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How to Forgive

🎧 In life, we accumulate lower earthly energy by living through ego, the little person or satan. When something terrible happens in our lives we hold onto the energy and live with the absence of Love. How to forgive is a life long blessing. Thinking only exists out of energy and when we live with suffering the energy we think out of is dark. We want to live Love as our breath in life.

Below are some beautiful mantras for releasing darkness for light.

Every thought is all we live as life. We live in self chatter listening to our narrative and making it exist as life. We never live outside of our perspective. When we understand each thought is life we understand why living Love is imperative to live Heaven. We want to forgive and release all pain in our energy.

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How to Live with Miracles

🎧 The world is living in energy and our reality lives in miracles, light, and Love. Miracles are everyone's God given light to live in.Happiness is the brother of Love and Heaven is the light of Love. Every day learn to Love deeper and through all experiences so that the miracle of this life communicating with Heaven opens up. It's always better to give Love than anything else knowing that Love is the answer that invokes miracles, happiness, and Heaven.

Our state of mind is the only pathway Heaven can travel through. We want to open it by not deflecting miracles through incessant thinking. Having a practice for ending incessant thinking is a requisite for humanity. It's the level that takes us deeper into God.

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Forgiveness, Pain and Suffering

forgiveness(The practices to heal are towards the bottom of this writing. Please read the writing to understand them.) Life is in energy and forgiveness is the greatest level for human beings to live in Heaven. Everything we are conscious of is in our light...

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