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Bible Consciousness

🎧 ✎ If we come into a world that's made money a second God. No nation is following the Ten Commandments, and religion is existing just like the high priest and we have a Bible that speaks to this exact scenario. It's probably a wise moment to understand what's going on is our personal version of living light to God. Do we live society as reality or make the choice to live God as reality?

Humanity didn't have the eyes or ears to think in the light to realize it was our personal ability to live like Moses if we so took that path. We instead took no path except what religion was giving making Bible study, practices and protocols our knowing God. Which never had us live to experience God at the level of Moses. God is living within our light just as Heaven is. Every time we choose Love and live as Christ we open another piece of our light in God. Every time we live for wealth, making our lives live with status or try to live better than others we add darker energy and we'll need to live through that to more light.

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God Consciousness

🎧 ✎ No one has had conversations with God about creation in religion and no one is living hearing God at the level of Heaven. If they were they wouldn't be in religion. They would be living God as reality giving to humanity what God was teaching. Who would be going to church if they are hearing God? Wouldn't you live with God teaching you instead of a human being teaching? Going to church is for paying homage to Christ and living within a community. Learning about God is to be done through God.

The level of religion has made humanity a level that's never understood who God was or why He created human beings in the first place. It wasn't for paying homage to Him while making society a reality. It was for making God-reality and living consciously evolving in Him to live with Him teaching. With God, we know our light in life and our truth in living. Without consciously evolving in God we don't exist knowing Him at any level except the little person level of society.

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Angel Throwing the Halo

🎧 ✎ We all want to believe in Angels but we haven’t experienced a deep enough level in God to know how heavenly our world is. Somewhere in life we become incredulous and miss the miracle of living with God and Heaven. At the beginning of this video, you'll hear an Angel say, “Throw the halo.” It was said when Heaven was first coming into my life and began talking directly to me. I wanted to know how it was happening. And became very upset and started yelling when an Angel said, “Throw the Halo.” In the video, you see a big bright light with something on the end flow in a line from the bottom up. It’s the only video in the history of the human race of an Angel throwing a halo.

The original video is first and then it's looped 3x’s in slow motion. May it open your eyes to a world living with God, Angels, and celestial races able to talk to us and teach bout life

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Atoms in Consciousness

🎧 ✎ Consciousness is beyond any level neuroscience, biology or physics has known because humanity never understood what matter was. There are no human beings walking the earth as we see them. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. We are living through images in our Soul.

When God created human consciousness He had to create a way for individual atoms to respond to algorithms in self-organizing energy. Human beings are living in human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis) for living uniquely in our own light experiencing a world only existing at our level of consciousness.

Most people never realize until it's pointed out we only live in our perspective. We never live outside of our thoughts. How we see the world is personalized as our own curriculum for evolving. We will never experience anything other than what we think as life. Each thought is what we live through.

The human race is energy. We're not the body we're the conscious energy inside of the body having images in our Soul we live through. The body is like a suit fo clothes we put on and take off in every life. It's part of the temporal experience. The Soul is in Heaven and giving Spirit the way to live in matter. The world is energy living in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Every algorithm has a unique pattern for communicating with other levels. One emphasis lives in all emphasis to have matter at the level we think it to be. The possibility is infinite. Human consciousness wants to live in conscious evolution for unraveling the world. We can only receive what we conceive. No other level is living except for consciousness.

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