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We want to practice mindful consciousness for living in the space that everything emerges out of. Instead of focusing on what we see, let us understand what is beyond what we see is the greater truth of who we are. Not identifying with matter but with the energy that flows in all life which is Love. There is no need to focus on any other energy other than Love. What is on the outside is only there to give us the way to go inside. Everyone we meet is a level of energy in our Soul for us to live Love through. As we live greater Love we live in greater levels of God. Which gives us consciousness in peace, joy, and light.

Please sit any way you like and anywhere you like, get comfortable and begin allowing your body to rest. Start with any audio bringing your awareness to Love.

  • Breathing for Peace - Learning how to live peacefully in any moment.
  • Greater Presence in God - Centering on living in Love.
  • Present to God -
  • Light in Universe -
  • ready for something -
  • Awareness As Love - One------5:35
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● God is energy in every atom giving us the way to live in photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is self-organizing energy created in decimals through holographic light for living in different temperatures. The different temperatures in every atom create the density in the form we experience as matter. There is nothing existing except energy. The matter we experience lives as images in our Soul. Even though we can feel and move matter around it's a dream only existing at this one level of consciousness. When we leave our bodies for new life we eventually come back into matter and have a different experience of matter. It will exist at a new level of consciousness and what we see today will never exist again in this light. Consciousness is all that is alive.

● God can only exist at the level of consciousness we are of. How we think is the only road He can travel on for He will not break His life principle of free will. We choose to have Him in our light. Our level of depth and maturity in Spirit is equal to our level of knowing God. The more conscious of Love we live, the deeper in God we live. Giving us greater levels of knowledge to live through from His light.

● Living in God is only living for His conversation. Incessant thinking will keep us at earthly levels in self-chatter that never goes beyond itself. We want end thinking for living consciously. Thinking is only existing for the human story at this one temporal level. We are not our thoughts we are the energy they emerge out of. We are consciousness and consciousness is the level of Love in our Soul. Living deeper in a spiritual practice that pauses incessant thinking for present moment living allows us to control how our mind processes light for living God as reality. Stay consciously living every thought in God. Only living for His conversation.

● God is listening to every thought we have and seeing every action we live. We can only hear ourselves through His light. There is only God's light. No matter if it's life fifty million years old and billions of miles away. All life only exist in consciousness and is in the conscious space of God. Nothing else matters in life other than Love. Love is God's energy in our light creating the experience of matter. As we change the level of Love we are of, we change the light of the world we experience. We have greater levels of life all around us to live as we pull the veil off our eyes.