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The Law of the Universe

law of the universeThe Law of the Universe is Consciousness. God is the light all life is in and God is Love. The universe is consciousness. All life is living in the conscious space of God. God created life for humanity...

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The Law of Love

law of loveThe Law of Love is living Christ. God is Love. Love is the energy all life is in. Love is the only reason any human being is able to exist and experience a world in energy. If humanity didn't have...

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The Law of Spirit

law of spiritThe Law of Spirit is energy. Everything we experience as life is energy in consciousness. There is no matter without consciousness.  Life is living through photosynthesis in Conscious Energy. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world and is the...

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The Law of Photosynthesis

law of photosynthesisThe Law of Photosynthesis is living in the light. Life is in consciousness and Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world giving humanity the level in photosynthesis to experience matter at one level of consciousness.  Photosynthesis is giving every human...

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