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God is hundreds of bilions of years alive living in every atom giving us the way to touch our faces, see the eath and have bodies.

This read will help you understand human consciousness and our world in Heaven. There is only energy existing with human beings imprinting upon the energy the images we live through. Matter is the illusion only existing at our level of consciousness. It's temporarily giving us a way to acquire greater levels of the energy Love.

When God created life in consciousness He created the way for human beings to live for eternity. We are learning about our existence and how miraculous and extraordinaire it is.

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living with God

God Hears Every Thought living with God

We are able to hear our thoughts because they live through God's energy. He is giving us human photosynthesis for having matter at our level of consciousness. We live in another race called Conscious Energy. They are a species in the conscious space of God giving us the way to live in matter. Our world is enormous with different realms within every level of consciousness.

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