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How to Forgive

🎧 In life, we accumulate lower earthly energy by living through ego, the little person or satan. When something terrible happens in our lives we hold onto the energy and live with the absence of Love. How to forgive is a life long blessing. Thinking only exists out of energy and when we live with suffering the energy we think out of is dark. We want to live Love as our breath in life.

Below are some beautiful mantras for releasing darkness for light.

Every thought is all we live as life. We live in self chatter listening to our narrative and making it exist as life. We never live outside of our perspective. When we understand each thought is life we understand why living Love is imperative to live Heaven. We want to forgive and release all pain in our energy.

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Creation and Money As A Second God

🎧 When God told us to not make money a second God or live for false idols. He was giving us the way to shape consciousness in light and in the direction of Heaven. We didn't realize how life was existing in energy to understand the importance of doing that. We weren't at a level of thinking to really understand we've been created. I don't think we live remembering we're created.

We come into the world already existing and immediately start living at society's level never questioning anything. We haven't been a species living for intelligence. We're not being born to live for enlightenment or to live beyond world government. We're being born to uphold a money realm system which has created humanity living for money as a second God.

Our level of consciousness doesn't understand reality is celestial races, Angels and God. We believe reality is accumulating in excess and becoming famous or wealthy. One has substance and the other is exuding shallow consciousness. When life was trying to teach us to live according to creation we didn't listen. We discarded God and instead created life in what was tangible not realizing it was the illusion.

This writing is to teach us what living in God is for and why we need His energy in our consciousness. Understanding matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness is imperative for understanding what we're doing on this planet floating in space.

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The Divine Light Within

🎧 Every human being is unraveling their Soul in God. Slowly becoming a greater level of Love. We have opportunities every day to live Love through people and situations. Creating in our lives what helps us understand a deeper level of who we are and the divine light within. 

From childhood, we've had many different experiences on a path of acquiring greater intelligence. Humanity taught us to try and be the people society wanted instead of telling us about the light we were of.  We didn't know we were living with everything we ever wanted inside of us. Most people try to acquire material for happiness instead of deepening their relationship with God.

They don't understand who God is because religion hasn't understood what being alive is and didn't have a way of understanding His level in life. God is the light of life.  Every human being will one day have an epiphany that provides a greater understanding of life.  At that moment there is clarity and knowledge that creates a glorious reality to live through. Every person has been trying to acquire that epiphany through money and material but that never deepens the knowing of who we are because it's living in the illusion. 

Only through Love do we acquire wisdom and knowledge. Life was created specifically for what brings more Heaven to our lives. This has been with us since the beginning.  It's the ancient light that has been giving to us throughout the ages but never understood.  Every human being has stored inside of them a divine light with Heaven.

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Adam and Eve Bible Story

🎧 The Tree of Knowledge is representing our world and the complexities in human consciousness. Understanding a deeper level of creation was needed before ever considering eating that apple. They were clueless about life and had no idea how enormous and intricate the world was.

Adam and Eve had no way to understand life and the world at the level of God. God didn't want them eating from the Tree of Knowledge because they didn't live in any level of enlightenment to handle what would be unleashed. They needed to understand consciousness and how matter was existing.

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