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Science of Consciousness

✎ To understand any level of our universe it is imperative we understand how every particle is only living in individual consciousness. Knowing what matter is gives us a way for understanding dark matter and light.

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Consciousness in Life

🎧 ✎ Every human being, bus, tree, building, and the star is energy living in trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles. There isn’t form. We only experience form because God is in every atom’s nucleus giving us the light for living in human photosynthesis, which gives us our form.

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Algorithms and Quarks

🎧 ✎ We see in levels of photons which live beyond the level we measure for seeing. The light is existing in quantum holographic levels giving leptons and quarks different energy at levels were only beginning to comprehend exist. All energy exists in algorithms.

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The Theory of Everything

🎧 ✎ The Theory of Everything is atoms in hyper light living in measures for human consciousness to assign the purpose of the atom and the livingness of the particle. No level of life is existing outside of consciousness. Individual light is living in every level of the world in their own narrative of life. The atom exists in individual consciousness in human photosynthesis.

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