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Our World is in Heaven

God came into my life after living Love for four years while my life was being destroyed. In January 2014, I began living with God and His Angels in a very profound way. I was atheist at the time and had no idea what was possible in life. Since then I've been learning what being alive is and the level of our world in Heaven. This website is created by Debora Grim known as Debo.

Nothing on this website is from my inspiration nor did I pursue this knowledge. I never went to school beyond high school and didn't learn from anyone other than God. The knowledge has nothing to do with my little person or living in life. God directed me to the topics and places that needed His light. Nothing on the website originated from me. I was atheist before God came into my life. This website is from God.

The links on the left explain how God began teaching me about human consciousness and creation. Which started almost ten years ago. After making the choice of living Love my life changed dramatically in a process living through orbs, supernatural occurrences, the devil, other life, and hearing voices. Then I realized Heaven was helping me live deeper into God for living Christ consciousness. The link for "How It Began" is writing that shows how making living Love beyond society's level invoked Heaven.

The videos are of life living in our atmosphere that can communicate. During the learning of human photosynthesis, I had the honor to greet other races living with us. Humanity fell to darkness two thousand years ago and never got out. We never understood what matter is, what being alive is or the level of our world in Heaven. No matter how much we feel we know God, we only know Him from society's level which is deep in false idols and has made money a second God.

God is in every atom sharing every moment with us whether we recognize Him or not. Start a conversation today with God and keep believing in a world beyond any level you've ever imagined.

May this website bring Heavens Love to everyone it touches.




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