Being Conscious

1 Life is energy.
We live in the fabric of conscious energy.
2 Being alive.
We live through photosynthesis in the space of God.
3 The universe is consciousness.
Consciousness is all that is alive.


Consciousness is all that is alive. Form is only the medium for consciousness to experience life at the level of thinking that brings everything into being. Conscious energy is giving the photosynthesis for us to live in form.

There has never been anything else evolving except consciousness. The underlying reality in life is consciousness in the conscious space of God.

  • We live in the conscious space of Gods energy
  • The universe is a pool of consciousness
  • Consciousness unites all life in existence including plants, animals and all living organisms.
  • We live with conscious energy that is giving the photosynthesis for us to live in form
  • The light in consciousness is at the level of love in our souls
  • Consciousness is coming outside of us into us from heaven. Every life we've lived has accumulated levels of love in our soul and the level is the light in our consciousness that is managed in heaven.
  • Life began from conscious energy, it exist as conscious energy and is evolving through consciousness.
  • All that is alive is consciousness
  • On a molecular level there is consciousness in every cell that is giving photosynthesis through a double helix structure in our light.
  • All form is in consciousness including everything we see. At the smallest level of a particle all that is existing is the vibration of energy in consciousness.
  • The earth and all living organisms exist in a conscious ecosystem communicating at a higher level of consciousness than human beings.
  • What we believe is gravity is the photosynthesis through conscious energy

Every thought is dynamic energy extending beyond our bodies into the light of conscious energy. Conscious energy in our world is giving the photosynthesis for us to experience what we think in form. The level of each thought builds and creates what we experience and live through.

The incessant thinking from one thought to the next keeps us in our reality. We live what we think. What we are thinking is the light in our reality. The power of consciousness is having the ability to live in freewill while creating a livingness in heaven. All seven billion people on this planet exist in their own light of consciousness, while collectively creating the light that is the world to live through.

Consciousness is coming from outside of us into us from heaven. It is the love in our souls that is the light in our consciousness. Heaven is giving us the light at the level of love we have accumulated in our life continuum. Photosynthesis is the level of the living that human beings are experiencing and is the light in life that love is giving to exist.  The higher levels of love create higher levels of life that can be lived. Photosynthesis is the level of what is having the level of life being lived possible. It is what gives us our present experience while creating the next part of life.


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