Book: The Apex of Life


About the Book:

We are living in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance.

The ancient wisdom of Heaven is all there is with human consciousness separating itself from the ancient knowing of all. We are creating our reality inside of Heaven at our level of consciousness.

We live as energy in matter. The Apex of Life gives knowledge never given to human beings before. It is written with God. We are learning more about creation for experiencing Heaven while here on earth.

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Apex of Life



Apex of Life

God is in Every Atom

God created us to experience the world only from our perspective. This gave us the way to observe our thinking and evolve through it. And this created the path for our life continuum living through matter at any one level consciousness, consciously evolving deeper into God. As we become more conscious of Love we live deeper in Heaven.

Every thought is what we live through. HUman beings think incessantly and the incessant thinking moves us through matter in thought. We're on a journey carrying the light of God slowly awakening to more of Him than us. We live going from consciousness of self to light. Life is only a teacher giving us the way to become conscious of Love. Ultimately there is only one of us here with God.

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