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Who is Self?

🎧 ✎ Self is the transitory level of our mortal world.  We are only using this body for this one experience. In every life, we will have a different body which is the medium and a different Spirit which is our persona.

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Angels in Our Mist

🎧 ✎ When God created creatures with consciousness, He created Angels for living in matter. Ten years ago the Angels in my light gave me the way to live Christ consciousness and experience God in the light no human being had experienced since Jesus walked the earth. Through Love, it began.
When they entered my life, I had no level of knowing Angels or living with God. I was more atheist, but they still came when my life was being destroyed by people who wronged. I had chosen Love and wasn't defending myself or attacking back. I was living Love because I didn't want to live at their level of energy. I believed there had to be an answer that didn't involve hating, or having to live dark energy fighting back.
Many days I drove to the FBI but pulled over because something inside kept telling me to live Love and not do anything. I went from Beverly Hills to below poverty and it went on for four years. Then I began having energy flying around my apartment. Some times I recorded fifty or more videos in one day of orbs and different energy flying around. That eventually led to hearing voices on the videos. Which then became hearing them talking to me directly. Angels became a normal part of my life. Living in Heaven while here on earth is the only reason everything in my life changed so profoundly. It was for living with God in Christ consciousness for teaching about creation and life not living deeply in Him.

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Heaven’s Voices

🎧 ✎ Life beyond the body is normal when we understand creation and Heaven. God is of no form and is of all form. The human beings is not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every new life. What is continuous in every life is consciousness. God created human beings in His likeness and God is dynamic energy and we are conscious energy. In this article there are audios of Heaven's voices beyond human to hear and videos of energy that can communicate. May they provoke deeper thought of our quantum world and the extraordinaire level it is. Everything we see including people, buildings, trees, and the ocean is trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles in vibrations, frequencies and resonance. Our world is in Heaven with human consciousness creating its version to live through to deeper levels of God.

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Love is Heaven

loveLove is the energy giving life the ability to exist. Love is Heaven to everything in our world. Everything in matter is leading to a thought. There is no-thing around us in form that is not inducing some level of thought. We only...

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