Book: Teaching Religion About God

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Religion has never lived beyond itself to know God deeper. Its been in a passed down level of knowing God living in practices and protocols instead of living God as reality in conscious evolution. No one is being born to live beyond religion deeper into God to then turn around and teach religion about God. When that is exactly what we should be doing.

Living for enlightenment is the only way we can live knowing God beyond the level we do today. Every human being has the alienable right of living deeper in God than any depth in religion. No one has doctrinal authority or decree with God over any other human being on earth.

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Teaching Religion About God

The papacy doesn't discern believing in Christ.

There will never be a human being on earth having greater decree with God than any other human being unless they are living in Heaven while here on earth.

The papacy created a devil in Christianity because it created society to worship a pope as if the pope had a level with God greater than someone else. Never should religion stand in a light without living the depth of that light.

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