we are. In meditation, we open that door and connect to the bigger level of God we're in. This is why meditation brings awakening. We welcome higher levels of light into ours.

We begin by realizing beyond everything we see is space. Beyond everything we hear is space. Even in our thoughts, there is a space between every sentence. Everything we see and hear emerges out of the conscious space of God. It's floating in light for us to see.

Look beyond what we see for Heaven's light. Listen deeply into sound carrying beyond what we hear to the next level. Go deeper and deeper beyond all sound to the space and stillness it emerges out of. Keep the mind living only in light. Once our eyes or ears have centered on light beyond the surface. Live in that space deepening stillness. The sounds will merge into a nothingness. What is seen will only be merging into a sense of calm. Even if we are watching a busy street. It will become calm. The space beyond everything we see has peacefulness, balance, harmony, and serenity.

If the eyes get lost. Simply send Love to everyone while seeking only the space behind what we see. This waking meditation goes very deep once the practicer is cultivating stillness.

Heaven is the level of everything with human consciousness creating its version. This practice is good at work and in precarious situations where calmness and deeper peace are needed.

Love teaches us to see beyond what most people see. Giving us the light for appreciation, gratitude, and wonder.



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