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Our World is in Heaven

God came into my life after living Love for four years while my life was being destroyed. I made a choice to choose Love when this happened and for those four years I never attacked back or defended myself. I didn't want to be at their level of energy and didn't know why we had to succumb to darkness in order to have solutions. Never could I've known all of this would happen from that one choice.

In January 2014, I began living with God and His Angels in a very profound way. I was atheist at the time and had no idea what was possible in life. Since then I've been learning what being alive is and the level of our world in Heaven. This website is created by Debora Grim known as Debo.

Nothing on this website is from my inspiration nor did I pursue this knowledge. God directed me to the topics and places that needed light. I can hear God and Heaven just like a person speaking in front of me. He lives in consciousness.

Human beings have many opportunities for living with God beyond any level in society. Moses, Abraham, and John the Baptist are great examples of people listening to God and doing what society didn't. It doesn't have to make sense or even live conceivably. There is a deeper level of our world we never tap into because religion has created practices and protocols as knowing God. Which has made society the high priest believing they know God perfectly while never living a day deeper in Him.

People try to fit God into society instead of living Him as reality. We can't go beyond how we think today if we don't live differently beyond our light. We have to Live Love in conscious evolution for knowing more of God. Enlightenment is the way of the world. Our world is energy and life is only living in consciousness. Without greater intelligence, we don't have a way for experiencing more of our world. Having a hypothesis in light opens us to greater possibilities of knowing our bigger existence.

The links on the left explain how God began teaching me about human consciousness and creation. Which started almost ten years ago when I made the choice to live Love. After making the choice of living Love my life changed dramatically in a process living through orbs, supernatural occurrences, the devil, other life, and hearing voices. Then I realized Heaven was helping me live deeper into God for living Christ consciousness through the traumatic experience of going from Beverly Hills to below poverty.

What I have learned is everything I experienced has been the devil in human consciousness. The link for "How It Began" is a writing that speaks to how living Love beyond society's level invoked Heaven.

The videos are of life living in our atmosphere that can communicate. During the learning of human photosynthesis, I had the honor to greet other races living with us. We live with many other races and light. Humanity never understood what matter is, what being alive is or the level of our world in Heaven. No matter how much we feel we know God, we only know Him from society's level of consciousness in darkness.

God has given me everything He needed for having me teach humanity about Him and creation. No one is ready for what He is about to do but the world needed to know Heaven was on earth beyond just my words. May peace be upon us all. We're blessed He is with us.



December 30, 2012, I saw my first orb.
June 14, 2013, I recorded my first voice on a video in my bedroom.
January 3rd, 2014, God & His Angels started speaking to me.

It was a process that took my consciousness into another level of light in Heaven.
It's now September 8th, 2016 I'm in Saint Louis caring for my mom and the process has continued. Living and being raised by Heaven. I’ve written many blog posts and have a website with much data about God, humanity and what being alive is.

Its been three years caring for mom. August 24, 2017, My mom went to Heaven after coming home for hospice on August 10th. Her actual departure was August 23rd. I could feel Angels and Gods presence so strongly that it was as if the room was lined with Heaven. I had been staying at moms side throughout making sure I was touching her so she knew she was not alone. Many days passed holding her and on the 23rd I heard her as I was laying with my head on her body:

"Thank you for everything. I never thought it would be you who cared for me like this. Thank you for doing it. I know how hard it was for you and you did it. I love you so much. I love you." I just let it be not realizing she was leaving her body. It was afterward I realized she was in Spirit and her voice was in resonance.

What happened after was the body in process to shut down. She starting to get cold and changing. Her features changed so much it didn’t look like her. It was clear her body was closing down. August 24th is the recorded time that I gave for when the body stopped.

Her Spirit left on August 23rd when I heard her speak to me and felt God and His Angels in the room like there was an army of Angels there. I even texted my brother telling him about it.



ALL IN MY HEAD was written and recorded on December 25, 2008, and was written from a deeper place within in my Soul knowing my future when I didn't. It was the first song ever written on a guitar. When this was recorded there were no bells.

All in My Head | Telling of What Was to Come


LIGHT is a song that was written in Sherman Oaks on my phone. After playing my guitar and recording it I noticed bells and Angels singing in certain places. You can hear Angel voices at the end of lyrics.

Light | With Angels


May this website bring Heavens Love to everyone it touches.



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