The Light in Consciousness

light in consciousness

Love is the light in consciousness giving Spirit the way to live in matter. The light is the Love we have accumulated in our Soul over our life continuum.

Consciousness is coming into every human being through Heaven. The world is energy and in every particle is God. God is giving the light in every atom for photosynthesis to give us living in matter. The level of what being alive is and how a human being is conscious is through levels of energy in photosynthesis which is being through Heaven. There is no life on earth that is not living in the light of Heavens consciousness. Al life is in the conscious space of God.

The level of our consciousness is the level of Love in our Soul that is giving us the light to experience the world through.  Consciousness give’s the Spirit the level of experience’s to become more Love through in an individual process that only giving to ur light. People are trying to become more Love, which is an energy, so that the Soul has greater light to live life through. The light is what is in photosynthesis and is creating the next part of life we live. The energy Love is the level of what we live through in every life. Love is the only light in consciousness giving us the experience in matter.

The light we think through is placing meaning in matter at our level. The moment we are conscious of something it is in our light we live it. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world and the livingness in all matter. Conscious Energy is helping us live in photosynthesis. They are the light in every level of matter we experience.

The mortal world is transitory and only existing at one level of consciousness. The more Love we live the greater light in our Soul we have for consciousness to experience matter through. In every life we will have a different Spirit and medium to live our new level of consciousness through in matter.  Life is living for humanity to consciously evolve through living Love and creating in matter what is of Heaven. Love is the key to life and the only energy in existence giving humanity the ability to live on earth.

Love is the light in consciousness we experience Spirit through. What we think is all that is alive.

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