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Our World is in Heaven

God came into my life after living Love for four years while my life was being destroyed. In January 2014, I began living with God and His Angels in a very profound way. I was atheist at the time and had no idea what was possible in life. Since then I've been learning what being alive is and the level of our world in Heaven. This website is created by Debora Grim known as Debo.

Nothing on this website is from my inspiration nor did I pursue this knowledge. God directed me to the topics and places that needed His light. I can hear God and Heaven just like a person speaking in front of me. He lives in consciousness.

Human beings have many opportunities for living with God beyond any level in society. Moses, Abraham, and John the Baptist are great examples of people listening to God and doing what society didn't. It doesn't have to make sense or even live conceivably. There is a deeper level of Heaven in us and when God speaks there is no other choice but to listen.

People try to fit God into their paradigm and religion instead of living Him as reality. We can't go beyond how we think today if we don't live differently beyond our light. We have to Live Love in conscious evolution for knowing more of God. Enlightenment is the way of the world. Our world is energy and life is only living in consciousness. Without greater intelligence, we don't have a way for experiencing more of our world. Having a hypothesis in the light opens us to greater levels of life.

The links on the left explain how God began teaching me about human consciousness and creation. Which started almost ten years ago. After making the choice of living Love my life changed dramatically in a process living through orbs, supernatural occurrences, the devil, other life, and hearing voices. Then I realized Heaven was helping me live deeper into God for living Christ consciousness. The link for "How It Began" is a writing that speaks to how living Love beyond society's level invoked Heaven.

The videos are of life living in our atmosphere that can communicate. During the learning of human photosynthesis, I had the honor to greet other races living with us. We live with many other races and light. Humanity never understood what matter is, what being alive is or the level of our world in Heaven. No matter how much we feel we know God, we only know Him from society's level of consciousness living in darkness.

The Devil

There is no devil with God or in Heaven. The Bible lives in human consciousness with Lucifer living as the fallen Angel giving the parable of life in darkness and in light through our little person trying to not live out of our present level of consciousness.

Only human consciousness continues to create the devil. All of the places we're not living Love create in human photosynthesis the darker circumstances a human being can live through. We have been in darkness instead of light because of making money a second God and living in lower earthly energy. Our thinking has millions of tiny little snakes that live in little person and ego. Needing opponents, competition, attack and defend.

When I chose Love it was after I discovered people monitoring me. They subsequently began destroyed my life taking me from living in Beverly Hills making a six-figure income to living below poverty. I endured what no one would want to experience for years moving around Los Angeles trying to keep a roof over my head. I ended up living in an apartment that had been used for storage. I went without food and had little money. I ended up selling everything I owned to pay bills. Every day I struggled with wanting to go to the FBI. I would drive to the FBI and pull over screaming from feeling this tiny pinhole inside of me wanting me to just live Love. I kept hearing within don't defend yourself or attack back and that was what I listened to. I never did anything wrong but they continued ruthlessly destroying my life for four years while I tried to keep my basic human needs being met. Which they had a way of disrupting my communications with people and clients. Through technology, they had effortless access to my life.

The level of what I lived was people stealing my mail, my computer compromised, being videotaped and followed whenever I went out. My apartment would feel like someone had been in it because things were broke. My phones were being monitored. Every so often I would hear someone else on my phone line. My life was under surveillance while they did everything they could to keep it having problems.

By the time God began moving in my life, Heaven was leading me to go to Saint Louis to care for my mother who was beginning to live in another light. While in Saint Louis I cared for many desolate, homeless and poor people. During this time in Saint Louis, which was three years, the devil made living harder. Physically the attacks would come out of the blue. Once the level of pain in my back and legs were so intense it was almost impossible to sit. Then once sitting to get up the knowing of the pain to stand would be terrible. Caring for my mom meant tending to her multiple times every night getting up and down. This went on for weeks and then one day just disappeared.

I learned to do mantras during this time to get beyond what was happening. I knew it was the devil. I would say, "I Love you God" non-stop. Literally it would be said in every breath. The devil moved through people having them be cruel no matter the Love I lived. God always saved me by taking my thoughts away from what would happen. My life changed the deeper I was living Christ consciousness. Some experiences were so physical I had to get stitches and had been covered in blood from my injuries. My relationships with people could change by the devil changing their light.

The last breath my mother took the devil came with darkness. God had blessed me the day before by taking my mother's light with a legion of Angels but the day her body actually stopped was the devils evil. God came into every level of my life and corrected every situation every time. He would take any thoughts of pain and lift them out of me. My consciousness was having Heaven changing it for experiencing light every time darkness was placed upon me. Never before had I understood the power of God having the ability to work within our minds until then. He can change our light healing us and open our eyes and ears for seeing more of the world.

Angels were always giving me ways to live through some of the toughest times. They gave me practices and taught me to see things differently. They also gave me ways to keep God in me over anything else. The experiences of God moving in me and keeping my mind in Heaven was profound. The Angels also taught me to pray and to say certain things in my mind for keeping Heaven as what I was living through. Energy and even celestial races came into my life in an enormous way bringing light. My life became only living God as reality moving through society's darkness into Heaven. My thought system changed completely for only living God with Heaven around me all the time. My consciousness went from society's level of living to Heavens level of life.

Humanity will never experience the level of the devil as I have. Living Christ consciousness changes the light in human photosynthesis for every human being to carry more light. Never did I know how malleable the world was. There is nothing existing that can not be changed instantaneously. We see matter but all that's here is energy able to change in a blink of an eye. I've lived through the devil changing people and then watching the change back. God counters everything the devil does.

Once I experienced with the knowing of what was going to happen before it did the devils level in human consciousness being shown. I was heading to the post office to send Holy Oil to people. During the drive, someone cut me off and after that, it was as if I had driven onto a movie set that was the devils. People crossing the street never had any reason to yell at me and yet did. Parking in the post office people honked at me, yelled at me and even shook their fist at me. I hadn't spoken a word to anyone or did anything with my driving to provoke upset. Angels told me it would happen for me to understand energy in others and human photosynthesis. I Loved every one as much as I could in my mind. There is no human being that is not malleable to light. The world is not at the level we think and no one is living except through energy in our Soul and in the light of human consciousness.

We must never live in anger towards others or live only seeing their wrongs. Energy is what we are creating to live through and the world becomes our light. There is nothing in existence that has been living from anything other than our energy as a collective. we create everything that can be experienced as life by how we treat others with Love or not Love.

Emotionally and psychologically having to overcome a devil in people and having my life be at the brunt of it all because I chose Love is the epitome of how deep in darkness human consciousness is. If a person can choose Love and never defend or attack back how do people continue to attack their lives. To live having your life destroyed because other people are breaking the law is the epitome of the devil.

Human beings have never understood the devil but the ones who harm people will learn because we have to live through our consciousness. And everything we do is recorded in light by God and Angels. It's our path to Love we create. Our life continuum is living through everything other than Love to Love. No one can harm another person Soul we can only harm our own. It's the journey we create for living through what we are of.

God is the only level in life the devil falls to. He is the light in our mind that changes our lives. He keeps us in Heaven when there would be no fathomable way to live happily. God used every experience and turned it around into living Christ consciousness. He turned it into living enlightenment. Nothing the devil did ever became anything other than Heavens Love. God takes every level of human consciousness and shapes the devil into the light.

When God came into my life I was living atheist and it had been four years having my life destroyed. When I chose to live Love it was from believing there had to be a greater answer than living at their level in anger and fighting back. I felt there had to be a greater potential in life that could have me live happily in Love as an answer instead of the only answer living at their level of energy trying to destroy them in a lawsuit. I never thought for a moment that choosing Love would create everything at a level unprecedented in human life. No one ever gave me any lesson in living Love at the level of Christ except for Marianne Williamson. Which only makes having her the next President heavenly.

Everything that happened over the last ten years has been one experience of light coming into my life. Having the opportunity to live in Heaven proves the glory of God's work having us live as Love no matter what human consciousness creates.

God is with us.


December 30, 2012, I saw my first orb.
June 14, 2013, I recorded my first voice on a video in my bedroom.
January 3rd, 2014, God & His Angels started speaking to me.

It was a process that took my consciousness into another level of consciousness in Heaven.
It's now September 8th, 2016 I'm in Saint Louis caring for my mom and the process has continued. Living and being raised by Heaven. I’ve written many blog posts and have a website with much data about God, humanity and what being alive is.

Its been three years caring for mom. August 24, 2017, My mom went to Heaven after coming home for hospice on August 10th. Her actual departure was August 23rd. I could feel Angels and Gods presence so strongly that it was as if the room was lined with Heaven. I had been staying at moms side throughout making sure I was touching her so she knew she was not alone. Many days passed holding her and on the 23rd I heard her as I was laying with my head on her body say:

"Thank you for everything. I never thought it would be you who cared for me like this. Thank you for doing it. I know how hard it was for you and you did it. I love you so much. I love you." I just let it be not realizing she was leaving her body. It was afterward I realized she was in Spirit and her voice was in resonance.

What happened after was the body in process to shut down. She starting to get cold and changing. Her features changed so much it didn’t look like her. It was clear her body was closing down. August 24th is the recorded time that I gave for when the body stopped.

Her Spirit left on August 23rd when I heard her speak to me and felt God and His Angels in the room like there was an army of Angels there. I even texted my brother telling him about it.



ALL IN MY HEAD was written and recorded on December 25, 2008, and was written from a deeper place within in my Soul knowing my future when I didn't. It was the first song ever written on a guitar. When this was recorded there were no bells.

All in My Head | Telling of What Was to Come


LIGHT is a song that was written in Sherman Oaks on my phone. After playing my guitar and recording it I noticed bells and Angels singing in certain places. You can hear Angel voices at the end of lyrics.

Light | With Angels



I Am Love | Poem

I am the wind, I am what blows in the wind, I am the light in the sunset and the glistening of the stars, the life of the ocean, the blue in the sky, the gentle snowflake, the dance of the butterfly
I am what permeates through out the universe, the breath that circles all life, there is no place I am not, I am love.

May this website bring Heavens Love to everyone it touches.



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