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How to move through life in Love, compassion and greater understanding of your divine light. Open your eyes for seeing Heaven in everything.

Why walking into your holy place unlocks your potential in the conscious space of God. Learn Ultimate Truth.

Where living with Angels, and supernatural levels of our world is natural and overflowing with heavenly races.



365 Days of Lessons with Heaven.

Train your mind. Open your heart. Live in Heaven.

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Instructions and exercises.
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How does it work?

Each day, you will receive a daily lesson via email read by Heavens Love. You don't need anything to do the practice and the lessons can be done anywhere. Each lesson comes with the written text and the audio version for listening online or downloading. Every lesson has an exercise for retraining your thought process. The practice is a mind training course for shifting through living at matters level for living in Heaven.

We recommend you keep each lesson and create a library for religiously living in a practice for building your light in Heaven. We are ending incessant thinking in self-chatter for living consciously in the light. Making it a way of life is the way.

As you begin the lessons they may seem odd or funny. That's heavenly. Please keep doing them with great conviction as each one is creating the path for a new thought system. Try not to judge and just live them. Our present mind won't feel comfortable because the new thought system is shedding old energy for new. Your practice will determine the level Heaven you experience. Every lesson is guiding your thinking beyond the present level. You won't realize your eyes have changed until you do. When we live in Heavens Love it is our energy that changes for Heaven.


Awakening to Love. The creation of the practice.

This is a practice for living in Heaven while here on earth. It's a mind training practice for leaving matters level for light. This is being created with God as I live in Heaven on earth. Heaven has been in my life for almost a decade taking me out of the mortal world level of consciousness into living Christ consciousness. My life is in Heaven living in Heavens light with Angels, Conscious Energy and God. Living in Heaven has created the light for this course to be.

Every lesson is for unraveling the thought process while retraining it to live deeper in God for experiencing Love. We are shedding our mortal world perception for the heavenly world we are in. As we understand consciousness is all that is alive we can change the energy we live through for changing the light in matter we experience. Living Love gives God's energy in our light for living beyond the mortal world illusion. May this pratice nourish your Soul deeper into God for enlightenment.


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