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People question if it can be real without knowing how it began or what I've lived through. I didn't have God in my repertoire and nor did I want too. I went through a huge life change because of the devil's level in society when I caught an organization monitoring me. They began destroying my life, taking it from Beverly Hills to below poverty because of being caught. No one could have told me by choosing Love my life would have God, Heaven, Angels, and other races. Never would I have believed it was possible, or even that God existed. My life-changing for God wasn't a choice it happened because of the devil's level in life and choosing Love beyond society's level.

There was nothing in my life about supernatural things or Angels. Nor did I understand particles, human photosynthesis, Conscious Energy, consciousness or anything I write about. God directs the subject matter. I didn't even understand the intensity with religion until it was known how far away society is from God. The reason there's even a level for living Christ consciousness is because of Love and our not living God as reality.

We can't know our depth with God until something like this happens. Only God can teach religion it doesn't know Him just as He did two thousand years ago. No human being could know this if not for God showing it. He's changing the world. God is teaching us to live deeper in Him and for the first time in human history, we're having the miracle for understanding creation. It's beyond our knowing and religions knowing but that's the point.

Everything God has given me is to help tell people about Him. There's more info on this website than what anyone could know. Having the ability to live in Heaven learning the back end of life takes everything life is into the level for teaching anyone about it. Humanity never evolved beyond matters level to have minds that can comprehend other light. There is a reason Jesus spoke in parables two thousand years ago and why He said we were the people forever seeing and never seeing and always listening but never hearing.

When we made money a second God we had no idea the consequence. It was darkness. We live in linear consciousness instead of evolving vertically. We don't think beyond the level of materialism. There are videos of other races, recordings of voices from beyond, and writings that are deeper than human consciousness with subject matter beyond world government and its institutions. No one in human history knew how matter was existing until these writings. People only need common sense to know there is no level in any of this someone would just do or even have the way to understand. No one would take on teaching religion about God if they were in society's level of consciousness.

I've worked for years with Marianne Williamson who is the next President of the United States. When my life changed work became minimal. I was blessed to have a way to earn what covers my basic human needs while my consciousness changed. I'm the first human being to ever live Christ consciousness living in Heaven while here on earth. Life is infinitely beyond any level we think we know.

There are higher levels of life with us we simply can't experience until our thinking evolves to higher levels of consciousness in God. Our world is more advanced and extremely quantum. People once missed Jesus walking the earth because they were deep in satan, incredulous and not having faith in God. I'm grateful for knowing God is very much with us and very much alive.


Nothing lives at the level of the world we experience. We're only seeing what our mind is capable of seeing. There is much more here.

We never understood the world as vibrations, frequencies, and resonance and therefore didn't know other races were energy. We should have known because God is of no form and is of all form. Science knew at the smallest particle there was only a wave but they didn't understand how that wave was existing. Now we do.

Everything see is living energy. Our world isn't matters level it's quantum energy. Energy is living as the fabric of our world. Every bus, tree, human and ocean is hundreds of trillions of subatomic particles. We're seeing another race that's energy living quantumly throughout the world.

Other races can live without facial features or bodies. They're more advanced and beyond any level, we've been comprehending. Some races are objects and shapes with no facial features and crafts can even be the being. Our world has celestial races living with us as part of creation and they're hundreds of billions of years alive. We wouldn’t be able to see energy if not for it showing in shapes and light. The shapes and light aren’t the medium the level beyond it is.


We have to live in the space for experiencing more in our light. Heaven and God have always been with us, but people don't experience hearing God outside of society's little person level.

Our ears haven't lived hearing Angels or celestial races because our minds haven't lived in a relationship with them. People don't think our living with God is shallow but we're not living deeply in Him. We don't live experiencing Heaven in our lives at this level.

If we were living deeper in God we would know what a voice from beyond is like. We would have experienced what freaked us out and seemed impossible to exist. We would live Him as reality and not society's little person level.

We think what is supernatural is a sometimes occurrence when it's the normal level of life. How society thinks of other races is the same light of how we live with God. We're not ready for knowing more life until we have understood who God is and how life is existing. That maturity we need for having depth in other races comes from the depth in knowing what being alive is.

If people knew God was existing and experienced Him talking to them would they really be unsure about other races existing? No. They would know we live in another race and exist with other races giving us the way to live in matter.

Without depth, we have no eyes to see with or ears to hear with. Everything lives more incredulous. We think we know Heavens level and all the while no one is living experiencing voices from beyond. When we live for consciously evolving we live for knowing what is beyond society's level as life. We understand the enormity of other races and what is living as the only experience of life. Society is the tiny speck on a journey into the universe of consciousness. Our lives have much more to experience but we need the depth, maturity, and substance for standing in the space that gives us that world.

If we experience any level of the bigger world without consciously evolving we never process the depth of what is happening. Our perspective and association of its existence will only live from our present little person's level of thinking. We want our reality to live already with substance for the enormity of life. Knowing the gravity of how big the world is from society's little perspective. Life is intricate and complex with much more existing than we can see. We want to live in that space for learning and surrendering our lives to God.

As we gain substance we hold the space for knowing and experiencing more of our world.

Learn what the recordings meant and listen to more audios.

God says, "Follow" in resonance.

Angel saying, "I want to help you out."

God saying, "Family."


We have to open the door to knowing a deeper level of life beyond society. How many people have believed something never existed until it does. Once it does reality opens to a new level and there will again be more challenges for realizing more of the world existing. It's like veils of reality that drop away the deeper we go.

We only live in thought at our little person's level of consciousness. Any fact is only a temporary agreement and doesn't live for eternity. As human consciousness evolves there's more knowing.

Is God real? Yes. Did Jesus walk the earth and was He the Son of God? Yes. How do you know?  I hear God and Heaven and it's God who is teaching me about creation and living Christ consciousness. No one on earth has ever written about human photosynthesis or provided more information about consciousness or how matter is existing than I. No one is living with Heaven's races 24/7 as I am.

Some people say, "Prove it, let me ask God a question." Someone at that level won't ever know if God exists because the state of mind hasn't matured for living anything for themselves that gives them higher light in God. We have to live for what we can receive. There's a carving of our Soul we live through for knowing the bigger world. We can't just read about it or hear a lecture. We need substance and greater light in consciousness by living in deeper experiences. Our present reality has been reinforced through a thought system that has shaped its identity and meaning. We want to experience God for ourselves to break out of the lower earthly energy in consciousness. There's no better fact than having the experience.

Faith is what helps us live beyond matters level and society's little person for living in ways we normally wouldn't. We need faith to trust there's more here and when we do we open the door. People who want facts without experience won't live deeper than religions level. They may not have the aptitude to comprehend anything beyond how they think today.

We only experience the world from one level of consciousness. If we can't live beyond matters present level we won't expand consciousness beyond what we identified as life. Reality is relative to consciousness. We want to question creation and how we only live in our thoughts for having a more robust expectation of life.






So close our thoughts live through His energy in order for us to hear them. God is the light in every atom's nucleus for giving us the temperature for matter to exist only at our level of consciousness.


God is consciousness and living as energy hundreds of billions of years alive. Our world is algorithms from His consciousness in hundreds of trillions and trillions of subatomic particles. Life is so quantum it's beyond quarks or any level humanity will understand for tens of thousands of years. Particles are living in decimals in holographic light for creating human photosynthesis (not to be confused with planet photosynthesis).


God is consciousness and is of no form and is of all form. We live in algorithms within His light. People haven't experienced deeper levels of God because we haven't been carving our Soul deeper in Him for hearing Him at Heaven's level. We hear God from the little person level in earthly lower energy at society's level, until we begin living for Christ consciousness. Our level of consciousness has to change for hearing God in higher light. We can only consciously experience God from our present level of thinking and how the world occurs to us.

In higher consciousness, the light in matter changes for experiencing higher levels of our world. When we hear God it's in resonance through vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. We hear Conscious Energy, Angels,  celestial races, other races, and human beings the same way.



Consciousness is an algorithm out of God's energy. God's consciousness is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of energy in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. He created us out of His energy. Every thought we have is part of the Soul’s journey unraveling its light back to God.

Human consciousness is living through subatomic particles in temperature. Human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis) is giving the density in matter. Our world is energy in different levels of God.  In His conscious space, there are hundreds of trillions of self-organizing energy living as different races because they exist in different lights of consciousness with different purposes.

Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our little person level of consciousness becoming Love. Matter is a nothingness existing only in consciousness. If we saw our world at creations level, there would only be grids of energy going in all directions infinitely.

READ MORE HERE: https://www.heavens.love/god/what-is-consciousness/


Enlightenment is higher consciousness beyond society and in Heaven's level.  It's higher levels of God's energy in our light.

We learn there is only one of us here with God as we drop the veils of illusion. Living beyond matter is heavenly and the light we live for. One consciousness isn’t about joining our little person level of consciousness to other peoples. It's knowing I am the universe with everything I see existing as a level of energy in my Soul for consciously evolving through to higher light. Consciousness is all that is alive. Every bus, tree, human being, and ocean is hundreds of trillions of subatomic particles only living in our light.

The observer has everything they see existing only in their light. If we were in a room of 500 people the only one living is the observer everyone else is a level of energy within their Soul. God created life for every consciousness to experience itself, having the way to consciously evolve experiencing different levels throughout the aging process and beyond.

Nothing is outside of us, there is no place you begin or I end because the world is energy in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. The universe isn’t outside of us, our neighbor isn’t outside of us - they only live through us. They can only live in our thoughts, in our narrative. ( I am the universe)


God created us for knowing Him. Jesus taught humanity to live beyond religion just as He lived. As did Abraham, John the Baptist, and Moses by Living God as reality instead of society as reality. Jesus knew the high priest only lived in practices and protocols which doesn't change reality from carving our Soul in God. We want to consciously evolve in God for our thought system to change. If we only live society's level we have the same reality as anyone else, we've only added God to it. We want to consciously evolve to know society as the illusion and God as reality.

As we live through experiences losing our lives and gaining them in God we have deeper choices for greater faith and trust. Gaining substance is the key for changing one's light. We have to live it.

People will know when they're living beyond the first stage into the next when there's only living through the devil in human consciousness. This happens because we're unraveling our thought system in God. We're leaving the earthly lower energy humanity shaped human consciousness in by making money a second God. As we make the devil vanish by choosing Love light changes for greater levels of God's energy to process in consciousness. We have higher consciousness the more Love we live.

By living Christ consciousness and leaving society as reality for God as reality we experience Heaven while here on earth.


Conscious Energy (capital C & E) is the fabric of our world and the living race of Heaven. They are the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. Conscious Energy can communicate when we're in Heaven's level of consciousness.


Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Matter is vibrations, frequencies, and resonance living in consciousness. The light of the atom exists in algorithms in consciousness. God is keeping measure for human consciousness to assign the atoms purpose and the livingness of the particle. Every atom gives the level for individual consciousness to assign its livingness. Matter is hundreds of trillions and trillions of particles in temperature creating the density through holographic light.


Human photosynthesis is atoms in decimals in holographic light. The algorithms are out of God's consciousness and in human consciousness. Matter is existing in temperatures through trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy.


Society is the base little person level of consciousness we come into. It's only the backdrop story giving us the way to live deeper in God.  It's the temporal illusion and has nothing to do with living. It only creates conscious evolution. We're living to realize our existence in God and society's story gives us the way to do that.

We come into a world existing and create our self-story for evolving through. If we didn't experience matter we wouldn't have the way to observe our thoughts and make choices as Love. It can live very real and be impossible to detect the malleable nature until we are more conscious of our thoughts in matter.  As we consciously evolve there are noticeable gaps in reality.


There are no human beings walking the earth as we see them. We're imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. There is only energy with human consciousness creating its version of living inside of the God's consciousness. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness.

Human consciousness is temporal realities based upon the present level of consciousness. We're experiencing one level of consciousness out of an infinite we can live. We're increasing energy for existing in human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis) for greater light in matter. The world is like veils of temporary realities that fall away the more we become conscious of life. There's more existing beyond what we can see from our little person level of consciousness. We're not seeing what is here. We're only seeing what we can think.

Consciousness is all that is alive. As we live Love in God we increase His energy in our light and this gives us higher consciousness for seeing more of our world.We live beyond society as reality to God as reality.



We are algorithms out of God's energy living in consciousness slowly evolving to greater light in God. Human beings are not the body. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off. in every life. We're the conscious energy inside of the body.


It's one version of consciousness out of an infinite. There are no human beings walking the earth as we see them. There are hundreds of trillions of subatomic particles living in decimals in holographic light. What we see isn't all that’s here. Our world is relative to our little person level of consciousness. Most people never realize they only live in their narrative and never outside of what they think. We can listen to other people and will only interpret it from our narrative. We don’t live outside of our thoughts. Ultimately there’s only one of us here with God. Life doesn’t exist at the level we call reality. There is only one level of consciousness experiencing this life and that's yours. If we saw creations level we would see atoms in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance for as far as the eye could see. Human photosynthesis ( not to be confused with plant photosynthesis) is how we live in matter. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. It could be called the temporary world but The world is an eternal dream living in matter at different levels of consciousness.


God created human consciousness in freewill which means, we create everything in human consciousness a person can live through. Only human consciousness is creating suffering in the human story.  No one wants needless suffering in life but society lives in darkness and that manifests in many ways. The Love we live and don’t live is the light that creates the circumstances in human consciousness.

When things happen because of humanity's darkness. We want to be with God and His Angels for overcoming the world. As individuals, we live through every thought as life. We experience a world in our narrative and never outside of our thoughts. We have to live with God in conversation for guidance and help. Only we can create the energy we live through. And only we can choose how to think and to live Love over everything in our world. This is why people want to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. It's the way to have a thought system in Love instead of darkness. Our Love, our level of faith, trust, and depth with God creates the light we live through.

We won't have God help us if we don't believe in Him. As people learn about creation they will realize how He is existing and why we choose to live with Him. He created everything in existence and will help us through anything.