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Heaven’s Voices

🎧 ✎ Life beyond the body is normal when we understand creation and Heaven. God is of no form and is of all form. The human beings is not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every new life. What is continuous in every life is consciousness. God created human beings in His likeness and God is dynamic energy and we are conscious energy. In this article there are audios of Heaven's voices beyond human to hear and videos of energy that can communicate. May they provoke deeper thought of our quantum world and the extraordinaire level it is. Everything we see including people, buildings, trees, and the ocean is trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles in vibrations, frequencies and resonance. Our world is in Heaven with human consciousness creating its version to live through to deeper levels of God.

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Perception and Consciousness

🎧 ✎ Matter at the smallest particle is a wave only having its properties through photosynthesis. Matter is having its levels in human consciousness from energy that is of God.

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Teaching Religion About God

🎧 ✎ Religion has never looked at itself with eyes from Heaven. Most people have been brought up with God from a perspective that hasn't evolved beyond itself deeper into God. We don't live to go beyond religion and no one in religion is living to go beyond itself. Even though Jesus walked the earth teaching us there was more to know about God beyond religion. He knew more than the high priest at that time and was trying to teach them about God. When they couldn't handle His knowledge they crucified Him.
We live in passed down ideologies never carving our Soul beyond religions present level. Jesus was teaching us to live deeper than practice and protocol into God. We want to live Christ consciousness beyond any level in society for living God as reality.

Religion shaped God at society's level instead of as the blueprint to life. We haven't had conscious evolution deeper into God for thousands of years. Even though most people realize they only know God from one perspective we don't live for enlightenment to know more. We made society reality instead of God as reality. The high priest who crucified Jesus never knew the Messiah was right in front of them. Which tells us we can never believe we know God perfectly even if we think we have doctrinal authority. The only way we can know more of God is when we live in higher levels of consciousness.

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How to Forgive

🎧 In life, we accumulate lower earthly energy by living through ego, the little person or satan. When something terrible happens in our lives we hold onto the energy and live with the absence of Love. How to forgive is a life long blessing. Thinking only exists out of energy and when we live with suffering the energy we think out of is dark. We want to live Love as our breath in life.

Below are some beautiful mantras for releasing darkness for light.

Every thought is all we live as life. We live in self chatter listening to our narrative and making it exist as life. We never live outside of our perspective. When we understand each thought is life we understand why living Love is imperative to live Heaven. We want to forgive and release all pain in our energy.

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