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We are tiny little atoms living in human photosynthesis trying to become conscious of Love. And as we do we become conscious of God.

Learn how God created humanity as energy to live in matter. Love is the light in consciousness giving us the way to live at any level we can think. We have the power of God in our minds for living in miracles, joy, and peace.

The mind is our eyes livng through matter to God. Heaven leads us into the secrets of the universe. Opening our eyes to God, Conscious Energy and how living in consciousness is the illusion we are awakening through.

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Heaven is Living in Everything We See

Every human being is living in a personalized curriculum experiencing a world with God from their level of consciousness. We only live this life from our perspective. Everyone we meet is a teacher trying to help us live greater Love. Heaven is the level of everything with human consciousness placing its version in life over Heavens. Never has there been a greater time for experiencing Angels, miracles and light with God guiding us deeper into Heaven.

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